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 i didnt eat anything today?
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 Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
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Im scared, is this a disease?!?
Sometimes every once in a while I'll be walking around... But I feel like I'm sleeping, or just watching everyone and listening to what their saying. I feel very faint, and I can't concentrate. It only happens in the night time. I will be walking around the mall, and suddenly I get this feeling! It's very difficult to explain. I will even splash myself with water, and it won't go away. Im pretty nervous... HELP?

No,you're just spacing out...it happens when you're bored,sleepy,distracted or if you're witnessing the same surrounding and atmosphere for a LONG time.

It happens a lot in places like the mall,the sound of the place,the atmosphere,the lights,all of those things contribute to it. If you start feeling dizzy,collapse,or something serious like that happens,then maybe you should see a doctor.

I'm no physician,my answer is just based on what tends to happen to me in places like malls...or school for that matter.

Shanna Rulez d00d
You probably need to pick up on some sleep.... I do the same thing a lot. Or, if you are on any medication, this could be a side effect.

Maybe you need more sleep. haha. i don't think it's something that will threatan you. i think it's probbably a mind thing.

Go to your doctor and tell him what you're telling us. Have you blood sugar checked also. Good luck.

thats called barely sleep walking if you transition time like if you go to bed at 9 on week days and 5 on weekends that may happened

maybe you're sleep-walking?

Carisa V
its probably nothing, but you should still get it checked out just in case

go talk to your doctor!

maybe you have a sleeping disorder. go to the doctor, get yourself checked out. until then, i would suggest going to bed a bit earllier, try to get more sleep

maybe you dont sleep enough its probably nothing serious

You have trench foot. Were you in the battle of Arras recently? Amputation is usually the feasible cure. Good luck!

Joey V
ask.com is a good place for your question

Jason M
How old are you? Does your family have a medical history if fainting? How is your blood pressure? What is your weight? Etc etc. AS you can see, there are so many variables that could be causing this problem. Go see a Dr. Peace to you and your mother.

brittany ohhh.
the same thing happens to me.
i just like disconnect from the real world.
i'm not for sure if it's a disease.
but i hope not.
now i'm kind of scared.

Hun maybe your glucose level is high or low.
Blood sugar

Ramdeepak H
I kno it kappenes to me too, but it's probably becuz youre tired

wow that has got to be very scary! I would definately go to the doctor, What if its something serious? If it's nothing serious it won't hurt to go and find out the truth. That way you wont be so nervous if you know nothing is wrong with you. Please go see your doctor! I hope everything gets well! Good luck!=])

Sounds like your blood sugar drops..trying sitting down and consuming a bar of chocolate or bottle of juice. It should help you feel better..if it does, then you might want to speak to your dr about it.

Diana B
Sounds like you need to see a doctor. That is a sypmtom for quite a few things. It could mean you have low Iron, or that you need to eat more fruits and veggies throughout the day to maintain your energy level, or it could be something more serious.

Your doctor would be the best judge of that. Try changing a few things to test it, keep a food/sleep log and if nothing changes then you should definately call the doc.

OMG thats a little scarey..did u go to your doctor bout this? and when u say sleeping what do you mean by that? are you just eyes getting closed?

April N
go see your doctor

your probably just tired

That happens to me, but it is because i am REALLY tired. If it happens at night, that makes sense. Try getting more sleep, then see if it goes away.

...Go to bed earlier, IDK that's how I feel when I come home form school just lay down

Lisa G
you might be hypoglysemic. Low blood pressure or something? that is exactly how you might feel if your about to faint, as you are in between here, and not here...lol

~!llegal Logger~
Get medical attention!

Patrick O
Something you should probably consult with a doctor about

Definetely talk to a doctor just to be sure. Im sure everything will be ok though :)

lol, sleep your 8 hours and you will be all good.

Brit <3
Dont worry it happens to me too. I get it most of the time at night too or in the pool. It just means your sleepy. Doesnt it feel like things aren't real? Its very hard to explain but it feels like your going to faint or something. Happens to my friends, their parents, my parents, it happens to everyone. You just need more sleep is all.

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