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 If im around weed smoke EVERYDAY more than once a day, and not smoke AT ALL, can i fail a drug test?

Additional Details
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 What's the funniest thing you've been to the doctor's with?
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Gary: no, I don't think they'...

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pimp daddy
I haven't taken a bath in three weeks, and I don't feel dirty at all.?
Does this make me disgusting, or does this just prove how cool I really am
Additional Details
I don't shave, nor do I change my underwear. It's really brown. I'm a trainer at the local gym.

Please be gentle and courteous with your comments because personal hygeniene is sensitive issue with a guy like me who is so busy that a bath is just out of the question these days.

Best answer gets 10 points: let the challenge begin!

good for you.

Coolest guy around!

wow... you should set a world record... and your right.. it this high demanding society that we live in some of us can not afford the luxury of time to take a shower or bathe... just put on a fair amount of deodorant and some good cologne and you are set to go for another week or so.... good work.. good luck .. and keep the good work up.. and continue to do what it is that you do.. dont let "the man" get you down with his high pressures that he puts on us to bathe and not be smelly!!!

keep it up you smelly monkey!!
i love ya for it!!! ;)

You're the pimp - you tell us.

Bob S
It just proves your awesomeness don't listen to anyone else, girls love smelly dirty guys....

You might not feel dirty, but I wonder how you smell...

You may not feel dirty but I bet people can smell you before you enter the room.Keep up the good work cool dude.

ask the person standing next to you on the bus

Stop deluding yourself and take a shower. I can smell you through cyberspace!


maybe if you are a hermit, it wouldn't matter if you cleaned yourself; however, if you are a social person, you may want to consider batheing. If you put on clean clothes daily, you may not smell, but if you wear the same clothes daily, they may begin to smell. I wonder what you do all day?

The public, in general, will not say a word to you if your body emits an odor, they will just sit there and let it flow over them. You, in other words, should take the initiative and grab a bar of soap, hit the shower, wash your crusty drawers, and give the public your best side. :-)

you wanted the truth so you got it ;-)

Carolyn! (:
Hmm, maybe you're disgustingly cool?

wow, three weeks!!!
well, i was at your house not too long ago, you didn't smell bad to me!!!
you probably aren't dirty!!
you're too cool to actually be dirty!!!
you're not disgusting!!!
and anyone who says you are will answer to my fists!!!!

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