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 Is painful urinating bad?
Ok, once in a while when i take a piss it hurts like a mother f**ker! Is this bad. Should i get it checked? It happens like a few times a month....

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 what would happen to a 13 yr old trying cocaine?
my friend is gonna try a line of cocaine sometime soon, so i wanna inform him on anything, what would happen if a 13 yr old just had 1 line of coke?
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its just trying it,...

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when you drink water backwards do you get rid of hiccups?

becuase of the water?
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 my son has upset stomach please help?
my 7 year old son, ate some sushi today with raw salmon in it... a couple of hours later he starts throwing up. he threw up 2 times and seems to feel better, but he still does not feel completely ...

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 what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
mine are childbirth and an aterial blood test oh yeah and a tooth absess......

Fast Eddie
I Have a Little Cocaine Problem?
I'm up to snorting about 12 lines a day. I dont think that it's that big of a problem but it is taking quite a toll finacially. I overdosed the other night after mixing my Cocaine with a little of my friends Heroin (which i will never do again!) Anyways, this is really taking an effect on my life and i need to stop it. Any suggestions?

that reminds me of my friend paul

Byron A
no ifs ands or buts, you need professional help. You cannot do this on your own.

No such thing as a little Cocaine problem. Talk to your doctor or call a help line. You can also go to the nearest hospital and let them know you need help.
You don't want to try and quit on your own with the amount you are taking on a regular basis.
The money you spend getting high will be better well spent getting the help than continuing to slowly kill yourself.

Caitlyn K
You need some help. You won't be able to just stop cold turkey on your own. They have medications that they can give you to help you ease off of it so you don't have the withdraws.

You know what you need to do! The question is are you strong enough to do what is needed?

Speak to someone you can trust!


All the best mate!

rehab. place yourself in before the cops catch you with it.

Stop while you are still able to make coherent sentences.
Everyone thinks they can control their drug habits until they realise too late that the drugs are controlling them.Take the money you were going to spend on drugs and do something worthwhile with it.

First of all, you need to realize this is a big problem No amount of rehab is going to help if you don't think it is a big deal.
Once you are in the right mindset,

edit: and if you are concerned about how much rehab costs, consider how much money you will spend if you continue taking drugs for the rest of your life (even taking into account how short your life will be).

ha everyone says rehab. yeah you'll wanna try that but if you dont have the money try rooming with someone that is responcible and make sure to tell them your situation. they might help

Metal Princess
admit yourself to a clinic. Now that you know you have a problem, you need help, go to a clinic, where you can cleanse yourself and get support from others just like you.

N.A. and quick...be serious about it!!


Drunken Master

Honestly, Rehab. Something like alcoholics anonymous, except, drug users anonymous.

go to outpatient rehab... or ask someone else (mom or dad someone u trust) to hold your money for u. If your dealer is ur buddy tell him not to sell to you anymore. Or look up the side effects of cocaine... that ought to make u stop.

Cocaine is SO 80's

Fast eddie,
you are on a speed way to death road!
What do you mean, I HAVE A LITTLE COCAINE PROBLEM?????
You have a HUGE COCAINE PROBLEM, you need to check your self to a REHAB clinic the best one is in Cali.if you can afford coke, you can afford this and you might run in to Britney Spear's, then you'll have no issues with money ...
Seriously though STOP lying to yourself, it's like an alcoholic saying I'm not an alcoholic, I just have a little drinking problem, I drank 10 bottles of jack the other night and I over dosed and nearly died, but I don't have an alcohol problem.
Dude WAKE UP !!!!!!
It's not too late, do you want to end up broke and an addict?, please don't destroy you body!
You are in denial, by thinking you have a little problem!
May God help you, help yourself to a REHAB CLINIC FAST Eddie!
No pun intended!

jesus slow down, you remind me of gabe. hes like you but with game boys. also, lock yourself up and tell someone to get you after a week. make sure you have food and water but not crack.


Rehab. there you go we all said hun and thats good that you atleast are trying my uncles addicted to it and he keeps going in and out of jail my grandmother died 4 years ago and he didnt even show up at his own mothers funeral and we still love him regardless but he needs to seek help and hes not strong enough to do it im glad your trying something good luck to you and i hope you try your best and turn out Fine :)

go to a center where they help you with drug addictions. they actually help alot.

therapy and rehab

Wide Awake
Yea, get some help. Go to your local hospital and tell a doctor what is going on. They will have some sort of detox program to help you through your addiction, and plenty of aftercare outpatient programs. Talk to someone, but first step get into an ER and talk to a doctor about detox.

I have a good friend that has done this several times do to an alcohol problem.


The best thing you should do is go to rehab... and live up to it if you really wanna stop u should be good with rehab

Catastrophic Curse

Rehab. Tricyclic anti-depressents, and stay away from street drugs. You know you can kick the coke habit easy. Stop doing it. You might feel the pang for a day or two but it pretty much disappears quickly.

Oh yeah. I forgot. Stay away from all of your druggie friends. They will drag you down into the sewer.

Finally, join Narcotics Anonymous. Get a sponsor to keep an eye on you for the first 90 days.

You don't want to keep snorting coke. It will ruin your life.

you are seriously lying to yourself. If it was a little problem you wouldn't have to come to a website to ask how to stop.

Oh and rehab IS the answer. Find one with a strong record.

Just Dance
rehab u cant just cold turkey...and i dont think its alittle cocaine problem

Robin L
just dont do it

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