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Squiddly Diddly
I keep getting a sensation in my throat like i've got food stuck in it.?
Its a really uncomfortable feeling and it makes me keep swallowing air as a result. What can this be?
Additional Details
Ive had it for 3 weeks now!

Anything feels wrong like that,go straight to the doctor.Its most likely nothing to worry about,but its better to get it checked out and know for sure !

cOuld be an allergy - best go see the doc...try and work out what you have just had in your mouth!!! prior to this feeling...then eliminate that thing to see if that makes a difference. It could be something simple like a new kind of drink!

sweet ivy lyn
Maybe a loose hair...it happens quite often with me because I have cats an dogs; keep drinking lots of water and try using your toothbrush as far down as you can to loosen it!

I was getting that and my doctor put me on allergy meds, helped completely.

Barking mad
It sounds like you have scratched you tube somewhere, eaten anything spikey lately, ie overcooked chips. Other could be medication, taking any?

So many want medical advice on here well you need to ask your Doctor my dear

Allergies. I had much the same before I started Zyrtec, and it helped tremendously. Try taking two Benedryl. If it helps, then you know. If not, it cannot hurt you.
Good Luck!
~Because sometimes it is rocket science.~

stive br

Darling don't do that because it makes you depressed.

God bless you

Please consult your GP.

Heh, please do not worry too much, even though I know how distressing this can be. I have had this twice in my life and they were both stressed induced. I had barium swallows which showed nothing, and eventually it resolved itself. I know how you feel.

Mary S
Have a good cough and spit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds to me you have just given us 2 points baby.........It is so easy to get points on here

your face=]
I don't know. Check it out with a doctor.

You know the bit that hangs down in the back of your throat (don't know exact name) is that swallon because if that is that will irritate you and make you keep swallowing.

If its been happening for a while perhaps you should go to the doctors

old know all
The most likely cause is that you've swallowed something that's scratched or bruised your throat. It will heal after a few days.

If it doesn't, see your doctor. It's probably trivial, but it's best to make sure.

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