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Allie K
I already really don't feel well, and my parents won't let me stay home from school? i don't know what to do!

Additional Details
my throught hurts, my stomach hurts, i am dizzy, really tired, and i feel like i am going to throw up.

throw up.. then get sent home from school.. oldest trick in the book.

pop a couple aspirin and get over it.

Go to the school nurse. And SHE will send you home. It sounds like your parents just want to ignore the problem hoping it will go away.

Mad maX
try to throw up by poking your uvula or eat ing raw eggs and just throw up all over the place and then start crying

wow i had this before, parents thing. go to school, then the school will make you go home. if you dont have a ride, then someone will have to take you home.

melissa w
I would just say to skip or something...i wouldnt go to school if i didnt feel good...or maybe tell them u want to go to the doctor that way they might be like: "ok maybe she really doesnt feel good!"...i dont know..good luck though

I æ„› Yaoi
Just go to school and tell the nurse. She should let you call your mum and then you can go home :]

Ah, easy. Haven't you seen Ferris Bueller? I mean, seriously. Some things you can do are: Throw up. If you can't then just look online for some concoctions to look like you did. To make it seem worse you could sit on the bathroom floor, call to your mum and have her come running then "throw up" and then "faint." If none of that works or if you don't want to do that just go to school, tell the nurse you threw up and you need to go home. That personally seems the easiest to me. Or you could always just...over sleep.

meena( L ). .
lol just go to school and tell the office you dont feel well:) then theyll have to belive you:) and come pick u upp.. my mom used to do that to me-_-

refuse to go to school, argue with them to see a doctor, tell them if they take you to a doctor then you will go to school in 2 days after you feel well, if they dont listen just stay in your room

Go to school and tell someone they are suppose to send you home if your sick. If the school sends you home theirs nothing your parents can do.

if you really dont feel well then she should let you stay home, but many times Ive seen kids that were sick in the morning or night before, stay home from school and then by mid morning no longer feeling bad. happens all the time, just see how you feel in the morning and if they still make you go, head to the nurses offices, she will either keep you there all day or if you have a temp or throw up she has to contact your parents and one of them will have to come get you, cant keep a sick kid at school if they have a temp or puke. hope u feel better

Why won't they let you stay home? Have you "tricked" them in the past with saying you're sick? There's some reason........

Your parents probably won't let you stay home because they assume you're lying. And they probably assume that you're lying because you've lied to them before. Probably a lot. And you've probably lied about being sick before. You violated their trust and they won't forget it. So it's your fault they won't let you stay home. You made your bed, now sleep in it. Besides, maybe you shouldn't miss school since you spelled the word 'throat' wrong.

P.S.- Maybe if you did throw up they would believe you.

My parents are the same way. Don't you hate that? Once, I threw up on the kitchen floor, and they still made me go to school.

I suggest going to the nurse during school and getting her to send you home.

It depends, what do you really feel? You can tell them that you really don't feel well. You can also go to school and head to the school clinic if your parent doesn't believe you, if there is something wrong with your health, the school clinic would know and would definitely send you home:)

can you at least try to go to bed. stop thinking about being sick. see how you feel in the morning. if youre still sick, struggle to go to school but go to the nurse and explain to her your symptoms. dont tell her that your mom wouldnt let you stay home. let her be the judge as to whether youre too sick to stay in school. if she deems youre too sick she'll make the call to your mom and explain. maybe youll go home. maybe youll spend some time in her office.

Im sorry
My daughter is quite opposite. she goes to school when she is really SICK! lol
once she threw up all the way down the hall and had diarreah too...poor lil thing..right when the bell rang and they had to delay the bell! she was SO embarrased when they called her brother to announce him to bring her books to the office for pickup. hahahahaha

you sound like my kids. I am sick until school lets out then I am up running around. They do this because by the end of the week they are too tired. They stay up until 11pm or later every night.

Go to the nurse's office.

First relax, if your home or at school just stay as relaxed as possible, if your p's wont listen maybe the school nurse can help. BTW why wont your p's listen to you? have you been crying wolf?

Just tough it out and try to go. If you get feeling really bad, go to the nurse and she will probably send you home.

See what happens in the morning.

have you pretended to be sick before...you know the boy who cried wold story?

Future Actress <3
gosh, just stay the whole school day in the nurses office if you or call your parents to come pick you up from school and if they refuse then tell them the school doesnt want you in there because you can be contagious.

Hmmm.. Let them take your temp and then they might let you stay home...

Ed P
Go to school see the nurse

�»LaDy 0F GLaM«�
if you throw up at school, the school has to automatically send you home.

The worst thing is to tell your mom you have multiple things wrong with you, just name the worst to her. Also, i used to ask my mom to "see if im warm" by her putting her hand on my forehead.

Worked for me.


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