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I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
......my husband just pulled it out and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and antibiotic cream.

My question is should I take the tick to the doctor and have it send to the laboratory to be tested?

It doesn't look as if it's a deer tick, but it did not look like those big round ones either. The body is flat, black and has 8 very long legs.
Additional Details
If anyone wants to meet him...........the tick. His picture is on Facebook now.

your deadmeat.

wow maybe you should go get it checked if you want to live

Hello Darling
I think you will live

i think it looked different cause it wasn't engorged with blood. when they are engorged thay are really fat and there legs go all the way in ur skin. u should go to a doctor cause ticks believe are not are poisonous if the insides get on you!!!!
hope this helps :)

tay k
one morning i found a stick stuck IN my neck, its little legs were sticking out it was disgusting. my mom just called the doctor and described it and they said it sounded fine just keep an eye out on it. so i think itll be fine, just if u have any animals, check them every once in a while and make sure u know where their going so they dont bring worse bugs in.

I would get it sent in you never know with thoughs things also get your head checked because your suppose to smoother the tick first with Vaseline and then pull it, so get that checked the head may still be in there

you should definitely get it checked ... there is a possibility you could develop lyme's disease

you should get it checked by a doctor

absouloutly. just to be suure. -bakuganexpert555

live for the moment
The big round ones are just filled with blood that's not saying they are not deer *****. For future reference to remove a tick just apply direct heat to its body or cover it with petroleum jelly, this will cause it to release itself.

a fresh target
yes, it's fine, if you washed the bite area you will be fine...
kill the tick by flushing or flame. it's fine
if however you feel sick or down in the next little while, just go to the doctor and have a checkup :)

Marj † pray4revival †
It sounds like the tic that was in my son's underarm area and my husband got it out because it made me nervous when the thing moved and didn't come. But he knew how to get it with the tweezers and alcohol.

Be thankful you have a loving husband who was there to help you!

natalie m
id send it just incase. better to be safe than sorry. though it is probably nothing.

Forget the tick. Get yourself to the Doctors for a healthy shot of antibiotic. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Right?

♪♫Nancy ® ♫♪ ™
Please do,
I have lyme disease, I never found the tick that bit me only the bite misdiagnosed and years later I wish the Drs had been more on the ball.
We have to safeguard ourselves,
Educate oneself on the reality of Lyme disease,
It does ruin a lot of lives.

if it was dug in your head already you shouldnt have taken it out. when its stuck you put something on it like peanut butter or someting sticky, because it will sufficate and pull itself out of your head. but if you sqeezed it out, it proply shot the venom stuff in you

If you going to get yourself checked out u should save the Tick to take to the Dr. Better safe then sorry.

☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηǥs ☼
Keep the Faith! :D

u will be fine, it's just a tick. but if u r worried u can go to the doctor.

worker4IAM <'><
Hate the little buggers !

Ask my wife, I'll get her !

it is not a good idea to simply pull it, it should be removed with a match--light it and blow it out and quickly place on the tick---it will release completely; a credit card (the only good reason for one) is used to scrape the tick off with one scrape--it must stick to the skin so the entire tick is removed; when it is pulled the "thingy" stays put on the skin so check well,
Take it in, careful, with you feel warm---flu like get medical attention; is your area known for deer ticks---lyme disease. Just go and get checked. Peace to you my sister.

I hope it all came out. My husband is good at that because we visit a place that is tick infested once a year and sometimes don't think to put on repellent and he has experience in the outdoors. If you have the insect, first look online to see if you can find one that looks like it. If not, see if the health department or county extension agent can help you, or your doctor. Maybe an exterminator will be able to identify it if you go to their place of business. The chances are you will be fine unless you are in a location where lyme disease has been diagnosed.

We've never used an antibiotic cream, just the alcohol and I've never had the first problem; can't even feel where the tick was. If it starts to bother you, check with your pharmacist or call the doctor. Otherwise, you will be fine.

The Smiley face is really me :)
Just to be sure, go and check.

Wilson K
Go to the doctor, and take the tick with you.

I really don't think it is needed for you to go through all of that trouble for one little nasty looking tick. I know it must have been really gross to you to have found this nasty little thing on your person, but it doesn't sound like the ones that carry the diseases we worry about. Chances are that you have already taken all of the needed precautions by using the alcohol and ointment. Throughout the years, and I am almost 50 now, I have been bitten by many of those nasty creatures and never even put alcohol on the bite. Having said that, I will also say that I have not had one single problem ever short of my worrying over the bite like you are now doing. Just watch yourself over the next few weeks for a rash and a high fever, then if you have that, go immediately to your doctor and maybe take that tick with you. Otherwise you can most likely lose the little predator immediately. By the way, I find it most interesting that you put this little guy on Facebook for all to see who might care to go and have a look. Brilliant idea doing that!

sounds like a seed tick. Don't worry about it, people get bit by ticks all the time and nothing happens. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Be sure you get the head.

Eek, you're not really supposed to "pull" it out.
But yeah, get it checked...

Calamity Jane
Not to sound rude, but this is kinda funny. If I went to the doctor every time me or one of my kids or husband had a tick stuck to us we would just have to move into the office for the summer.
I think he will be fine.

If it is bigger than a pin head/pencil lead then it is not a deer tick so there is no need for any testing. And, most physician's do not test ticks - they only test people once they have some symptoms. You can go to WebMd.com and type in lyme's disease and read up on symptoms.

black bunny
Worker is big baby when it comes to vampires.

A great way to get them off your body is to "twirl" them. Using one of your fingers...or your "assistants" simply "twirl" the tick for approximately the count of 20 or even less. The tick will back itself out...even if attached.

**You have be non creeped out by touching it. You place your finger on the body and rub your finger in a clockwise direction...never releasing the tick. It's okay if your finger slips off...just continue to twirl the tick immediately again. I guarantee the tick will come out.

this method is used for show dogs. By the tick backing out...white hairs will not come in as 'scar hairs'...very detrimental for show dogs. I've used this method myself many times and IT WORKS.

To answer the question...I would only go if I thought it was necessary. If Lyme disease was a reported problem in my area. Or if I had any symptoms that weren't part of normal life...like fever or aching joints. That is going to have to be your choice.

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