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Christie S
I know this is gross but...?
I have rectal bleeding that's been going on for a week or a little more but these past 2 days it's gotten worse, my lower stomach is a little sore too but not like my period or anything and I've been feeling nauseous and dizzy. I'm only 13 what could this be?

Go to the doc - they'll take a sample, then you will probably have a colonoscopy.
Have fun.

definitely tell you mum, and go see a doctor. i know thats what everybodies said but im guessing you havn't already told your mum because your embarressed?

you have nothing to be ashamed about, things like this happen to everbody.

just get yourself checked out asap.


well... if you only had rectal bleeding with bowel movements, and the bleeding was ON the stool, not in it - I'd say hemmrhoids or fissures.

but if youre having the bleeding w/o a movement, and feel nauseous and dizzy - you need to get to a Dr. ASAP like.. YESTERDAY

im not a doctor or anything and i don't know what it is but u should def tell some one. tell some one before it gets worse. even know it might not be that big of a problem sill get it checked

That must be really worrying but don't panic! Its a very common condition and nothing to be embarrassed about!

Have a look at this website:


It recommends that you see your GP asap so that's definitely what you should do.

Good luck, lovely x

Internal bleeding, cancer, food poisoning.

You really need to go to the doctor!

You definitely need to go see your doc, because that could be a symptom of cancer. Please tell your mom or dad and go see your doc as soon as possible, okay???

Ms. Smith
Definitely go to your doctor. It's never normal to have bleeding from the rectum. Don't be embarrassed, doctors are used to things like this. Good luck.

Go to the hospital, this could be a sign of internal bleeding or hemorrhoids. Get checked out

are you sure its just not hemorrhoids???? you need to go to the dr. because you are very young for this to be happening. you need to tell your parents.

Godless Ability To Reason
That's bad go to a doctor.

It could be an intestinal disorder (symptoms for these things tend to appear when you're a teenager). I would definitely get it checked out by a doctor. It could also be something very serious, like internal bleeding or an ulcer.

See your Doctor ASAP.

I<3 Sarcasm!
Tell mom and dad and go to a dr.

It could be Crohn's disease or colitis or maybe something insignificant. Better to be safe than sorry.

you might want to go to the doctor for that one,.

Rectal bleeding means you should set up an appointment with your doctor. It could be something very serious or something minor depending on the source of the blood (it is coming from the intestines or from a hemorrhoid etc)

You should see a doctor asap. it could be serious!

Common symptoms of Crohn's disease include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss. Less common symptoms include poor appetite, fever, night sweats, rectal pain, and rectal bleeding..

You should deffinitely talk to your parents becuase its ounds pretty bad and you possibly could have something worse than you thought such as Crohn's.

Not sure hon, but I think you should check with a doctor!

the geek
u need to tell your mom & go to the doctor

Tell your parents and go to a doctor NOW!

Enrique F
Rectal bleeding is never good. If there is soreness in your lower stomach and nausea then you should go to the hospital ASAP. It could be an intestinal problem.

Matt W
What could it be? Serious - that's what. Tell your parents and see a doctor!

Intussusception: This condition occurs when the bowel simply twists upon itself. It is the most common cause of intestinal obstruction and rectal bleeding. The 3 cardinal symptoms are intermittent abdominal pains, vomiting, and rectal bleeding. However, these are not always present.

Madigan R
i have no idea but you should talk to your mom this could be really serious

Eoin D
You should go to your doctor to get checked out. Bleeding per rectum is not normal, and while the cause could be something as benign and easily treated as haemarrhoids/piles, it could be something causing inflammation or damage in your colon or rectum. At your age serious causes are probably less likely but best to get checked. Good luck.

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