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I was told to today that I have bipolar disorder. I stoled something from my work. I'm not that kind of person
I work for the federal government and now I have 3 felonies on my record. I have lost 35 pounds in 6 months,can'tsleep' don't eat like I used to' don't have alot to do with my family. I'm either crying or I'm cussing someone out. I started taking medicine today. I also have been working 70 hours a week. Have not had a vacation in 2 years. I have to pull the whole load at home because my husband had a heart and now he can't work.I pay all the bills. My daughter lost her job and i'm trying to help her. Please help me before I hurt myself! Are these syptoms of a person with a bipolar disorder? Does it make a person take something that is not theirs.

tick t
Its called Kleptomaniac.Where the subject steals things unconciously.I am a 'schizoprenic' myself.Thats what the men in white coats label me.But, I dont believe their stupid theories because its all based on assumptions and subjective opinions.IF I were you, I would turn my negativity into something positive.Make these hurdles your waypoints or fuel to help you grow .

Sounds like you are REALLY stressed out. You should talk to a doctor. You're working way to much and you mental health is now paying for it. Try the meds, you could be bipolar. More than likely you are suffering from mega stress. And from how it sounds on the verge of a mental break down. If you can't take care of yourself you shouldn't be careing for others. Start saying No to peoples demands and get your life on track. You most likely stole because you have no control over your life and stealing gave you a feeling of power...Not healthy, like I said before take care of yourself no matter what price you have to pay, your sanity is more importaint and worth it.

This is NOT bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is when you get very excited and very depressed quickly. IN other words:mood swings.

Depression is so hard. Medication usually takes about 2 weeks before you start to notice a difference. Good luck.

Bipolar disorder is different for different people. The only thing that is common is the realy high high's and the low low's. Hurting yourself is called self mutilation and some people with bipolar disorder have hurt themselves. You and your husband need to consult a mental health doctor and figure out what you can do to help yourself. Best of luck

I doubt it! What on earth did you take? It must be more than a piece of trash!

See your doctor immediately. Do not hesitate. Depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder are in the same family. Just taking any medicine is not the answer. You might need advanced treatment with medication as well.

The stealing thing I dont know... maybe because you were soo tired and stressed you wanted to do something intriguing soo you stole something....
I know how that feels but I didnt steal anything instead I busted my my car window.. and it felt great...
Youre really stressed you should go on a vacation!!

Good Luck
I wish you the best!!
At the end of the day all things arent great, but a SMILE can harm no one!!!

So never forget to SMILE!!

I'm no doctor,but i was diagnosed bipolar years ago,and live in a disabled elderly complex and people here do have it and we all take meds of one kind or another to treat it.
To me there seems to be different levels of it and you certainly have the symtoms,the reasons the whole bit.
I assume a doctor told you,and you didn't mention the meds.,but I imagine it was an anti-Depression med.
Some people seem to go low,low and with the meds,which is a trial and see if it works type of thing become much more stable and can function again,sleep,work and take care of what they need to.
It takes time but it does work,so try not to make it worse by becoming more anxious than you already are.someone needs to be #1 in your life and right now that should be YOU!
Take care good luck

You are obviously stressed to the max and it's not hard to see why, you have been through a lot and have a lot on your plate.I think you should really seek some counselling and they will help you work through your stress.

dog lover
Doesn't sound like bipolar because you don't describe any way "up" activity. It does sound like some sort of neurological disorder due to the overload on your mind and body. I think you should talk to the doctor again.

It sounds more like major depression. Bipolar is when you have major mood swings. From what you wrote, it sounds like you are down all the time. I have never heard of a psych problem making anybody steal anything unless they were a cleptomaniac. Sorry.

Maybe they are brain washing you into taking what you took, the federal government does all kinds if nasty mind control stuff and is anything but truly nice or even american. I mean check it out you have gotten three felonies since you started working there and you havent gotten fired? Thats not typical you know, especially when your stealing from your job. IKf its all possible try to get a different job, maybe a city job or a grocery market thats not a big chain or something. If you can work 70 hours a week and put up with a husband there isnt much you cant do , good luck and really get away from your job. Whats the point of retirement benefits if you don't have your own mimd to enjoy them?

Bi polar disorder is a stronger contrast.

You have exseedingly high..highs.. and.. deplorable lows. Sucides happen with folks with bipolar disorder more often because its hard to diagnose because its literally the connection of Highest of highs and the lowest of lows like a night and day switch.

I seems honestly like you have actue depression and guilt associated with taking on.. possibly alot.. .. you may have back problems or slow metabolisim as well this can be associated with menopause.

Please.. you should have some sort of theraputic insurance working for the fed. If not seek out a volunteer social worker program AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Good for you for starting with the medication. It may take some time, but if you work closely with your doctor, they will get the medication and the dosage that is right for you.

You may also ask about a referral for counselling in your area. It sounds like you are under a lot of stress in your life right now, and counselling couldn't hurt.

Stay strong, take good care of yourself, and realize that you need to be your own best friend, do right by yourself, and seek support when you need it. YOU are the best resource you have.

And don't hurt yourself! If you are feeling like you might, please dial your local mental health crisis centre (located within the first few pages of your phone book, you will find your help numbers). Best of luck.

You are normal. You are having too many problems. I have to calm down. Your daughter should find another job as soon as possible. See a doctor. Too much stress is not good fro anybody. Medicine will help -- but you need to be very very strong.

I'm wondering how you can have a job with the federal government with 3 felonies on your record...but that's another discussion.
I think you just have a lot on your plate right now. Working long hours, no vacation, a husband and daughter out of work is way too much for one person to handle. It's possible that you have bipolar disorder...that can only be determined by a professional. If you are curious about the symptoms, go to www.biplar.com.
My guess is that you need to take some time to relax. Does your job have some type of counselling service? If so, you should take advantage of it, and get help in handling your problems.
Don't think you have to face all these problems by yourself...there's lots of help out there at a low price or even at no cost.
Good luck to you.

Bipolar disorder is not an excuse for stealing. It was formerly known as manic-depressive syndrome, the symptoms are extreme mood-swings, ranging from high euphoria to depression so severe sufferers attempt suicide. I have dealt with many patients suffering bipolar disorder, but none who manifested the symptom of arbitrary theft. I believe your kleptomania is completely unrelated. It sounds like you have far too much to have to deal with alone. I strongly recommend you seek professional counseling. Stay on your medication. This is vitally important! In the meantime, recruit all the family and friends you can to assist you, both for emotional and financial support. Good luck.

I think it would be best to talk to a professional about this... I think taking advice from people in this area would be a bad idea.

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