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 What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
i know this is a silly and somewhat wrong question but my friend told me people who can't drink water via their throat have to drink water through they're anus from a bottle. i know that...

Dave Tripper!
...I..Gotta Fever!..and I'm lookin' for a cure!..What do you...think..will cure my FEVER?!?

A fever is usually the bodies way of fighting off an infection. Tylenol usually helps with keeping fevers down. Take it as prescribed on the label though.

You might need antibiotics from your doctor.

A bottle of JACK DANIELS.

Cold shower ;) Honest go stick your head under cold water shower then immediately wrap yourself in a very warm towel so you don't get the chills.
If you think this would be unwise as you feel too delicate then stick head over a steaming bowl water and cover with towel using the contents of your herb rack or a selection of garden herbs maybe some camphor if you have some, and eucalyptus oil, and mint leaves that sort of thing and throw in and some garlic and an onion too even some cinnamon to revitalise. We did this for a terrible headache and chesty cough it cured foldster.

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