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please don't say i am a horrible person.
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Left Footed
I am mot an alcoholic, but was told I need to go to AA for pill addiction, why?
It felt really weird to say, "hi, I'm ---, I'm an alcoholic, when I really wasn't. I mean, once or twice yes, I've had a hangover, but that was called college!

Alcoholics never want to admit that they are!

AA has programs that are for things other than alcohol. So you would not say Hi, I'm -- I'm an alcoholic. You would state whatever problem it is you have.

you need narconon but if there isn't a chapter near you then AA is a similar 12 step program. maybe that's why.

Addiction rather it be alcohol or drugs is basically the same . The 12 step program of AA is effective for either .There is also NA (narcotics anonomys ) which is combined with some AA groups.

Do u have a pill addiction? What r u taking & how often? If u need help and u want help, try NA...Narcotics Annonomous. It will only work if you truely want to stop you addiciton. There is NA meetings everywhere. Look them up in th eyellow page or online.

Usually NA and AA are together, or at least they are in our area. A lot of the people anymore are there for Narcotics anonymous. They have them say "hi, i'm ___ and I'm an addict."

I would suggest Narcotics Anonymous instead of A.A. Maybe whomever made the suggestion wasn't aware of N.A. Which is based on the same 12 steps as A.A. only the focus is all mind/mood altering substances, including alcohol. If your addiction to pills is controlling your life and it has become unmanageable you can go on line to find a meeting in your area. www.na.org. The web site can also hook you up to on line meetings and chat groups for your specific addiction. If you don't think your having problems at least check it out. You can meet people who understand and will give you all the unconditional support you need. You'll be amazed how openminded and understanding people in recovery can be. I am in recovery myself. Let me know if this helped? GOOD LUCK.

You probably got sent there because of how you did on your substance abuse evaluation. If you answered a drinking question incorrectly (in their eyes) then they'll send you. Sounds like you should be in a narcotics program instead.

However, these anon groups deal with the same type of problem. they basically say that you are powerless over (insert drug here) and admit that you need help. It's all about support and getting through your problems together.

you have a dependancy on meds. same thing for alcholics. being around others will make you put things into focus. and have support. i was addicted to pills at once. it is not good for your body or mental status

Addiction to substances require very similar if not the same rehab. The tricks and information they give you through AA will help you. Nobody said you had to lie about it, why not speak up about being addicted to something else. Afterall, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

works the same as NA

galaxor, destroyer
Well then don't say that you're an alcoholic, say that you have a pill problem. They'll understand.

because its all addiction, i suggest you continue to attend the meetings..but maybe you can ask if there are any other meets dealing with drugs

if youve got a pill addiction then you need to go to NA(narcotics anonymous) good luck

Andrew D
no you wanna go to na narcotics anonymous

Instead say Hi I'm ----, I'm addicted to pills.

Instead of attending Narcotics Anonymous, I recommend that you get yourself into detox. When that's finished, find yourself a new set of friends, and also learn lots of behavioral modification.

If you are not an alcoholic, you don't need to be attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The "anonymous" is a joke in all organizations.

When you've tried everything else, and failed, try Jesus. He'll get the job done.

AA members will often tell someone with a drug problem to attend AA because they believe that AA has a higher success rate than NA.

In reality, AA has a 5% success rate, the same as attempting to quit on your own; NA is probably the same. It's basically the same program.

Many people in AA don't want drug users in their meetings, that's why you were told to call yourself an alcoholic. They bill themselves as an "honest program" then instruct you to lie in order to fit in. Am I the only one who finds fault in this logic?

brian the great
short answer, its suppose to be a program takin no view of a religion or politics, but its a cult, GOD AA then ur family and friends?? now all u need is a cute little robe and maybe an alter and we can start sunday mass! lord knows they already take donations at open meetings lolthe guy above is right , the success rate is the same with or with out AA. try ur family and friends for support b4 some program .. and maybe a little free will.(you know what god gave u)

Helen W.
What sort of "expert" told you that???

You do NOT need to go to AA for a pill addiction. You do NOT need to go to AA even if you have a problem with alcohol.

What you need to do is stop taking the pills. Easier said than done, I know; I'm not making light of it. I'm a former alcoholic myself and I realize how hard it is to put down an addiction.

It's just that AA, and its progeny including NA, are groups full of sick people, cultish behavior, and a dogmatic theology that makes no sense. Study after study has shown it doesn't work any better than nothing at all. My own personal experience in the group proved to me that it is no place to get healthy or learn good coping skills.

So I say ignore the advice you were given and just....quit. Find something else to do with your time. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up a few times. If you find you need emotional support, use a good therapist.

AA literature is clear that early on they realised that although tempting they could not be all things to all people and aa needed to stick to dealing primarily with alcoholism. When Narcotics anonymous started they had no long term clean members and wanted to sit in on aa meetings so they recognised that alcohol was a drug and as they felt they had to be abstinent from all drugs, felt they could legitimately say they could meet aa's only membership rule of 'a desire to stop drinking'. Many NA members are adamant that all drug addicts and alcoholics are one and the same and refuse to acknowledge the separateness of NA and AA and they go to both (much to the annoyance of many AA's).

You may also want to take a look at alternatives, smartrecovery.org and other info at unhooked.com. All the best.

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