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I've been experiencing chronic constipation (i have a bowel movement like every 7 days) and so today i got some Fleet enema (mineral oil) and i used it and i didnt get that crazy i gotta go ...

If you suffered from Tourette's syndrom what word would you like keep repeating?

Banny Grasher
Yeah yeah not all tourettes means you swear but if I had it I would be probably saying the c word, I hate that word and it would be just mt luck to keep blurting it out and then slapping myself for it!!!!

Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now yea, that would be it.

Olivia L
hmmm... probably "like"

i use that a lot in my sentences <3


It would definitely be "BUGGER & OR BUGGERING" as you can used it to pretty much fit into any buggering sentence! (I do know it's real meaning incase anyone thought i was just chucking it about willie nillie!)

i don't think you can choose which swearword. although i would probably play on it and 'accidentally' call my mother-in-law a nosy *****!

sheep shagger

Knowing my luck, it would be something REALLY offensive and would probably get myself beat up all the time!

I know someone with it, he's only a teenager and actually doesn't swear much (for a teenager!) but his word is either just 'oy' or the 'C' word, and loud as well..!


Nah, just kidding, I'm with mcfifi on this one.


(I dunno why.)


(Again, I dunno Why)

I had a mate at school who kept saying "Ach" or "Ak". I think he had Tourettes or something like that. He was fine with it though and joked along with us.

My uncle had a stroke and the only thing he could say was "Jesus Christ."

Henry B
Gimme $5 and I'll stop.

Banannahammock! I know thats not a curse word but anyway!


The worst swear word in the book.......Jade Goody!!!

I Can't believe that someone with a really nice name like TULIP would ask this question. I mean... I leave a lot of tongue in cheek questions and give a heap of tongue in cheek answers. Just hard to find a smart **** answer for this one. This question has been here for less than 45 minutes and I guarantee a Tourettes suffer or 2 has read it by know. A better question would be If You Suffered From Cancer What word would you like to keep repeating?

any word that was the least appropriate at the time. tourette's sufferers think "now i shouldnt say this word ...." and then they say it
"big gash nipple fritters" for instance. although the worst possible swearword in the english language is a combination of c*nt and b*stard...custard!

a nickname
spatula. it's my favourite word.

It isnt under the control of the sufferer and its facetious and unfeeling of you to turn such an idle and useless thought into a question. Very insulting to any sufferers that may be on the board;

Tourette's doesn't mean you swear all the time, there are different forms of it. If you are referring to Pete from BB that was just one form of it.

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