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 Why were my hands shaking?
I was at work on Saturday night and I in my job I have to run about quite fast. My hands start to shake for no reason at all, its like i'm nervous about something, but I wasn't nervous ...

 What does it feel like when your kidney's hurt? I think I'm having Kidney pain?
I think I'm having some kidney pains and I'm getting nervous....can you give me a list of symptoms and where it hurts when you have pain?...

 i can't stop throwing up and my migrane won't go away?
i've had an upset stomach and migrane for 3 days now. the 2nd day i recieved medicine and slept, waking up fine, but as soon as i started moving around i started feeling sick again. i have not ...

 My wrist hurts so bad!! What's this disease called?
It's different from arthritis. It's called something cartiladge syndrome. My mom says it's from "too much computer"....

 what's an "enema"?
people told me to get one for my constipation, but what is it?...

 symptoms: restless legs,irritable bowel,sleeplessness,memory loss, weight gain, pain, pain. What is wrong?

Additional Details
I have seen a doc for the last 2yrs with no answers....

 I don't know if I am bulimic...?
My mom is worried that I might be on my way to bulimia. I keep assuring her that I'm not, but I'm not entirely sure myself. A few times a week I throw up after a meal, because I feel ...

 how do you sell your kidney?
I want to give back, like help someone out. I feel selling or donating my kidney is a great idea.. I just don't know how to do it......

 Yellow around the eyes, is this serious?
I'm 19 years old, and I dont drink very often (I can count all the times in my life that i have drank upon two hands, with fingers to spare). However, this past weekend I drank twice. Today I ...

 I don't want to have anorexia, Help me !!!?
I really don't want to have anorexia but I am very thin..around 6'1 and 116 lb. I'm 15 years old and I hope that in the future I will be healthier....

 is this a considered a disease?
ill be texting something or typing a comment to someone
on myspace, and when i go to read it i'll completely
have forgotten to put one of the main words into the sentence.

 How many wipes does it take after a bowel movement before you know you're really clean?

 I've heard that if the human liver has trauma to it, that in some cases it can regenerate the lost tissue?
ie: I seem to remember a story where an infant needed a new liver - however, one could not be found that was a match (by blood type/size.) One of the parents then donated a portion of their liver to &...

 can anyone have a amputation?

 I think I have Insomnia...?
I'm 14... I don't think that really matters though.
I can't sleep during the night, for some reason it's way more comfortable to sleep during the day when it's bright ...

 i can feel and hear my heartbeat in my ears? whats wrong?
i can actually feel my heartbeat in my ear so much that my ears are aching! PLEASE HELP!???? WHAT IS CAUSING THIS???...

 Hi, My little boy gets red ears and they feel hot, What causes this and how can I treat it?
Is this high blood presure or asthma causeing this? Please respond if your a nurse or in the medical proff!!!Really woried mom!!!...

 How do I get rid of this smell on my hand?
Today in biology I had to take a sheep's heart and stick my finger inside of it and now my finger smells BAD. How do I clean out the smell?...

 Quickest way to get rid of a bad cold? Heeelp!?
I am in bed with a very bad cold which came on late Friday night. I have been taking vitamin C, I had several hot toddy's last nigh and I am taking sudafed tablets to try to ease the congestion (...

 Could this be Multiple Sclerosis?
I am literally falling over, when standing I rock, I also am dealing with eye pain only right side, alot of eye burning, also I am have vitamin D deficiency.I can not move from one spot to the next ...

I am a Chain smoker & wish to quit smoking ! Advice please !?
I am now addicted to smoking since DEC 1989 & smokes 24-25 Ciggrettes every day ! Wish to come out of it as it is affacting my BP ( 145/100) & I am suffering with high acidity

Use the Nicoderm Patch.

Nicotine patches, gums...are one side of solving this. The other side, as many answerers have noted, is purely psychological addiction. I got my father off smoking with lollipops to relieve the biting tension and that worked within two weeks for him, although he had only been smoking for a couple of years.

Another way to motivate yourself is to do aerobic exercise (jogging/running, swimming, quick cycling...something fairly rigorous, just make sure to stop of your feel any sharp pain in your chest b/c that's a sign of an early phase of heart attack).
Why? Well every time you make an improvement in smoking (less cigarettes, light cigarettes, etc.) within a week or two you'll start feeling faster, lighter, and less depressed...reaping more and more benefits on the exercise and lowering your blood pressure (especially if your avoid bread products, saturated fats, artificial sweetners and sugar not obtained from fruits or vegetables).

On the other hand, when you start, you will realize very conciously just how bad and annoying the damage smoking does to your cardiovascular system is and that alone might scare you enough to quit cold-turkey.

Good luck. :-)

Smoking chains is even worse than cigarettes! See your doctor about a prescription to help you quit.

The Nag
I quit 4 years ago with the Gum. That worked for me along with guilt trips, plus I got pregnant, so that pretty much ended it for me. You just have to make up your mind that you are going to do it. You have to find something that means more to you than the cigarettes.

try gettting purer cigerettes- the one's without all the additives....therefore when you try to stop smoking for good- the only thing you'll have to worry about is the nict. instead of everything they put in cigerettes now a days- when you get ready to finually quit- they have herbs, patches, gum whatever to help stop the cravings.

I have heard that cigarettes are more addictive than heroin so I sympathise with what you are going through.

I would seek medical help since it is very unlikely that you will quit if you don't. Since each persons metabolism is different, it may take several attempts to find the right solution. You really need to ascertain what percentage of your addiction is attributable to behavioral factors and what percentage involves nicotine. Many times people use cigarettes as an antidote to stress. While you are problem solving concerning the addiction you might try to zero in on what is causing stress if you are experiencing it. There is the old bromide that says don't sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff. Your problem is considerably more complex than just repeating a saying but pondering the truth of this statement is a good place to start.

It is commendable that you are aware that you have a problem . Your awareness and willingness to do something about is crucial to your success. It sounds like you will conquer your problem. I wish you well and wish the world was fiulled with more people like yourself i.e. people who publicly acknowledge their shortcomings and strive to correct them. God bless you.

try this.
I tried and got rid of smoking.
or mail me for more info.

If cold turkey doesnt work...

Chew a rubber band! No kidding! Pretty soon you'd hate the taste of the band and hence the cigarette.

Find a medical school or health center near you with a smoking cessation program. That's your best hope. These programs combine coping techniques, nicorette, and a low dose of the anti-depressant, Wellbutrin, which cuts down or out nicotine craving for many. Cigarettes are one of the most highly addictive products ever created -- more difficult to quit than heroin. But it's worth it. Also, once you are off them, do not chip, ie., bum one or two a day--you'll be re-addicted in no time. Good luck!

Bhanu Chandra J
Sorry, ur in a serious condition, now we can't help u

stop buying them its that simple

try to reduce one cigarette after days you will definetly get the result

Jillary von Hämsterviel™
do like its the day after thanksgiving and go COLD TURKEY

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