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 My sister's head is infested with lice, would should I do?
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i was just wondering....

 i feel like a failure?
im reconsidering going to college anymore because it just feels like school again
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 Can I share my boyfriend's antibiotic?
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 curing hiccups?
when you drink water backwards do you get rid of hiccups?

becuase of the water?
or becuase of the way you drink the ...

 Please help, i'm on my 1st day of no smoking,and i'm finding it hard!?
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 Help!!!! I'm bleeding and don't know why!!!?
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 Have scientists really found a medicine for sorrow?

 Anyone know anything about the causes of headaches?
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 my son has upset stomach please help?
my 7 year old son, ate some sushi today with raw salmon in it... a couple of hours later he starts throwing up. he threw up 2 times and seems to feel better, but he still does not feel completely ...

Okay so I eat cereal every morning and at school my stomach growls at science time specifically and its LOUD! :( Schools starting in a week and I dont want it to happen AGAIN THIS YEAR SO PLEASE HELP ...

 what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
mine are childbirth and an aterial blood test oh yeah and a tooth absess......

 What damage will this amount of cigarettes have done to me?
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 when i try to talk woman,my face getting red and i feel like my heart is ponding,what should i do??/?

 I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
......my husband just pulled it out and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and antibiotic cream.

My question is should I take the tick to the doctor and have it send to the laboratory ...

 how can i get myself to vomit?

i just wanted to make it clear that i'm not doing this to lose weight. i have a VERY bad stomache ache and i have tried all theese ...

 Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?

 What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
My Doctor said Q-tips only push the wax futher into the ear and causes more problems....

 I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?
I have the flu and I don't have a big appetite, so I forced myself to eat dinner. It wasn't a lot, but I keep feeling like I need to vomit. I ate about three hours ago, and the feeling ...

If someone beat you up.......?
If someone beat you up, do you think it would be fair to poison them??? NOT LIKE DEADLY OR ANYTHING! VERY MINORLY!!!

Like if someone beat you up, and you got a 500$ doctor bill for missing teeth, a broken arm, a concussion, and a cut that needed stitches, would you think it would be fair to trick them in to touching Poison Ivy by putting it in their locker or giving them a Nightshade berry???

I didn't do this but I was just wondering.

Sounds like someone had a serious run in with the SCHOOL BULLY. Forgot to give the bully your lunch money that day? Maybe you should hire me to go Charlie Bronson/Clint Eastwood on this punk.

music = life
Don't revenge.

ever heard that saying "what goes around comes around"?

well it happens. But some people are very lucky..

If you really want to then I can't stop you

**** the poison **** the nightshade berry and **** the free world kick his ***. Don't ever let someone give you a $500 medical bill but just to get him back make his $1000

Niamh B
Yea! MINOR, but yes, I would, if they beat me up that bad! Lol!

Legally? probably not, as you don't know if he would have some weird reaction and die.

Does he deserve it? Absolutely he does if it was unprovoked. He deserves at least what he gave you. Don't you own a Tazer or anything? Maybe you should buy one.

that would be FUNNY! but it's not very mature. as much as you want to, it's still not right.

<3 bb .
i dont think you should, thats just slowly sinking down to their level and asking for more problems , i'd say to be the bigger person . but whoever beats someone up like that sounds like he's ****** .

Paul W
If you are 18 and it is legal in your state buy some pepper spray. Next time you are attacked, they'll be sorry. And no, don't be a $ussy and try to poison them.

no two wrongs dont make a right.

Yeh If They Hurt You That Bad
You Should Do Something To Them
To Make It Fair

some a**hole hit me in the face with a bottle from like 30yds away instead of manming up to fight me, and then had like 5 others jump in.....needless to say, they all got hospitalized.....I sued the one for throwing the bottle like a b**ch, just to get him to pay my hospital bills for the missing teeth and stiches on my eye. So ya, i suggest you do something legally rather than crazy like poisoning him, don't let him get the best of you twice...it'll be more satisfying and hurt him more the legal way.

єνєяу∂αу'ѕ α ¢αтωαℓк.
i think it would be more fair to put some visine in their drink and remove all the toilet paper from the nearest bathrooms.

well if someone did that to me i would call the cops and they would get an assault charge and get raped in prison for about 1-3 years lol and i am a blood thirsty sadistic f**K who is happy hunting and killing all animals lol. just have them arrested or shot them jk you don't want to go to *** raping prison.

Mark S
Learn Judo or lift weights and beat them up. Or do what my friend Donny did, someone beat him up and he paid me to beat the guy up.

Isn't deadly poisoning an option....? Haha just kidding! I think they would TOTALLY deserve it!! Maybe even more....

No it's not ok. You file a police report and / or sue them in civil court for your pain & suffering and medical bills that is provided you didn't put your hands on them first.


Khaula S
Wow, a little extreme there, usually I would say treat people how you want to be treated, however in your case I would say that go ahead. However make sure that whoever did that doesn't know you did it otherwise your other teeth might fall out too.

Someone did that to me and I stabbed him. I went to jail, had to pay $2,500 to a lawyer, and eventually got the charges dropped, but it wasnt worth it and I almost ended up in prison for 7 years at 18 years old. Learn to fight, forget the poison ivy like I should have forgotten the knife. The person could be highly allergic to the poison ivy, so it could affect them worse than just getting an itchy rash, and even though its a very small possiblity, they could die, and you would go to prison the rest of your life, or if they just get really sick, and school cameras caught you putting it in there locker, you could get attempted homicide. Trust me, we live in a very vindictive society, prosecutors love to make situations more serious than they are to put people behind bars much longer then they should. Im with Superdude, if his rates are too high, you can hire me to take care of him. I live in Florida but Im moving back to California next month, so if you live in either state by chance, I can be an intimidator for hire.

hahaha no.. thats immature.. if he cheated thats another story. Thats when my immature side comes out MAHAH! just kidding

well answer mine :(


sorry i know everyone hates these but. well ya know!

Vengeful actions often do not make people feel better but I do like the Poison Ivy idea. You just need a way to deliver it to the target.

uh no sue him cuz u wont get anything out of poisining them

no. sue them to hell. you would win the case without violence and make them look like a douche in front of the judge. you could get in FARRRRRR more trouble by poisoning them.....jail time.

yes that would be wrong.. why not just press charges for assault?

either avoid him or learn how to kick ***

Kristen A
Naw, don't do that.
They can take that to the police.
And trust me, after what they did, they're probably on a list anyways.
Just stay away from them.

And if you did do that, they could still come after you again.
Don't do it.

It's not smart.

I would just analy rape them until they couldn't walk anymore.

aPpLeS & oRaNgEs
Not fair: they should be reported to the authorities immediately.

Kilroy Roboto
No. I'd call the police and have them arrested. Then I would file a civil claim against them for the damages.

Night visions

if you are strong enough to overcome the appeal of revenge. youre a stronger person. whether you have bruises or not.

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