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 I haven't had a bowel movement in two weeks and 4 days, is this normal?
Seriously I am 18 and I just can't ...

 I've been bulimic for about a year..?
And I absolutely hate it. I hate how it makes me feel, how little control I have...I just want it to go away. I'm sixteen, and I have one of those mothers who would die if she knew her daughter ...

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 If Some one hits me very hard on my head. can it create a clot in the brain/head?

 my friend megan. . . has an eating disorder . how can i help her ?
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 Alcohol abusers should get liver transplants?
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 Since crabs need a warm place to live, if I pack my lower extremities with ice will that kill them? I don't..
have any money to buy Rid-X, etc....

 I've been crying and now my eyes are all red and swollen-how can I take the swelling down?
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 hiccups? any cures?
do u have any good cures for the hiccups tha acctually WORK...

 Why do some people still think that only gays get HIV/AIDS...?
when it's obvious that this is a world wide problem with no visable end in sight?
Additional Details
To those on here who are giving answers along the lines of "cos it's ...

 Why doesn't drinking water stop my dehydration?
I seem to be suffering symptoms of dehydration: headaches, low blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension (i almost faint when i stand up), but whenever I drink anything, it just seems to go straight ...

 is it normal 4 a 12 yr. old to feel depress ever if no one died?
im 12 and i gonna be 13 but i feel really lonely i want to die ...

 I've had a small hard painless lump in my head for 3 years. The size has not changed. should i be concerned?

 What's another word for bowel movement?

 what does it mean when i'm bleeding out of my rectum?

 where do you get 'willpower' from?
i'm finding it difficult to give up smoking, (after 30years) but DR says i got to, most days i'm ok, just relaspe every now and ...

 Should I donate my kidney before or after a pregnancy?
My sister is suffering from kdney faliure and is currently on dialysis. Her blood pressure continues to go through the roof and the bottom line is that she needs a kidney. She is on a list but I am ...

 is being bulimic easier than starving urself?
no jokes.
Additional Details
ppl: i am doin a research essay on bulimia..didn't u see any of my other questions on bulimia..damn! i am not stupid to go down that path....

 For last couple days being feeling dizzy (feel like i'm falling) and have to hold on to things when I walk.
Any ideas? Been feeling a bit tired too. Also, When i'm sitting at my desk I suddenly jump and get short of breath. Only last a few seconds at the most....

I am a millionairess trapped in the body of a poor person: Is there a name and/or cure for this condition?
Deep down I've always known I was meant to be wealthy - and that it was a freakishly cruel twist of nature that decreed I be born into the body of someone without lots of money.
That being the case I feel entitled to some kind of fiscal reassignment operation on the National Health Service, whereby the funds I feel so very incomplete without are grafted into my bank account.
I understand that before this could happen I would need to live for a period of time as a rich person - without actually BEING rich in my own right - to prove that this is really what I want. Thus I am willing to be kept in the manner of a very spoilt woman - or "WAG", if you prefer - until such time as I am ready to forego cash injections from an outside donor and set out boldly on my own as an independently affluent individual.
As you can see, my aims are set out crystal clear in my mind. All I need now is the correct technical term for my condition plus some idea of the procedure best suited to my needs. Then, thus armed with the fruits of my painstaking research, I can approach the authorities and plead my case with all heartfelt conviction.
Compassionate answers only, if you please.
Additional Details
Sufferin' Sob Stories, Batman! -
I'm fair welling up with emotion here at the high levels of human kindness you've all exhibited in answering my plea for advice and understanding.
Selecting bezzy is going to be a tough decision, I can tell you. In fact I'm going to have to hold off on it until I've consumed more booze and ciggies - and possibly even played a few more hands of online poker - to steady my nerves for the task.
Watch this space, Care Bears!

You feel guilty because you know you can succeed in life. You are being lazy. You are not giving your life 100%.

Get over your self woman. Like the hospital is going to pay money for you. People are dying and your asking for money and your not even ill. Three words love, sad *** *****.

