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Isabelle J
Im scared ..Black stools?

I have no physical symptoms of being ill apart from the last 3 days i have had black stools. I took 2 ferrum chewable iron tabs 4 days ago but have not taken any since. Someone said i could be bleeding internally. I can't sleep with worry.

Surely the iron would still not colour your stools after 4 days? Please help

Tony B
Don't worrk, you are just passing black ferrous iron t**ds, that's all!
Bad, but better than passing steel rods!

Mad Professor
Iron supplements certainly cause black stools, and it can take quite a few days for it to get out of your system. I've taken iron in the past and it can take more than four days for the colour to return to normal.

As you have no other symptoms I'd say it's just the iron supplements, but I am not a doctor and if you are worried you should visit your GP.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
Iron tablets work really fast and yes they turn your stools a range of colours from dark green to black. I've been there and had it happen, it is totally normal so don't worry!

It could possibly be internal bleeding. I would make a doctors appointment soon as possible just to be on the safe side. You could look this up on WEBMD.

dont worry huni iron tablets DO give u black stools, trust me iv been on iron for anaemia for years. its nothing to worry about. i aslo found it gives me constipation so dont worry if that also happens. but its important not to stop taking them if u need them..

u r fine u have 2 much iron in your body thats all

Paul S
Dont drink Guinness!

Dried blood from the stomach would cause this. You could have a developing stomach ulcer which could be bleeding somewhat,I would go to the Doctor to check it out.

You should go see a doctor ASAP. Your friend was right it could be a sign that you are bleeding internally you need to go NOW to make sure its not blood.

Look we can all make guesses on what it is and you have some conflicting answers. It is worth your while having a word with a doctor if only to put your mind at rest. Frankly I think you have nothing to worry about but as you are go and see someone who possibly knows

Iron will turn your stool black, it may take a week to return to normal.

You're not bleeding inside...its excess iron that was not processed by your body and its just getting expelled. Pepto Bismal tablets will do the same.

Emma H
it could still be the iron wait a week then they should go back to normal.

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