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yes he smokes.
what do you mean drugs?
he refuses to go to the hospital....

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I ran out of xanax on Fri. and my DR. is on vac. I'm on it for panic attacks , anxiety. I am extremely nervous
and shaky now. Has anyone had this happen? Also is this the best med. for this situation?

just take deep breaths.

Joni B
Your doctor should have someone covering for him/her. Also, these types of meds are addictive; if you have addictive behaviors be careful.

danadee l
Go to your phramist and explain the situation, he might be able to give you enough till your doctor coames back,
You also might try going to the emerergency, and explain your feelings of withdrawl, they could also write you a prescription.

tour jete
There should be a physician on call for your doc if he or she is not available. You should not run out of these medications as they must be properly weaned off and you are probably in withdrawal now. Do you have an urgent care clinic you can go to tonight? The ER is always an option, just explain to them your situation. They should understand your dilemma. Good luck.

Douglas D
Stay Cool! Call your Dr's Office. It's likely that he has another Dr taking calls for him. You may be able to get your Rx refilled. Meanwhile, if you want to explore a solution for your problem outside of meds try Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR. If you Google MBSR you will find lot's of info about it. Start with www.umassmed.edu/cfm. There is also a book called "Full Catastrophe Living" by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

just stay calm... your Dr should have another Dr take his patients while he's on vacation.. so get in touch with his office ....

Usually when a DR. is on vac. he has another doctor who is willing to see his patients. Call you clinic or hospital and see. If you feel yourself getting to upset, have some one take you to the ER, they should be able to help you there. Make sure to take your empty bottle with you so that the ER knows you take this medication

Did some reading about this drug years ago...not trying to scare you but the side effects can be terrible when you stop taking it. Suggest you stay with a friend or go see another dr. for help, maybe they can give you something else to help until your dr. returns.This is why you should never just quit a drug....if you're planning to get off this stuff you must take a little less each week...in other words gradually reduce the amount otherwise you could have some terrible side effects.

To be honest, you should probably go to the emergency room if it gets really bad. You should explain to them why you are on it and the problems you have when you are off it. Your doctor should have someone who covers for them when they are out of town. The ER should be able to do something.

You can call your doctor and ask for the referring doctor. Someone has to be covering for him....Stay calm and good luck....

patricia p
you may feel like you are havine a heart attack it is withdrawl i went through it do you have any other nerve med you can take untile you can get you xanax it will cause you to be hipper

not good

mashed potatoes are quite calming

Take a half of a sleeping pill. It works like valum. Also try calming deep breaths and sittiing alone in a quiet place close your eyes and count 1-10 while listen to your breath or heartbeat . Thoughts will run through your head let them. Acknowledge they are there but don't try to analyize them then just start over again at 1 when you feel your self getting caught in a thought.

I suffer from PD and Anxiety. I take Valium as needed. If I was to run out I would go to a clinic and get a refill from one of the Drs there. If you arent able to. then I would just go to the ER...Also sometimes the pharmacy that has your prescription will give you one month or even a few days to get you though till you can see your Dr...you can try this one..hope you can get your meds...and I hope that you are getting help in dealing with the panic attacks...there are many good on line support groups...good luck....Jo

Hi, Lucky,

What I do know is that
withdrawal from any
medicine may have
some side effects like
being shaky, HOWEVER,
most meds have a long
lasting effect, so the Xanax
is still in your system
So relax.
(Don't you hate it when
people tell you that? I do, so

Have you tried contacting
your Dr.'s answering service?
They usually leave some
number for emergencies.
Call them and tell them
the situation.

Let us know what happens,
please trust me when I tell
you you will be OK.
We´re here with you and
if you need to talk just stay
on line.
You can do it!

If you feel you can't
go to the ER.

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