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I'm tired and fatigued all the time. Why?
I get what should be more than enough sleep at night (10hrs) but still, I'm tired all day and can barely muster the energy to make it through my classes. Even though I have plenty of things I'd rather be doing, i'm so tired that sleeping takes precedence during any free time I have. My body feels heavy and fatigued. I know its a pretty broad problem, but help anyone?

The Munkey Hatchet Man
Chronic masterbation

go get a blood test and a HIV test, youmay have aids and it is sapping your strength.

Mariella Williams
Maybe thats the thing. You sleep too much. Its what happened to me.

Try to lower it down on 8 hours.

K Dog
You might have mono. I had mono over the summer and it just saps your energy. Beware, if you have mono, you could develop the worst sore throat you ever had. See a doctor...!

One thing is you might be getting too much sleep. Try getting yourself down to 8 hours a night, anything over that is too much, and can actually make you feel tired. Also, make sure you head to bed around the same time every night, this can also make you feel lethargic. Make sure you eat at regular intervals throughout the day. And last, I'd say try to be as physically active as you can, even though you feel exhausted, excercise will help to get you going and might actually give you more energy. Anyway, if none of these things work, I'd recomend seeing a doctor.

he he he
You probably need to see a doctor to rule out a thyroid problem, depression, cancer, etc. Or, you could be getting too much sleep.

Are you a teenager? Teens need to sleep more than most. Give in and just do it. Malnutrician maybe? Get a blood test done.

Do you snore or stop breathing at night? You may not even know it. You may have sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder. My friend had it and it wasn't until he went travelling with us and we told him that he stopped breathing at night. The snoring was unreal. He had no clue. If you are constantly waking up at night, you will feel fatigued all day long. People with wide necks are prone to having it.

Do you exercise?

Could be psychological (depression), could be mono, or if you've had some serious weight gain over the last year or so, that could cause it. You should see a doctor.

There could be severeal things that you are suffering from. You could be anemic or have a hypothyroid issue. What you eat could have alot to do with that as well. You could take vitamins or supplements that may help but check with your Dr. first. They will do blood work once you go into the office. Hope this helps.

Do you have mono? Are you depressed? It could also be chronic fatigue syndrome which is sometimes associated with the Epstein-Barr virus that is also common in mono. Go to the doctor, get blood work done.

I feel for you. I'm 35 and I got mono my senior year in high school. I haven't been right since. I'm tired all the time and have little energy. I require a lot more rest than other people. Since then, I've been told I have chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic mono, and fibromyalgia. It goes through cycles, sometimes, I feel really bad, other times, I'm o.k. but I always have to get extra rest. One night with no sleep can set me off into a cycle when it's like my body just shuts down.

Chuck & Christy N
depression or sleep disorder

You need to go the doc. It could be low iron. Eat some liver! There are also vitamins that can give you energy. If this is a problem that just came about it could be the flu. I knew a girl who was preg. and was tired all the time but thought it was norm. She got really sick, loss the baby, and passed away 6 months later from leukemia. She was only 17. Go to the doc. to make sure you are o.k. I hope you feel better. Good luck!

Yes you should exercise and also take some vitamins as well. You may be sleeping too much ... so get out of bed and do something else besides sleep… life is too short….don’t sleep away now..

It could be anything from depression to Epstein-Barr syndrome. You need a diagnostician. Like Dr. House.

sorry I'm not a doctor -- maybe try something like the symptom checker on WebMD (I think it's on the right hand side of the page)http://www.webmd.com fatigue is one of those hard to diagnose problems .. maybe if it's really troublesome see a doctor .. when I get really run down I just drink Vault it's sort of an energy drink by Cocoa Cola http://www.drinkvault.com/

Are you gaining weight?? Do you have depression?? Is your mid-afternoon temp less than 98.6?? Is your skin dry, or are you losing hair?? Do you feel colder than normal? If you can answer yes to any of these, there's a good chance you have hypothyroid. And most docs will only test your TSH and T4. Lousy tests. Insist on a free T3. If it's low in the range, you're hypo and need to be on Armour, which is desiccated thyroid. Don't let them put you on Synthroid or Levoxyl. You'll feel a little better, but you will have symptoms of hypo the rest of your life!!

Angela C
You need to have your iron checked to see if you could possibly be anemic, your thyroid ,you might have hypothyrdism and your b-12 vitamin levels checked.Any deficiencies in these could cause fatigue.A simple blood test ordered by your doctor is all it takes.

you may not be getting proper nutrition for your body which will make you fatigued all the time. You need energizing foods to give you a boost

You may actually be sleeping too much.
Also, take a look at your diet. If you're consuming a lot of soda and junk food, this could definitely be contributing to the fact that you have been feeling so fatigued all of the time.

Kellie C
Honestly - there could be a million medical reasons for your problem. You really should go see a doctor - even if it's just a doc-in-the-box. Since you said you're getting 10+ hours, the doc will probably do a blood work up and take a family medical history. Don't forget to ask your relatives if there is a history of any major illnesses in your family.

Also you don't say how old you are or what your daily activities are but if you're a teenager (between like 12-18) you will need more rest anyway.

If you do nothing all day but sit in front of a computer or at classes or if you sit at work all day, you will need to get some exercise which will boost your energy a lot. Even if it's walking for 30 minutes 4X a week at first.

You don't say what your diet is but if it's lost of sugar, coffee, fast food, etc.., that's probably one of your problems too. Cut the sugar and coffee, add the fruit and veggies and herbal tea and lots of water.

Seriously, you should go to a doctor though just to rule out anything serious.

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