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I have piles, how can I get rid of them?
I've had a mild form of it for a while but now its gone sore now. I heard surgery but I haven't got time to have it done plus I'd be to embarrased to have a surgery. Please help. This is the first day its been painful and I've had to push them in more than once.

mr.. s
swin in hcl chemical beverage
and it will get better


bugger lugs
Apply salt and vinegar and then sit on a pack of ice cubes.

[email protected]
First make sure that the area is clean and dry. Anusol cream or suppositories will help with mild cases of piles, these products will reduce the pain and itching. Diet can have a big effect and increasing fibre intake with plenty of fluids should help keep them at bay in the future. Do not push when using the toilet and don't sit on the toilet for long periods. Most cases can be dealt with without any surgery and in general surgery would only be necessary for severe long term piles.

It is also worth bearing in mind that people with piles can be more likely to suffer from anal fissures which are small tears in the lining of the anus. These can be very painful and again you can get a cream from your doctor to deal with this.

Go to see your GP. Believe me there is nothing to be embarrassed about as a good proportion of the population has piles and he/she will have seen thousands of them. He/she will prescribe as appropriate, probably a cream.

You can't cure piles as such but you need to radically increase your fibre intake (vegetables/fruit/wheat bran). You need to take regular moderate exercise especially if you sit or stand for long periods at work. Drink more water and avoid coffee, alcohol and fatty/spicy food. Also don't hurry bowel movements, but also don't sit there reading the paper for hours.

Start eating wheat bran.Not bran flakes but the pure bran.It will take a while for your digestive system to get used to it,but it will kept your poos nice and soft and easy to pass.
The only thing is, it's not at all pleasant to eat,but if you mix it with muesli it is edible.
Hope you're cured soon.

Believe it or not I found tea tree shampoo works wonders on your backside

Ali V
Anusol suppositories work well, but I would see your GP cos it sounds pretty bad x

Dr Frank
Local preparations only relieve itch and numb the discomfort. If your piles are well established, surgery may be the only definitive option.

dels replies
Try Anusol cream

mmm i think you need to go to your Doctor... or see the pharmacist, im sure he could give you some cream to help, Im not sure but i think iv been prescribed "Fluocid Forte" i just came across it in the bathroom cabinet and im sure that's what its for, good luck and stop sitting on cold things i think that brings them out,

I would try and improve your fibre intake while you have this problem as been constipated won't help things.

Buy s good quality hemorrhoid cream from your chemist.

If it's really sore you can buy cold packs to apply to the area for when you are sitting etc.

I would see a doctor though because they can give you stronger stuff.

preparation H......feels good, on the whole....

guitar virgin
An old country remedy is to shove a raw potato chip up your bum.

Hope this helps.

Apply treacle.. it really works.

apply anusol

Try to develop regular bowel habits, eat more fibre to soften your stools as straining and constipation aggravates the condition.

Thoroughly clean the area after each bowel movement to avoid infection and irritation. Use a moist toilet tissue or, if you are at home, wash thoroughly.

Apply an over the counter pile ointment night and morning and after each bowel movement. Start with Preparation H or Anusol, if you do not find much improvement try Anusol HC, which contains Hydrocortisone.

If there is still no improvement, try suppositories, ask your pharmacist to suggest a suitable brand.

If, at any stage, they start bleeding or get noticeably worse you should consider going to see a doctor. You should certainly see a doctor if, at any time, you think that there is a possibility that you may have something other than piles.

Surgery may be much more minor than you think. With modern procedures it may be possible to have it done in a walk in clinic (walking out may be slower). There is also the chance that they may be shrunk by an injection, this does have to be given locally I'm afraid. (That's into the piles, not near your home).

I'm sorry for the apparent levity but I'm just trying to reduce your embarrassment about the condition. I can assure you that there are many conditions and procedures that are much more personal than piles, I speak from experience.

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