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I am just refering to cocaine on it's own or with alcohol...

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If you're drunk all the time, does that make you an alcoholic?
My dad drinks all the time. He doesn't during the day unless he takes the day off, but he comes home for work and has a bottle and a half of wine. On the weekends he and his girlfriend have several pitchers of beer and then come home and have another two bottles each and then a couple glasses of wine

I don't care if he drinks it's just annoying cause he comes home in such a shoddy mood. The number of times my dad has passed out on the floor, or on the toilet, or at his desk, or in a bowl of cereal, is just ridiculous. I've been locked out of my house because he's too smashed to recognize me. He's always craving beer, he's always recovering from a hangover, he's always in a shoddy mood, and he's always sleeping.

maybe this is a stupid question but if these are signs of alcoholism, it's just hard to believe because when he's not drinking, he's the nicest guy in the world. Everybody loves him.

not if it's only weekends and he doesn't let it interfere with his job

however, if you are under 16 he is neglecting you at weekends

Ehsan P
At first what I want to say is that what does alchohole is that on a long period it takes your brains control away from you and if you don't stop the person who is drinking a lot it may damage the liver and if the liver gets damaged you need to get a new liver for the person which is very hard and very expensive so what i suggest you to do is that i want from you to tell that person of the side effects of the wine and encourage him to drink less and if they are in a bad mood don't let them drive because you will get fined by the police and you might have an accident and if can't make your dad or whoever it is leave that please make them to go to the institutes that will help them.

Jim C
yes it sounds as if the booze has got him not a happy situation but hopefully it will put you off to much drink and show you what can happen

It sounds like your Dad may be an alcoholic dear.
I wish I could tell you what you could do to help him, but most likely there isn't much. Until it becomes a problem in his life, or has some kind of consequences, he likely won't change or admit there's anything wrong. You could try mentioning to him, when he's sober, how it makes you feel when he's been drinking, not sure what that'll do. Good luck sweetie!


yes im sorry to say but he is definitely an alcoholic

two words alcoholics anonymous or AA and the 12 step program, 2 a day is a good safe limit but more than that and it can be a problem so i say your dad has a serious problem and i wish you the best of luck

Ms. Katie
Yes these are signs of alcohalism. I guarantee if he goes too long without drinking he will exhibit signs of withdrawal. The thing is it seems like it is affecting you too. Its very hard to deal with someone who is an alcohalic, especially when they don't notice what you do. Contact your local mental health program or AA organization for tips on how to intervene. Drinking that much can lead to so many health problems effecting the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. You need to get some help for your dad before it becomes a medical issue. Since he is such a nice guy when he is sober as most are, that would be the best time to talk with him about your concerns, but make sure you have alot of info and resources before you do. Alcohalics tend to rationalize their drinking and will have you doubting the obvious facts. Like I said, just start looking for resources that will help you help him.

YES!!!!!! you can just drink on the weekends and be an alcoholic! he needs help but hes the only one who can do it, you cant, try alanon meetings, you might find that it helps to share your story with others that know what you are going through. I know because i come from a long like of alcoholics myself, this is why i hardly drink at all, maybe a few times a year. did you know even if you drink on then weekends and then stop cold turkey that you can go through DT's? that's withdrawals, and they can be dangerous. try taking to your dad about it and maybe that will help. BUT remember, he has to do it, you cant do it fr him, that's the sad part.

my mom drank for years and years, she also had MS and that made it worse. She passed away last May from MRSA, but didnt stop drinking until about 4 months before she got MRSA. She was only 62.


check that out, maybe it will help you understand more.

I was raised by my mom and she was an alcoholic. She would turn into a real mean drunk, over the years I think it did some brain damage. I was a teen and use to confront her about it and pour her booze down the drain. She only hated me for it and it didn't make her stop. Eventually she died from drinking when I was still a teen.

I wish I could tell you that its all going to be ok, and that you could convince him to stop. But from my life I really doubt it. My mothers father died of drinking too, I am just glad me and my siblings have steered clear of drinking a lot. All you really can do is try and take care of yourself as much as you can. Hopefully your father comes to his senses, as only he can be the one to decide to quit.

Yes, your Dad is an alcoholic. This does not make him a bad guy, it is just an illness. Alcoholics cannot be cured but they can learn to live with the situation.

I would suggest that you gather some material from an organization like AA and then sit down and rehearse a talk with him.

When you have a nice day when your father is not drunk and is being a real great guy, have a discussion with him. Explain that you are upset and afraid when he is so drunk. It is bad for his health and plead with him to attend an AA meeting and tell him that you would be happy to go with him.

Good luck, I'm sure that he will agree to do this.

Be firm and try not to get emotional.

You are a wonderful and caring person.

are you for real? hell yes, he's an alcoholic/depresses! Sorry but come one, just b/c u don't drink during work hours, doesn't mean u don't have a problem, believe me.


Dancing Banana In My Pants
yes, it makes you the uncool side of drinking

Your dad has a problem. If you can't get help for your dad (your dad may not want the help), you need to take care of yourself and get help. If you are in school, talk to a teacher/guidance counselor. You can also talk to the local AA or church for help.

The most important thing is YOU also need help. I don't care if you don't think so, but believe me, you still need help and someone to talk too. You don't deserve to be in that environment.

brian b
YES! As a fellow AA member, I will tell you that your father is a alcholic. The signs that you described fit perfectly. Also, people that "black out" pass out, are often drinking more than they can handle, because they are not SOCIAL DRINKERS, they dont know when to stop.

Look into your local AA meetings and ask him to go. From a daughter, he might. He also might tell you he doesnt have a problem!

He's an alcoholic, believe me I know - I lived with one. and he was the nicest guy in the world. But eventually the alcohol will bring him down and his family along with him if he doesn't get help ( and the family becomes enablers)

Check this site out - its really good.



You don't have to be a bad person to be an alcoholic. But, it does sound like your dad is. I'm sorry sweetie.

Yes, sweetie, your suspicions are correct. Alcoholics can be some of the most lovable people you'll ever know. They just don't respond appropriately and can't be relied on. You're sure seeing that. He would be a "functional alcoholic." He can hold a job and get by in life, but he's not available to you as a father because he's usually incapacitated.

Believe me, alcoholics can be some of the most endearing individuals you'll ever meet. Find some support at school or with other family members. You're too young to deal with this alone.

Best wishes, Sweetie. This has to be so hard for you.

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