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I found this gross strange parasite thingy in a Mcdonalds cheese burger. D:?
I have recently bought a cheese burger from McDonalds and when I took a few bites, I found this strange string looking thing. Im not so sure what it is. Im thinking that it is a sort of parasite like a pinworm or something. Does McDonalds have parasites? Do you think I will get a parasite from those few bites?

It is half of an inch in actual size.
It took a little force to pull the unknown object in half.




best advice sue them.

take a pic of it, and send it to the company, or you could sew them...

Ferret Lover
ewww >P

sue em

OH MY GOD! I just got a double cheese burger from McDonald's today. : ( That makes me want to go throw up. lol

SUE THEM! Take every penny you can get!

Lucky Charm
Write to Micky D.

idk. was it moveing???

Oh, that is soooo gross! Maybe you could put it under a microscope or ask a biology teacher or something. Definitely report it to that particular McDonald's immediately. It may have just been a bad batch of meat and they will need to pull the rest of that lot. If you have your receipt still then they will be able to determine where that patty came from and inspect the rest. Sorry you had to experience that. It looks like the "worm" is dead so I dont think you can catch any parasites. Much better that you found it than swallowed it though :)

looks like a piece of plastic adhesive. or rubbery adhesive. Most likely from packaging materials.

McDonald patties are cooked thoroughly and flash frozen before being shipped out + reheated. Parasites wouldn't survive the "trip"

Kelly T
ur sure that was a living thing.. it could have just been some plastic or ubber stuff that got mixed into the meat while processing it... doesnt look like anything

eeewwww, thats pretty bad, even for Mcdonalds. that doesnt look like a parasite, more like just some stringy thing that somehow ended up in the meat. ull be fine, but if u do feel weird and start losing weight, go to a doctor.

and btw, this is nothing to lose ANY sleep over.



Disgusting. I would take it to your County Department of Public Health to be looked at. If it's a worm, you could have swallowed one without knowing it or someone else could have been infected and not know it yet. If it's some other foreign object, best to find out what it is, it's still a health issue.

If it's some harmless thing, you'll at least be relieved.

parasites are usually alive and moving. i think that's just something from the meat.

Toronto Classic
don't take the advice that people said to sue mcdonalds, chances are 100% you will lose and lose money rather than gain, trust me, unless you wanna go through all that trouble for nothing.

uh sue & give me half (=

well i worked at mcdonalds for 5 years (as a manager ) and never in my life have i seen anything like that. thats horrible! call the store or go to that store that you got it at and say something. you should definably see a doctor. better to be safe ya know. im so sorry that has happened, so gross. good luck on getting that checked.

probably just fat or part of something you bit in half..
I dunno, like a gerkin or something, what kind of burger did you get, maybe its just something in the sauce.

I am the Pragmatist
It looks like a round worm. I'd strongly suggest that you not buy from McDonald's again. People are constantly reporting that they find strange objects in their food.

you should go and complain to the McDonald's you got your burger from!

that is nasty, i always heard jokes of their burgers having worm protein in them, but that just brought the joke to a new level--i dont think i will eat a burger from there again...i dont think you will get sick but if you are worried call a doctor and ask them what they think before you make an appointmnet

It looks like a shred of dried lettuce. or seawead, or... something!?

Ralphy J.
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! You need to go back to the McDonalds and complain about that, or find your local Center of Disease Control/'Health office...WOW!

that's pretty damn gross, I wish you had kept the burger and returned it to them, still you have a case if you want to sue, (which u probably don't, as you don't seem like that kind of person)

and ACTUALLY it looks like a tapeworm...how do I know? I JUST got back from Bio Lab and we were observing tapeworms, I'm not sure if you injested enough for it to infect you, but was it still alive, writhing or anything?

either way, PLEASE go to your doctor or try to go back to the McDonalds with the pictures and complain, whether you're a nice person or not.

If you're scared, get your parents to do it.

and after reading the site in my source, it says each segment can produce eggs and that there are no symtoms, so please see a doctor so they can run tests, DON'T BE QUIET ABOUT THIS!

even if it's not a tapeworm, you could get very sick, so seek medical (and legal help)

Good luck and God Bless!
Lemme know how everything turns out!

baby girl in love
it was probably just a hair or something but you never know. i try to stay away from mcdonalds if possible.

I wish I hadn't seen this question. Im going to be sick.

looks like you are gonna make some money off the mickey D's pimp!

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