Ok I have NEVER been rude on YA, but... Are you ****ing kidding me!?!? Everyone wants to be rich... You can't get money from the National Health Service for that, it isn't a medical condition. Go to college... get a job... support yourself. Life doesn't work like that.

You want to be wealthy? Go to school, work hard and get a real degree, then find a job and work hard like the rest of society. Nobody is entitled to be handed money because they were "meant to be wealthy"....Go earn it

deluded,...and the only solution for you my friend is cheap cider,and a bit of shouting at cats from your box on the high street.

♥Beans 4Brains™ Vodka Martini II
LOL ...... yes, but i don't know the name of it .....

<-------------- poor person meant to super rich, and will be soon. bet.

LOL okay okay ..... all teasing aside, i feel bad that you feel this way. To each person is given a different path to take. No one likes to be poor (no fun, i can tell you) BUT money is not everything. It sure is helpful and makes the world go round, but there's more to life than just money. When there is greed in your heart, your priorities will be out of whack. You need to realize that to live your life in love for money is only a destructive way to live, even if you do eventually get what you want, the pain that you will cause yourself in the end will not be worth it.

You need to learn to be thankful for that which you DO have, and not worry about that which you do not. Count the good things and not the bad, because even on our darkest day ... we can still find something to be thankful for IF we try hard enough.

I think you need to not worry about what others have, and if they have more than you ... you need to BE YOU and be thankful for what you've got; and work hard so that your needs are met.

The only cure for greed is humility. Sorry.

Good Luck.
xoxo ♥

it is called "eccentric", if you were a poor person trapped in a poor persons body you would be "crazy".-blurey

BBall_Samurai (Fear the Turtle)
Is this some sort of reincarnation question? Anyway...

If feel so strongly about your inner self, then I'm sure you must have the know-how to get back to being wealthy. Work hard and be smart. Play your cards right, and I'm sure you will be the millionare you once were.... <_<

Yes, it is called "champagne taste on a beer budget". The only cure is hard work and long hours, as well as self-denial, until you make enough money to retire in luxury!

Good luck!


blues breaker

Nosey Farker
I'm with you on this one, the NHS should do a lot more for us, I mean they help a woman born into a man's body to become a woman.
Why can't they help us become rich
My credit cards have all reached the limits but I can't help who I really am.
It just isn't fair

Fred D
Never mind, ay!

BTW: Where the f*ck d'you suppose all the nut jobs like Swoobs and Laurenn come from?
Is Care In The Community to blame?

Research Girl!
Leftfoot, they're just going to tell you what a co-worker of mine told me when I said I was poor- Get some old guy to pay for your stuff.

condition: Human...

remedy: well wouldn't you know lefty, you're in luck, i just happen to be a multimillionaire... that's not all though, i coincidentally was just diagnosed with a terminal illness that i cannot pronounce and have been given a year or two to live... here's a proposition... go out and live the life of a millionairess... mentally prepare yourself for a life of luxury... here's the catch though... in order to receive my wealth after my passing, you must complete the ultimate task... you must manage to get a racy tabloid photo taken of yourself, Amy Winehouse and Carrot Top on the red carpet trying to cover up a wardrobe malfunction... it doesn't matter who the wardrobe malfunction happens to (preferably yourself or Carrot Top)...

Penfold wery scarewy bear
I salute your fearless quest to further the sum of knowledge by investigating being stinky rich. One might want to have the surgery performed at a private hospital or perhaps at a vet or a butchers or by syphilitic crack riddled epileptic lepers but I suppose as a last resort you could get the NHS to do it.

BOB "the Biscuit" MacBob
My Dear Leftfoot,

You are going about this all the wrong way! You need to feel the fear and earn it anyway. You need to release the inner Banker inside! Let the infinite bounty of the universe come to you for a change.

All you need to do is join my club. With a unique combination of Karmic yoga, shoving cash up your bum and tantric Banking you too will feel a warm glow inside as you pleasure your fiscal Shakra.

