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 father and son bump into a pole and go to diffrent hospt's when the doctor came they said this is my son?

 Cure for chronic bad breath?
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I've been yawning A LOT lately, is that bad?
I haven't been tired or anything, I've just been yawning a lot, like every 5 minutes, no joke... I'm about average weight, maybe skinnier, and I'm 15 years old, I dunno if this is normal or not, but it doesn't really seem like it.

Mike S
it could very well just be a side effect of dehydration. Do you drink alot of soda and/or very little water? If so, BOOM theres your answer

[email protected]
no it just means your brain needs oxygen so its kind of a good thing

Go to a doctor! Go find out can't hurt.

well yawning is becase the brain is telling us to breathe in more oxygen
how much sleep do u get

yawning occurs when your body undergoes an oxygen shortage .. when people get sleepy, their respiration slows down (your body slows down when its time to sleep), and yawning is the body's way of increasing oxygen intake without exercise

the bible
its normal it just means your in need of oxygen....... yawning doesnt mean your tired

I think it's fine...growing spurt coming on or something using a little more energy than usual. Make sure you are keeping a healthy diet and getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Also, being active helps keep your body regulated.

you know...when I read your question and the word yawn, I yawned.
Maybe when you see other people yawn, you yawn, when you think about yawning, you yawn....

May! =) {Perla}
Oh no! >.<

I don't think it is normal....if and only if you re NOT tired than it cannot be good
It has something to do with your lungs....
or Brain Function....

If im scaring you....I suggest you should------!
Go see a doctor!

Why do we yawn? You say because we are sleepy or tired or bored or see someone else doing it, right? Well, these may or may not have merit, but it is unknown, because there is no evidence to substantiate these beliefs. So what else causes it?

The mystery of why we yawn is still not completely solved yet. It is still not known exactly how a yawn occurs either. But the general reason most of us have heard, is pretty much correct. Most professionals believe that yawning is caused by low oxyegen levels in the lungs, in the alveoli of the lungs to be more specific. It is believed that when oxygen levels are low in the lungs, the brain sends us a signal to sigh or yawn, thus causing us to take in more oxygen, which increases oxygen to the alveoli. The alveoli sends the oxyegen directly into the bloodstream. They also rid the body of carbon dioxide when we exhale.

you dont have enought oxygen to the brain, u say ur not tired so drink more water so there is more oxygen in ur blood

You are probably just tired....but I read somewhere you yawn in in order to regulate your brains temperature. Maybe it's just getting hotter lately where you are and your brain temperature has been too high, and you've been yawning to cool it down a bit.

You could try breathing through your nose a bit more, or putting cool washcloth on your forehead.

Yawns are kind of like contagious too, so maybe with just one yawn you set off like a yawn chain reaction and keep yawning. Sometimes I go through yawning phases where I'll yawn like 30 times an hour. Anyway, I don't think it's anything serious, unless you are having some other symptoms I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I get this its REALLLY annoying, Im 15 too. No joke im just sitting in class just yawning every 5 minutes!! HAHA, i mean not yawning Because its a lesson :L

I have been experiencing the same thing too. Don't worry its just a sign to get more rest even when your not tired at all. You have to let your body get the rest it needs because one day it will just shut down on its self. Believe me my Science teacher makes us learn this stuff.
So remember to get your rest :)

are you on any medications? a common side effect is yawning. I know anti-depressants can cause yawning.

It just means that your Body is wanting More sleep(you may not feel tired... but you really are)

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