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what do you mean drugs?
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I been getting cravings to smoke a cig.... but i don't want to get addicted, what should i do?
okay, first off, let me tell you my situation, i smoke weed maybe once a week, if not once, then twice, but thats it. and while i was at work, i took a hit off my friends cig, and it dident bother me at all, in fact it tasted like air. But now it seems like all i want to do now is smoke a cigg, and im so tempted to go buy a pack, but i dont want to at the same time. and i dont want to stop smoking weed. ( if thats whats giving me the craving to smoke) and at the same timne... i want to smoke cigs, and if i do, it would be just once a week, but like i said before i dont want to get addicted and i dont know what to do? its so complicated, anyone have any sugestions on smoking cigs? if you smoke now how long did it take you to get addicted? or how many cigs would it take?

Becky W
get some gum or hard candy. if you start smoking it is a very expensive and dangerous habit to start doing. you will not get A additive if you do not smoke the first one. trust me i am a smoker of 20 years and i wish i had never started. now i am quiting and it is the hardest thing to do. just do not think about it.

if you start smoking a cig its not going to be one a week. if you start smoking then your stupid because thats what im doing right now and paying for it. I will probably end up next to my grandma who died of lung cancer. Be smart dont be an idiot

It varies from individual to individual. When I was 15 and stupid, I smoked tobacco for a while, but it always made me dizzy when I inhaled, so I stopped. I was very lucky, in that I had no potential to get hooked; probably genetic. Other people get hooked after only a few cigarettes. You've been able to withstand your craving for a little while; congratulations. Keep it up and the craving will go away, eventually. Give in and you might die a horribly painful death from lung cancer.

BTW, weed does *not* have nicotine in it. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Please, please don't start smoking!!! I've read that you CAN get addicted after one smoke, it's put the nicotine into your system and your body is craving some. Drink lots of water, and don't accompany your friend outside for a cig!!

I've smoked cloves and black and milds (and yes inhaled) before here and there.....never really felt a craving just liked the taste. So it may be different for everyone on how long it takes to get addicted.
You know weed is a hell of alot harsher on your lungs than cigs right? Plus more expensive and not to mention illigal. One hit of weed is probably like 1/2 pack of cigs. Ever think that maybe you are addicted to that? I only asked because you said "and i dont want to stop smoking weed." So don't add one more thing to kill your lungs. Plus cigs smell disgusting......cloves are yummier.

well some people can handle nicotine better than others. Any type of smoking is bad for you. But you may crave a cigarette just purely on the action of lifting the cigarette to your mouth and breathing in the soothing sensation that calms you down. :) i smoke so thats how i know that. But either way it is not the number of cigarettes it is the time you do it for. and even once a week may be too much considering your lungs are getting a dose of marijuana already. So my suggestion is to not smoke. but i can't stop you so if you do i would think after maybe 1 pack of smokes you would become addicted. Then it gets worse its 2 a day.. then soon 4 a day.. then some people hit 1 pack a day. so it is not worth starting.

dont start it will be a big mistake

Coming from someone who smoked for 20 years and just quit 9 weeks ago, don't start smoking cigarettes. You have already sort of proven you're getting the cravings, which means addiction isn't too far behind. Smoking stains your teeth, hurts your lungs, is expensive, and just makes you less attractive. Do yourself a huge favor and don't start.

I was a smoker for 6 years and just recently quit in January 07. Being that I was once a smoker, I will never tempt myself in smoking a cigg. Why tease your mind of something your body does not want.

I do smoke weed, but in limitation. Weed does not make you want to smoke ciggs. It is inhaled a different way, tastes different, and affects your brain differently. I do not encourage smoking weed however, it is better because it is natural (i empasize "natural" because weed these days are tainted".

Health wise, ciggs sufficate your lungs and there are serious illness that come along with it. I had broncitis twice (which is the reason I fully decided to quit).

As with any drug, your body can become addicted to something almost immediately, signaling cravings. I would advise you to pick one or the other (if not BOTH).

Ciggs are not attractive, stinks up your hair and clothes, bad breath, and socially out.

I know its such a bad habbit...I wasen't to bad on normal cigs but once i started to smoke menthol now im terrible... No weed wont give you the cravings, I quit smoking cigs everytime i had a bad craving i would drink a glass or orange juice it worked! i was really suprised but it helped out a lot, otherwise go to the doctor and they will give you these pills that work great as well, My boyfreinds aunt smoked like 3 packs a day and she went to the doctor and got some pills and now shes down to 3 cigs a day!
I hope everything works out for you :)

The problem is that weed also has nicotine in it, so it probably wouldn't take much for you to get addicted to cigarettes. Please don't! As a former non-smoker who is now hopelessly addicted, I can tell you it's not worth it!

Jersey Style
Okay I'm 29 and have been smoking for something like 12 years. Just don't do it. Your hair is going to smell, you'll need gum like all the time, your clothes will stink and some people get premature wrinkles, not to mention lung cancer and heart attack, especially if your on the pill. Just don't do it, it's really unattractive and will be illegal to do pretty much everywhere in every state soon. Go running or do something healthy for yourself instead. I know it makes the social ascpect of things easier but it's soooo not worth it.

I had my first cigarette 10 years ago. I puked after it, but a few days later I wanted another one. I started smoking only on the weekends (I called myself a social smoker.) Soon, it turned into a few a day. Now, I smoke about a pack a day.

Sweetie...don't even do it. Smoking that first one is by far the WORST mistake I ever made in my life. You don't have to quit smoking the other stuff, but you are just going to have to have self control on the cigarettes. Don't even bum them from anyone else.

Addiction to cigarettes goes beyond the physical addiction to nicotene. People also become habitiual smokers (i.e. can't drive unless smoking.) They also get hooked emotionally (smoke whenever something stressful happens.)

*As a side note, I got clean from a drug addiction a few years back. The one drug that still has a very strong hold on me is the nicotene. It is powerful stuff.

[email protected]
I have been smoking cigarettes for 45 years. I could not pick the point at which I became hooked. By the time I first thought about quiting I had been smoking about 10 years. I wasn't really motivated enough at that time so I was never really successful. I am trying to quit again. I think I may make it this time. My advise, don't start! Then you never have to worry about getting addicted.

If the health issues are not enough, think about this. 6 cigarettes a day (about 1 every 2 hours) is 2 packs a week. That is 100 packs a year. That is for most brands $ 500 a year. What else could you be doing with $ 500. And that is an extremely light smoker. Good luck.

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