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I am 15, five foot 3, and 111 pounds. I have an eating disorder and I don't know how to stop losing weight!!!!?
This is a health question

Ali M
RUN EVERY DAY!!! Do some kind of sport... swiming is very very good... and dude comon try to control it... i mean its not easy... you can eat and all just stop with kfc, macdonalds, junkfood... all that other crap you kids like eating... listen to me and your body is gona b perfect... takecare

enjoy loosing weight

see a councelor, there may be an underlying issue of stress or depression that is causing you not to be able to eat.. once that issue is taken care of then your problem should go away..

on a joking side: try eating fattening foods that taste gooood lol

good luck!

work on your selfestem, try to find some good friends that make you laugh.. go out and enjoy pizza and icecream with them.. tell your parents as well that way they are aware and can monitor you..

Well, that depends on what kind of eating disorder you have. But in general, eating helps. :p
You don't sound super underweight to me, but make sure you nip this in the bud before things go too far.


You're at a healthy weight at the moment, so start off by being confident with how you look, and knowing that you don't need to lose anymore weight, because you ARE beautiful. You've started off well by admitting that you have an eating disorder, and things can only get better from here.

Your next step is to talk to someone you trust about it - probably your Mom. They won't be cross with you, because they'll want to help. From there, work together to sort out your disorder, and perhaps seek professional advice if it's that bad.

Best of luck,

lil wayne lover
im 5 foot 3 and i weigh 109 dude your fine just eat normally unless your not eating or throwing up you have a high matabalism

teh Kanden75
Oh, I know! You know those hotdog chugging contests? hehe... I think you get the rest.

try to think that food isn't your enemy! you need to food to function properly and maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for your body. it's good to keep track of your weight, but always trying to correct it isnt healthy. its like an overprotective mother who is watching her child every single second of the day. eventually the child will want to break lose from the mom and things will go haywire. as for your weight, dont pay so much attention to it! you are in great shape for someone your age, and since you are still growing, you have to eat more to allow more nutrients in your body to help you grow. you want to turn out to be a beautiful, healthy individual in the long run. obsessing over your weight wont let you. try to keep in mind all the things you like about yourself. its so easy to figure out the negatives in something, but if you keep in mind what aspects make you great, then it will show to other people and you will in turn end up taking care of yourself in a healthy way. stop obsessing and live your life!! find things you enjoy and concentrate on making yourself a better person, not only physically but mentally.

go talk to you doctor, because dont just eat fatty foods. you put on all the sat fat, instead do it slowly and eat properly and induldge more. your docter can help you

Angelica Thomas
eat lots of bananas, they make you feel fuller

get some exercise. burning calories will make you feel hungry. eat high fat foods... generally that's not a good idea, but if you really are having trouble maintaining weight it may help... see a doctor...

well it depends, on which eating disorder.
if you have like anorexia, slowly start eating more, and and eat healthy, that way you don't feel bad about eating.
and if you have bulimia you should resist puking after eating, and eat healthy so that you don't feel bad about eating.

One Day
get weight gain proteins

grow out your hair

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