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Is Vomiting Blood bad?
I have been sick for several days, headache, chills, sweats, and body ache. I noticed a bit of bright red blood in my vomit I'm wondering if this is normal?

8 mile!
lol how would u answer this question:

Sick for several days, headache, chills, sweats and body ache.... i noticed a bit of bright red blood in my vomit too.... is this normal??? lol

of course not, not even a headache is normal, u might have eaten something dirty or ...

Yes...get checked right away. My husband had bleeding ulcers with all those same symptoms. I thought he had the flu...then he started vomiting up blood....it is dark brown...not necessarily red...and he lost over half his blood....so any bleeding needs to be checked right away......

Something inside may be bleeding...so don't ignore it. And the chills, sweats, etc. is the body reacting......could be the flu, but also could be something more serious.

[email protected] email me!!
It is because you are loosing blood and if it goes on for ever you will die, and it is blood loss I had it before but I didn't go but if you had it like more than 3 days i reckon you should go to the doctor, because it's risking your life.

yes! go to the hospital ASAP!!!

Joslyn H
this is NOT normal! go see a doctor!

yes, any time you are vomiting blood it cannot be good for your health. go to a doctor as soon as possible.

St. Louis Girl
Make an appt with your doc right away. Do you have a nosebleed, where you may have swallowed a little blood? Have you been vomiting a lot, because that could have caused a tear in your esophogus. At any rate, you need to see your doc cause it could either be something harmless or something a bit more serious.

depending on how much or how often, you need to get yourself to the hospital, probably sooner then later. if it is a lot, you should just take a trip to the nearest er. now.

hi, my names Dexter
see a doctor ...
and just in case write ur will ...

What you think? Off course its bad. go see a doctor please

rezate un rosario.

it could be something bad or i could be because your vomiting alot

im not sick at all and i vomit once every 2 dayz or so and i don't have bulimia just a weak stomach and i have a little in mine 2

but just like every one else said go to the doctor if it gets worse

Dalia G
yes it is bad, so you should go to the doctor and see what's wrong with you???


Michael N
Yes, vomitting blood is bad. Seek medical attention.

Rocio T
you should probably see a doctor just to make sure nothing is wrong.

Lady Wildcat
Yes, that is very bad.

It could be one of any number of things -- and a lot of them are serious.

Go get medical attention right away. As in right now. Go to an ER if you have to.


I STRONGLY advise you get to the doctor as soon as possible. It cannot be good. Of that I promise.

Calm down. You SHOULD see the doctor asap...but since the blood is bright red, I believe it's probably just because your stomach and esophagus are irritated from being ill the past few days. Avoid taking aspirin, and use Tylenol. If the blood were dark, there would be more concern. Definitely mention this to the doc tho. Hope you feel better soon

no that's bad. go to the doctor ASAP.

HELL NO GO SEE A DOCTOR. U could dehydrate or be bleeding from your throat or your stomach

Do you have Tuberculosis?

NO. go to the er!! it could be anything!

That's really bad. Go see a doctor. That is not normal. Hope it's nothing serious and that you get better soon! ^_^

It could be something small or could be serious. You will not get a proper diagnosis on here and need to go to the emergency room.

ur mom
Go to the doctor~

yes dude,very bad,go to hospital very fast

that is not normal you should g2 hospital.

go to the doctor...

Not if you're a vampire. Assuming you're not, get to a doctor.

If it is just a bit of blood you most likely tore your esophagus a little when you vomited. But do go to the doctor or er if you can afford it. Obviously you have been sick for awhile and possibly they can prescribe something to help you.

Sorry you are feeling ill.

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