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Bethany H
Im anorexic and nothing is working?
I am an eighteen year old anorexic and ive been struggling with it since I was twelve. My friends are trying to help me but nothing is working. Ive started starving all the time and when I eat i throw it up. So technically I never eat. I just lost ten pounds in less than a week and my friends wanna put me in the hospital. is that really necessary?

Ashley F
YES its very necissary. you need to get to a hospital immediatley before it gets worse. im sorry you have to deal with all this. atleast your friends are there for you but you really need to check into a hospital and they will get you on the right track. i wish you the best of luck!!

Always Watching ...
Yes, it is. Ask me I can relate!!! I thought that It looked nice being skinny, so I didnt eat hardly anything. I was 13 and 25kg, skin and bones does not look good!!! U train urself 2 not eat, so dont try to fatten urself up by yourself it wont work, u have 2 go to the hospital, they will feed u through a dripper. go b4 its 2 late


Mai X
I think you should take the treatment
it will only help you
do you purposely throw up? because if you do i think you should address that problem first because it must be an emotional problem, but if you can't help throwing up after you have eaten, then it is more likely to be a medical problem and for that you need treatment.

[email protected]
It is good that you are asking for help but you really do need to talk to your parents or someone you trust to help you find somewhere you can get help. Here's a website that can help.

Absolutely necessary to seek medical help immediately! My cousin went through the same thing and was in the hospital for a while. Since you are anorexic, you cannot gain healthy weight back on your own because your body is now used to not eating anything. I would listen to your friends, they care about you and want you to be healthy.

yes it is totally necessary

Anorexia is a mental disorder. You KNOW you're anorexic so GET INTO THE HOSPITAL. you're not as "fat/ugly/blahblah, ect" as you think you are

i dunno...not sure.

unexplainably me
omg go to the freaking hospital, you could die if you don't, and yes they're prolly going to tube feed you, but it's bettern being dead!

yes let your friends take you & do whatever they want

seriously starving isn't the answer to that.

trust me.

you should see a psychologist or get some kind of help. anerexia can seriously damage your health. going to a hospital might be necessary if yo are very ill. hope you get help and things get better.

Linda R
Yes. Listen to your friends and stay alive. This is not your fault, it is an illness and you need professional help to beat it. Go. Take the help and live.

You just said nothing is working yourself, so you've acknowledged it. Go for it, it's necessary if it's been like that for 6 or so years.

YES. if you tried everything else already.
ps if you are throwing up what you eat, you are bulimic also.

Bob B
yes please listen to your friends the sooner you get help the better please just do it you will feel better afterwards

If you lost 10 pounds in one week than you really do need to see a counselor or go to the hospital so you can get help! I wish you luck =]

Yes you do need help! If you keep on going like this you will end up in a hospital and probably close to death. I hope you do get better.

Yes, hospitalization may be necessary. Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological condition. If you can't seem to work it out yourself or with help from friends and loved ones then perhaps it's time to get help from an experienced professional. Antidepressants may also help.

See a counselor as soon as you can. It's completely confidential, so you've got nothing to lose. I'd also see a doctor about getting back into a healthy dietary routine. Starvation has serious effects on the body, and if you let it continue too long, the damage can be irreversible. You need to be careful what and how much you eat until your system is used to a steady nutritional supply as well.

The reason it's so important for you to get professional help with this is that a psychologist can help you with the psychological aspect and your family doctor can help you get back to good health physically. Your friends are right, you need to get help for this as soon as you can.

You need to get help. If you don't want to go in the hospital yet try a counselor that you can see once a week or so and if that doesn't help you need to go to the hospital.

Yes. You not only have a disease you also have an addiction. You really do need help. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get better =)

Yes, eventually your heart and other organs will begin to fail if you keep going, you will die if you don't get help.

yeah it is so just go
just go really it will help

zeeloz cathy
God! Try this, must work!
Have a HEALTHY, I repeat, HEALTHY diet. Eat what you have to eat
Do NOT eat trans fat or saturated fat
Eat more fruit and vegetables instead of meat or sweets and chips
and DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER!!! We all need at least 8 cups of water everyday. It will help combined with the healthy diet. It helps get rid of the waste in your body and keep the nutrients flowing in.

DO NOT THROW ANYTHING UP: it can cause internal bleeding.

i think its necessary. take all the help you can get especially from professionals because this is not a Healthy position to be in good luck and good bless!

Yes, it is necessary to put you in a hospital, where you can get the counseling and therapy that is needed to get you on track, and to help you stay alive. You are lucky to have friends that love you this much.

it's necessary
i'm sorry
you need help and in the hospital you will get it
good luck

getting help at the hospital would be a good idea. your friends only want the best 4 u.

yes go to the hostipal.


alex :D
yes it is.
go now,before its to late.
your gonna have to eat threw a tube.

what are you waiting for GO!!!!

Get in the hospital before you die and then get counseling to find out why you want to kill yourself.

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