What price would you pay to pleasure your inner Banker? Inner peace and beauty, and some designer shoes CAN be yours. All you need to do is set up a monthly standing order of £25 payable to B.O.B. Enterprise (charitable foundation). Remember there is infinite wealth out there for EVERYONE.

Browneyez08 loves the sauce
Yes its called switched at birth syndrome. My "twin" is off somewhere in Morocco, dancing with my entourage of men, buying frivolous diamonds and sports cars not to mention owning casinos and hotels. Living a privileged high life, whilst I sit here and listen to my children scream there heads off and work 24-7, not only for some piece of mind (away from the kids) but to come home with a negative balance in my bank book. This reminds me of the prince and the pauper story that I heard as a kid. Perhaps one of these days I can switch with my twin, but until then I shall lock my self in the bathroom and sip on my wine and soak in the tub. I get the best ideas there........

Maggie Babe
Wanna be Syndrome....I've had this myself for quite some time....its terrrible way to live isnt it?...I feel I belong in a mansion with a pool boy...in furry high heel slippers.....a long cigarette holder and a masseuse on call at all times.

I thought it was a recurring dream I was having. I really feel destined to have the lifestyle...but instead I sit in this cubicle called work,...only to go home to an overcrowded little house, stuffed with things and people who get in my way.

OH....where can my Cabana Boy be?

Yeah, the name - bloody unlucky pmsl!

Cure, Ima not sure, marry me ima rich pmsl x

You are way too kind sweet Left Foot you have to be a ruthless sort to make a few bob but I hope I inspired you to be more selfish in the future.

Anything is possible think positive and go with the show it could all of a sudden happen for you, I really hope so and you will get better luck from now on, the power of your mind is priceless.

Courtney M. P.
Leftfoot, I feel your pain, we are connected completely in this situation and perspective... all my life I have not understood how someone such as myself could be given the hurdle referred to as money... I have sought the position of independently wealthy in colleges, wanted posts, job descriptions, etc. around the world and have yet to find a position such as this... would you please write down my name next to yours... perhaps we should make a video together for our appeal... well and if all else fails we shall keep the recorder going and invite Hattie over, we could make millions on the internet some would say.

Lord Percy Fawcette-Smythe.
When I was a very young man I set myself the task of becoming a very poor man, and by God I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. My poverty levels are such that I have to withhold monitory payments to my staff as well as pensions, sickness benefits etc, so that I can afford this years Bentley. And may I say, dammit, that I am reduced to drinking a rather indifferent '32 Chateau Margeaux. Such is life. As a parting statement, which, I feel sure that you will not believe, but I have had to curtail this years annual holiday on Mustique to 6 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks. Life is so damned unfair.

★★★★ Scoundy Agent 007? ★★★★
I think that you have already inferred that you have been to college, got a job and supported yourself (as per sWOObury reply) and it not so much"'want" to be rich as "should" have been rich. No matter, I shall try to answer your question with the just compassion it deserves.

Sadly,my dear Lefty, this "being born in the wrong body" does happen from time to time - the condition (as I understand it) is known as "ishudav additall-itis" however, it is unlikely that you will get help from the National Health Service on this matter as they are currently in turmoil (as is the rest of the UK)

May I suggest a short cut; just find yourself a filthy rich gentleman who is rather past his sell by date and marry him. With a really good shagging you will probably induce a heart attack and thus inherit his fortune. (I think my Uncle Scoundrel is getting a bit past it).

Hope this helps

Citizen DeCat
You were born to be a Member of Parliament. Expenses don't grow on trees, you know.

Absolute Rotter
This is indeed a tragic case old girl. Of course you may stay up at the manor to acclimatize yourself to the good life, where I shall personally take you under my wing and introduce you to the finer things in life (By jove yes) until this outrage is rectified. I believe the technical term for this situation is "a parasite" old girl, as to the procedure a good lawyer, or legal aid will have no problem surgically removing some cash from the powers that be so you can rightfully live the life your were so cruelly denied at birth. Tip top.

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