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I woke up this morning with vertigo. Could this be stress?
I have been under a lot of stress lately. My family members are going through some serious medical issues (ie. cancer, parkinson, and more.) When I woke up this morning the room was spinning and later I got a migraine. This lasted for about 14 hours and now I'm just a little dizzy and have to make slow movements. Could this be because of stress since I have no ear pain?

Could be stress, but more than likely labrynthitis or a middle ear problem brewing. Try a mild decongestant like sudafed for a few days. If it helps, it is probably a mild middle ear problem. If it gets worse, see your doctor. He'll prescribe Meclizine to control the symptoms until your dizziness goes away.

You may have an inner ear infection. You really need to see
a Dr.

Oh yes, definitely, but you should check your blood pressure anyways because extreme stress can raise your BP and give you dizziness. You might have also anemia since you've been under tremendous stress and therefore that will give you dizziness and low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can also make you dizzy. Check your BP and anemia.

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