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I need help! My mom is sick!!?
Ok. My mom was complaining about sharp pains in her stomach. Then she got sick 2-4 times. Now she's going to the hospital. And she mentioned it hurts to sit up. But she can sit down and feel pretty fine. Her head isn't warm (it's pretty normal) She was shaking a bit in her legs. Does anyone know what sickness (or ill) she has? Thanks in advance.
Additional Details
Could it be the Flu? Or...what?

Bob j
Unlickely it's the flu, I have never heard of the Flu weakenign your body to the point of it actually hurting.
Have you asked the docters, theres no better way to know for sure then to ask one of the.

Fish Lover F
Don't take medical advice from randoms off yahoo answers.

Could be many things, even a kidney stone or food poisoning. Good to get her medical help a.s.a.p. Nothing life threatening I am thinking.

P. S. D
It could be a lot of things. The important thing is that she is getting medial care right away. They will take care of her so hang in there. She will feel better if she sees you having a good outlook for her. Keep smiling and be there for her.

Could be her appendix?? But more than likely it's a bug. My friend called today and said she started with what your Mom had yesterday then was puking and diarrhea all night. She feels better today, but the nausea is still there.
I hope you Mom feels better, keep us informed.

Good luck and bring her some flowers!!

The doctors at the hospital will have to run some tests to see what is wrong. It may be something minor like a mild case of food poisoning, but let the docs do their job and be patient. Pray for her fast recovery.

It may be something as innocent as a stomach virus that will simply run its course. Definitely get her to the ER though because if it is something more serious you will want it treated. I thought appendicitis at first but it couldn't be because if she had appendicitis she would have a very high fever.

Encourage her to go to the doctor. Knowing what it is will be much easier than you and she trying to guess.

It could be a appendicitis.I hope she gets the care she needs.

Joe B
She could have appendicitis or gastroenteritis or something else. Either one is serious and needs a doctor's attention. Call an advice nurse and tell them her symptoms.... but I'm sure it looks like a trip to the hospital... the nurse will tell you who to see and where to go.

she could have walking pneumonia which is not serious at all, either way your mom will be okay

Kapil K
I dont know what could really be the problem.
But I request you to check this site below.. may this would help!
Take care of your mom...
Good luck

Just take her to the hospital, doctors knows better than us, hope she feel better soon, don't worry, she will be fine

Stomach ulcer maybe?

Hm...It could possibly be her Gull Bladder

I'm certain your mom will be fine, take it easy and relax. God Bless
I hope you don't mind me asking Asdas-A a question.

Asdas A-I noticed you didn't list your email, I've been sick for 4 yrs, they are having trouble diagnosing me. you seem very educated in the medical dept. is there any way you could email me, and let me explain my problem. i posted it but only got one answer and that was over a month ago. Im grasping at straws here because this is disrupted my life so intensely. [email protected]

Don't know honey..but it doesn't mean it is very serious. She might have gall bladder or appendix problems...or a an ovarian cyst or something like that. There is no way we an diagnosis an illness...even a doctor wouldn't do that here !

Please don't worry so much. I know that isn't easy NOT to do..but until the doctor says worry....just realize most problems aren't that complicated nor do they require surgery. But even if she does...medicine today is WONDERFUL and they can do a LOT more than they every could before.

I will pray for you and your mom....take it easy ok?

Your mom will get the medical attention which she needs.
She could have flu or food poisoning, she could have a few other symptoms which she did not discuss with you. Others have suggested appendicitis as a possibility.
Not feeling well does not necessarily mean that you will run a fever.
The shaking legs could be because of vomiting 2 to 4 times.

You didn't say how old you are.

It isn't easy to be home alone while your mom is in the hospital. I can understand why you asked for some help with the diagnosis but I don't think that any of us can do that without examining your mother...if we were doctors. We can only guess since most of us aren't. And even the doctors need to see your mother.

Could your dad return to stay with you or your grandpa? Is there any other family member you could call to sit with you so that you don't have to be alone, especially while you are so worried?

Best Wishes for you and your Mom.

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