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I get vomit feeling while travelling in a car? What can be a solution?

troll fart

Are you sitting in the back? Most cases of motion sickness or carsickness can be relieved by sitting in the front seat, rather than the back. (My own case works this way.)

There are motion sickness pills you can take (Dramamine) or small devices that can be attached with adhesive behind your ear or to your wrist. I don't know if those devices work, but I've heard of them.

The reason you are feeling motion sickness, is because two systems in your body are out of sync with each other.
The vestibular system (balance) is not moving, while the visual system is moving.

This does make some people physically sick, hence the motion sickness. The only quick solution is to take medication.


The reason for motion sickness is that there are 3 signals sent to the brain for the right body balance: One from the eyes which says whether we are moving or not, one from close to the ears and third from the knee cap joint. The ear & knee bone areas have some sort of a liquid or gel which senses vibration or movement and sends signals to the brain that we are moving, but the eyes sees objects within the car which are all relatively stationary. Hence as one of the answers suggest if you sit in the front, you get a full view of the outside and the eyes also send a signal that we are moving and you wouldnt feel sick. Alternately, you can look outside or keep the windows open slightly or keep the eyes closed. There are some readily available motion sickness pills or small band-aid like stickers which when stuck behind the ears dampen the vibration sensor. I work out at sea and during rough weather when we felt seasick, we ate to our full, mostly something spicy. Spicy (hot) snacks reduces the sickness (I dont know the reason) We used to drink hot spicy rasam and would feel relieved. (Carry some spicy dried/dehydrated pickles & try them)

Dramamine or Gravol. Dipenhydrinate I think is it's actual name. It is an antihistamine, but it stops the dizziness and nausea associated with motion sickness. Also, can make you sleepy, which makes the trip go by faster! :-) Can get it at almost any store in US or Canada, not sure where you are.

A car traveller travels fast, faster than a heavier vehicle. So things move very fast in front of your eyes, so it comes on to your senses and makes you to go through a nauseating experience.
Now for the solution.
Either take a tablet of Aviomin, at least half an hour before the journey which will put you to sleep and solve your vomiting. Or, put yourself to sleep and that will also be of help.
In a nut shell your eyes if they are closed for a good period of time then it will do you a lot of good.
Another possible remedy is that you should travel with an empty stomach, no not even with a lot of water in your bladder. This remedy is the best of all.
Try and let me know.
It is my very personal experience that I am sharing with you.
Any way happy traveling!

chew your favourite chocolate or cut a small lemon into a small piece and keep it in your mouth. don't chew. lemon helps better.

The most important thing you must remember while travelling in a car is that you must not panic, shout or laugh loudly. This doesn't mean you will seat dumb without turning around or talking. Just avoid doing activities inside the car that require more energy.
And also avoid drinking all those soft drinks like Pepsi, etc. in the car if you've not eaten something solid.

It sounds to me like you are having motion sickness.
The simplest way to cure motion sickness is to take crystalized ginger with you when you travel. Chewing this helps to stop nausea. Make sure that there is plenty of fresh air in the vehicle and that water is available to drink.Sometimes, on longer journeys, what appears to be motion sickness can often be caused by dehydration. So make sure that you keep yourself properly hydrated. To cope with the other symptoms which can range from headache, to stomach ache and dizziness, it is very easy to apply accupressure. Acupressure points and the same points as those used for acupuncture. On the inside of your wrists where your hands join your arms you have tendons very near the surface of the skin. it is very easy to feel these. Putting pressure on these with the fingers of the other hand and then releasing the pressure will help to prevent motion sickness and to alleviate the symptoms if it has already started. Repeat this for as long as required.I hope this works for you

I had the same problem when I was a child.As per the doctors advise my mother used to give me food three hours before the journey but that also did not work.Finally he suggestedd me to have light sedative half an hour before the journey which worked.Hope this will work on you as well.

I had this feeling when travelling uphill, or sitting in the front seat by the side of driver.the petrol smell is creating this sensation; sit on the back seat, keep the windows down so that you get outside wind on your face; don't think about vomiting, just concentrate on some thing else.please have some lemon peppermint,and once a while you can put that into your mouth..

hecla 1
take something like Dramamine for motion sickness

A simple over the counter motion sickness pill

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