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I just googled my friends name and found out she had a brain aneurysm?
OK so i was bored so i started googling some of my friends names. And one of my friends names (lets call her rachel), came up from this metarie church page and said please pray for 14 year old rachel for shes having surgery for the brain aneurysm shes had earlier this year. Rachel moved here about 6 months ago from metarie, LA, and she is 14 right now. Also, she has this slight accent that i think is from the aneurysm. What i am asking is, do i say anything? And should i be worried???
Please help,
i care about her.
Additional Details
yes people,
she is one of my best friends

Talk to her about it. Tell her you care about her and want to help
Most importantly just be there for her, let her know she has somebody to talk to.

ok.. so this is probably the coldest answer but..

if you're worried about her just ask her. if its not her, then you can laugh about the coincidence, and she'll be glad to know that you would care about her. if it is her, she'll be relieved to share it with someone she already knows and isn't going to judge her. just keep it her secret, dont go telling everyone.

but... thats kinda traumatic. and not something people would just up and move around on once they have established doctors etc. unless its a scam. maybe her parents did it to get money, and then they moved so no one would ask about it. just kinda seems suspicious.

ツツツSmile for Mione-chan!ツツツ
No, don't say anything. Ask yourself, what do you think she will say? Also, do you think she thinks you had any right to rummage through her past, anyways?

Think outside the box.
Are you sure she's the same person? Maybe someone else has the same name. But if she does have the aneurysm, I think you shouldn't ask her directly. Maybe talk to her parents, but don't spread it around the school. That would be bad if it's not true. And if it is true, maybe she doesn't want anyone to know.

So yeah, I think you should ask her parents about it.
But first find out for sure if it's the same Rachel.

Hope this helps~

Missy G
You should talk to her she's one of your best freind and worrieing is normal when it comes to you friends.

I doubt it's true. If it was true and she was one of your best friends you'd probably know about it or at least be able to figure out that something bad was going on.

i think u should say something comforting n dont worry to much

i think that you shuld ask her about it

help me?

I wouldn't say anything.

You could wait for her to say it or just drop it.

She obviously doesn't want everyone to know about it.

tell her straight up
tell her are you ok
is everything alright
tell her wat you had read on google

Sandra D m
It sounds like she already had surgery for it maybe she is fine but mention a tough expreience and see if she tells you but don't ask her because she may get offended.

Marianne Montgomery
Make sure it really is your friend at first... If it's her then there may be a reason she didn't tell you. She may not want you to worry about her- or she could be just as scared as you are about it. My advice would be to be completely honest with her, tell her the truth... you googled her name and found this out... just let her know if she wants to talk about it that you are there for her. Don't pressure her to talk about it. Be supportive and caring, not overbearing and try not to think differently about her.

i doubt its the same person you know

my friend (lets call her Raven) has a brain tumor and she is on medication that makes her all happy, but before that she got sooo depressed bc all ppl asked about was her brain tumor. So my best advise is to talk to her like everything is alright. Don't treat her any different, I know it can be hard sometimes bc you want to say something but you don't know what so my advice is to just be there for her.


That's kind of sad/ creepy/ weird / scary / terrible .


mention in to her.

just ask her.

i would .

... What, how could you b sure its her... is her last name a common name? But if it really is, i would be concerned... Its a FRIEND, right?

It probably isn't the same person. Tons of people have the same name, unless her name is Dorkus Unnreidnick or something, chances are there are people out there with the same name as her, possibly even the same age.
If, in fact, it is her. I wouldn't bring it up. She hasn't told you because she doesn't want anyone to know. You need to respect that. If it becomes a major problem, she'll tell you when she's ready. Just trust her.

Talk to her about it and make sure she knows that you'll be there for her if it really is her, and then if she decided to confide in you that yes, she does have this condition, then make sure she knows you're really her friend. If she laughs and says "What the heck? That's not me!! Hahaha!" Then store it away as a funny memory about when you thought your friend was dying.

Winter Wabbit
Ok, So your friends got aneurysm. Its good that your worried it says what a good friend you are just make sure your not so worried your paranoid about it. You couldn't even tell somthing was wrong when you didn't know she had this illness. Try and be like before and I suggest you don't let your friend know that you she has aneurysm. If aneurysm can be fatal I think you should spend alot of time with her. The only thing to do is be nice be yourself and be happy with her. :)

I wouldn't take the chance with a brain aneurysm. I lost a friend suddenly to one. It happens so fast and unexpectedly it will make your head spin. Ask her about it. Avoid regrets as much as you can.

Just be there for her

try to contact her ASAPPPPPPPPPPPP
&& while u r casually mention it,,, don't scare her
&& pray it's not herr
i hope everything will be alright

♥ Sarahh ♥
bring it up.
even if you have to go on the computer, and randomly be like, "lets search so and so's name on google" .. put a random friend's name, then your name, then her name. Then move on from there.

if not, its going to bug you for the longest time ! but just remember to be subtle and kind about it :)

Olivia T
Just be honest, say "I was googling peoples names last night and I stumbled on something that said you had a brain aneurysm. Is that true? Is everything ok?"

Don't keep it in, it will bug you. Just be honest :)

Greg L
I would probably ask about it... chances are she really wants to tell someone but can't and will be relieved when YOU ask HER. Tell her that it is not something to be embarrassed about and the embarrassment will just add to the pain. My best friends parents are getting divorced and he feels really bad about it but it makes him feel better talking about it. Ask her when you guys have a lot of time to talk. And by the way, you answered one of my questions earlier, and I feel a lot better knowing that someone cares. I really appreciate it. :)

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