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Concerned Kidd
I stabbed myself with a lead pencil is it harmful?
This may sound stupid to you but I'm concerned with my health. About 4-5 years ago i accidentally stabbed myself with a lead pencil. Recently in my Chemistry class we were talking about lead and the long-term harmful effects it can cause. My question is do you think these effects are going to harm me? BTW! You can still see the piece of lead under my skin and it's under my wedding ring finger ( left ring finger under the mid-joint) Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. And those of you reading please take this seriously, I am.

you should not stab your self with anything but NO because pencils have been made out of graphite not lead for 50 years

신데렐라 (CINderella)
No, all pencils are graphite now, you're safe.

You have nothing to worry about. The graphite may have discolored the sub-dermal skin cells in the same way tattoo ink leaves a near permanent mark. It will lessen over the years. The pencil end below the skin has been absorb by your body and will cause no problems.

now-a-days, contrary to popular belief, pencils AREN'T made of actual "lead". it is a graphite-silica mix, meaning there is no harm to a human being. the misnomer of a pencil containing "lead", began in ancient rome and greece. the writing utensil that they used was called a "stylus". and the stylus, resembling a pencil, was made of lead. so bam, there is a history lesson for you :)

unless it said "lead" or "made in china" it is carbonite... which contains no lead... you will be fine.


okay, i doubt it will effect you seriously in the long run, but if i were you i would visit your doctor. having the lead still in your body could be harmful. but since it has been there for such a long period of time, i wouldnt worry too much, but when you get the chance call your doctor.
but trust me your not going to die.


Unless you were using a very old pencil, the "lead" was actually made out of graphite. As far as I know, graphite isn't poisonous.

I have no idea what kind of physical problems it could cause (if any).

I did that once, I was leaning back in my chair with my pencil pushed into the desk, then I slipped and the point jabbed into my leg. Pencils are made with graphite now, but you may want to go to your doctor or maybe you have a friend that happens to be a doctor(this way you can get advice without paying so much!) I hope this helps good luck

lol 4-5years ago jeez, I don't think you have anything to worry about I don't think they use real lead anymore cause lead is dangerous if they used the real thing,

Pencils in the old days where made of lead. Because studies have shown lead is harmful and can birth defects, manufacturers stopped using lead and instead, started using graphite. The material in pencils now are known as graphite and lead has no longer been in use since more than 25 years ago.

Xnex X
Nah like everyone else said, it's no longer lead but graphite. Don't worry my friend did that a while ago too and nothing has happened.

When I was 5 ;years old, I accidentally stabbed myself in the palm with a pencil. The tip broke off and was embedded in my skin.
This was in 1971. I am still alive and well. (and I can still kinda see the lead if I look close enough)

it's not lead, it's graphite. someone switched it a long time ago because lead can kill you. graphite can't, i don't think. if you're worried, go see a doctor and s/he can tell you what to do about it.

yes take a knife and dig it out dont forget the jack

i stabbed my hand with a lead pencil about 4 years ago as well. it was really really bad. there was lead was in my hand and it was bleeding a lot. i was fiddling around with my pencil after an exam and then BAM! out of no where i accidentally stabbed the palm of my hand! i just cleaned it after-wards and it healed fine and nothing ever happened after-wards. i don't think its enough lead to really harm your health and if you haven't got any illness from it already then you should be fine. The lead in pencils is not the same kind of lead you are probably talking about inn chemistry either. its not the lead people die of.

Fresh Juice
pencils aren't really made out of lead anymore - it's non-toxic graphite. if you haven't noticed any problems yet, you're not likely to.

Marie H
Are you sure it was a lead pencil? Most pencils are graphite.
If it was lead then you should go see your doctor.

u should be fine unless u 8 it
but if i were u, id get a needle and pick out that piece of lead

bassplayer840 c
i still have a pencil lead stuck in my hand from about 20 years ago im 29 now dont worry all you will have is a black spot in your hand my girl has one my aunt has it so its no problem nothing bad has happened

No, it's not harmful unless the cut gets infected. They stopped using real lead in pencils awhile back when they figured out how harmful real lead is to humans. If it has been that long, don't worry about it; you'll be fine.

There is NO Lead in pencil lead these days. I repeat.... NO LEAD! You are not going to be hurt by this. I still have a mark from a pencil that I got in the 7th grade. Nothing happened. You can take a breath now... you are okay!

Joe K
The black stuff inside of a pencil is graphite. Not lead. Secondly if it happened 4 years ago, you probably would have suffered from tetanus by now if it had any negative or harmful lasting effects.

No, it probably won't hurt you. Although we call it "lead", it actually isn't made out of lead, but graphite. Graphite has no known health hazards.

I've done the same thing a couple of times in my life and no side affects. You should be fine. nite

I stabbed myself with a pencil in the 5th grade, the lead is still visible and its been about 9 years and im still alive so i would imagine you will be alright as well

Mike H
Lead pencils are illegal. They haven't been made for many years. You stabbed yourself with a NON toxic graphite pencil. You you can take any apprehension and anxiety about that and throw it out the window.

Steve Barb
Graphite is in pencils these days- not lead!

No because it is not led it is graphite, it only is harmful because of the initial hurt, they dont use lead in pencils anymore

It's a common misconception that pencils are made with lead when most pencils are made with graphite since lead was found to be toxic. They haven't made "lead" pencils in SEVERAL years. But we still call the graphite center the "lead" of the pencil.

Don't worry, you're safe.

Lead in lead pencils isn't lead..it's carbon. Don't worry.

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