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 how do you sell your kidney?
I want to give back, like help someone out. I feel selling or donating my kidney is a great idea.. I just don't know how to do it......

 Yellow around the eyes, is this serious?
I'm 19 years old, and I dont drink very often (I can count all the times in my life that i have drank upon two hands, with fingers to spare). However, this past weekend I drank twice. Today I ...

 I don't want to have anorexia, Help me !!!?
I really don't want to have anorexia but I am very thin..around 6'1 and 116 lb. I'm 15 years old and I hope that in the future I will be healthier....

 is this a considered a disease?
ill be texting something or typing a comment to someone
on myspace, and when i go to read it i'll completely
have forgotten to put one of the main words into the sentence.

 How many wipes does it take after a bowel movement before you know you're really clean?

 I've heard that if the human liver has trauma to it, that in some cases it can regenerate the lost tissue?
ie: I seem to remember a story where an infant needed a new liver - however, one could not be found that was a match (by blood type/size.) One of the parents then donated a portion of their liver to &...

 can anyone have a amputation?

 I think I have Insomnia...?
I'm 14... I don't think that really matters though.
I can't sleep during the night, for some reason it's way more comfortable to sleep during the day when it's bright ...

 i can feel and hear my heartbeat in my ears? whats wrong?
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 Hi, My little boy gets red ears and they feel hot, What causes this and how can I treat it?
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 How do I get rid of this smell on my hand?
Today in biology I had to take a sheep's heart and stick my finger inside of it and now my finger smells BAD. How do I clean out the smell?...

 Quickest way to get rid of a bad cold? Heeelp!?
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 Could this be Multiple Sclerosis?
I am literally falling over, when standing I rock, I also am dealing with eye pain only right side, alot of eye burning, also I am have vitamin D deficiency.I can not move from one spot to the next ...

 Is there ammonia in urine?
I hear stories about how soldiers would use urine as a disinfectant for their wounds...
Are they true?
How and why?...

 What is wrong with me?
All my life I have had little habits, like everybody does. I chew the insides of my cheeks and my lips, curl my toes, and something else I do is rub the skin between my index and middle fingers with ...

 I don't think my doctor takes me seriously.?
For the past month I have been experiencing recurring feeling of depersonalization, I cry sometimes for no reason(20 yr old guy). Sometimes I feel really anxious and dizzy, depressed,everything seems ...

 Can you tell me whats wrong with me?
Ok, so sometimes when I'm in my room, alone, i start pacing around in circles. I'll start talking to out loud. You may think I'm talking to myself, but Its not exactly like that. I don&...

 Hi I'm worried about my dad?
Hi I'm worried about my dad he's 46 years old, 5'11 and weighs 250 pounds. He has sleep apnea, and doesnt use the c pap. dosent exersize. he started the Atkins deit 3 days ago. today ...

 Is this some kind of disorder?
Hi, I'm 14. Yesterday, I got my nails done with french tips. Yesterday I was fine, but today I'm not. Every time I touch one by accident, it makes me either want to pull them off, or clench ...

 weakness ?
is it possible to feel a physical weakness from anxiety? and what causes it? I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the past.

and also, if I was checked for anemia a few years ...

I want to eat and gain weight but I find food disgusting which makes me "un-hungry" so what should I do?
Im a 15 year old male, recently in the summer i spent a lot of time at hoe and ate more then usual and my skin started looking healtier and I felt better but I dont eat in school (i have a BIG BREAKFAST and eat LOTS after school- this DOES keep my weight healthy) but recently i have been losing weight because I find the smell of the foods disgusting and I hate the taste and i force myself to eat and I just want to eat them but they "turn my hunger off". What can I do?

P.S. There are some strange patterns I usually eat my moms cooking but the smell makes me unhungry and recently i had pasta, which i didnt have for a long while, and i liked the taste and smell but after a few weks my mom cooked it again and I hated it and didnt wanna eat it.

Oreos and milk.

Cannot go wrong.

Find something you like and order a truck load of it...sorry I can't think of anything else...Good luck!

you need psychiatric help.

food is one of the main thing in life.

try excercise and running. use up enough energy and that will make you hungry

Sounds like there's some kind of underlying problem, either emotional or physical or both. Get yourself to a doctor, if you don't eat you could go into cardiac arrest, or develop a bleed in your stomach or intestines among other things.

Sydney W
1) Try to not eat the same things more then once a month
2) Maybe plan out on a calender what you will be eating for each meal
3) Go talk to someone
4) Eat things you know you like
5) Decide if you really need to gain weight

Miss Austen
try making your own food from recipes that sound good to you. like you i have been losing some weight because the school lunches smelled unappetizing to me, and if I was in a rush and did not eat breakfast I would go around all day on an empty stomach. and because i like the smell of apples I've been eating all types of food lately with apples as the main ingredient. so i don't think what you are going through is strange.

Well if you don't eat, you'll die.

You just don't like FOOD? That's very broad.

Try eating uncooked things for a while. If cooking smells bother you, don't eat the cooked foods.
Eat raw vegetables, raw fruits, plain white rice, maybe some broths like miso or chicken.
Avoid strong or heavy foods like fried foods, wine sauces, heavily salted things (like mixed nuts), etc.

Sometimes, the idea of eating certain foods (even if I usually like them) makes me feel like gagging. That's usually when I stick by the old salad and nectarine.

don't think about it this much. find foods you like, and eat them when you are hungry. thats all you can do short of forcing yourself to eat or taking something to make you get hungry from the doc.

Protein milk shakes.. they add weight

bob you are a crazy guy... just stop... you dont deserve to use the internet.... why are you even here? You find food "disgusting"? well obviously you have lived long enough to use yahoo answers and learn to spell "disgusting" so whats worked for you so far?

I have the same problem, strange. What I do to remedy things: I find I can always eat most fruits and vegetable, like apples and raw carrots with ranch sometimes. They don't have a strong smell and they are 100% natural, no processed things which the thought of that makes me sick as well. I have wondered if it's a medical condition but haven't got checked out about it but if it's real bad for you maybe there's something they can do to help. worth a shot to see if it can be fixed. Sometimes I have to think for a while of what I feel like I could eat, like if I don't feel like I could eat something without getting sick from disliking it (even if i've liked it before), sometimes I can think,"I feel like I could eat cereal". That's what helps me anyways.

perhaps try foods that have very light smells, like plain cereals, chicken, potatoes.
have you always had this issue with food being unpleasant is it recent? you should probably talk to your doctor, it might be the symptom of some other condition.
also, take vitamins & supplements to make sure you're getting all the nutrition you need.

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