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I'm sixteen and was just diagnosed ADD, should I take ritalin?
After answering a bunch of behavioral questions with a psychologist, he informed me that since I have so many symptoms, I am ADD. My dad also has ADD, and it is genetic. I have done research on ritalin and am willing to take it despite the possible side effects if it means focusing better in school and following/ participating in conversations.

Don't do that. First of all ADD is NOT genetic. You should not take ritalin. Too many young people in america are on dangerous meds. You need to try and focus and concentrate on your own. Discipline yourself.

Ya i think you should take it. My brother has took that, now he takes Adderal. You might wanna ask about that too.

Metal Princess
I think that you should opt for Adderal. Ritalin seriously, can make you have loose bowels, and you can have the possibility of crapping your pant.s

Kristen, see what your dr. prescribes. If you take it you could get the heebie-jeebies and start foaming at the mouth. JUST KIDDING!!! Check with your doc.

So basically everyone these days has ADD or some form of it. All My dad also had ADD and so does my brother and sister but I dont. From the knowledge of them I would NOT take ritilin. Psychologists actually rarely even prescribe it. In very RARE conditions they will but they have newer more innovative drugs that help all ages with ADD and ADHD. Try checking into Concerta my brother and sister both take it. And unlike Ritilin is less harmful and does not turn you into a zombie.

That's up to your doctor to decide.

Take it.

Brandy S
It sounds like you want to so why not?

no name now.
well i have ADD and i didnt take anything. and i did very good in school.

the thing you should look at is just how bad you got it.

if its bad enough to take it...test urself.

examine how you are BEFORE it and examine self AFTER it....(u have to use it about a few weeks before it really shows anything different)

either take it or increase your exercise. Ritalin should help you and you will get over the side effects very fast. If you get any of them.

DUDE i am ADHD which is ADD but like some other stuff
and there are a lot of medicines to treat ADD there isnt just ritalin
so try ritalin and if that doesnt work just go to the doctor and ask him to try a different kind of medicine he can give you like a free trial thingy
and you just go to your pharmacy and they will get it for you
i've tryed a lot of medicines and they are all different so you just have
to try to find the one that fits u best
hope this helps
best of luck

Laura J
There may be a lot of postives, but my friend took it for a while. He said he didn't feel like himself at all and everything felt weird.

I would suggest trying it and seeing if it works for you, because you can always stop taking it. Its worth a shot right?!

Good luck! =]

my son took it for a while n really did not like it
try some alternative therapy as well
acupuncture, bio feedback or meditation

Are you really ADD or are you just bored? Are you into arts at all? Is there anything that you really can focus on? You should look into that. Doctors are usually quick to dope you up because they don't have to deal with the real issue that way. If it really is a chemical imbalance, fine. However, if you find yourself ADD "only sometimes", something else is going on. You should really look into yourself. You'll already know the answer probably.


Joshua C
If your ADHD is affecting your life negatively, exploring medication that could correct that would be valuable. Many people feel that ADHD meds change their lives.

Those of you who are suggesting she follow the advice of her doctor are not actually correct. She should follow the advice of her psychiatrist, or her family physician who is working with another mental health professional. Doctors alone, should not diagnose or manage psychological disorders. Many do, but they should not, unless they have additional training in a specific disorder.

every teen in america has add
dont bother with pills

I would strongly advice you not to take ritalin. there are many risks involving ritalin and many controversies relating to ADD/ADHD. Better research more on ADHD too. I don't know but i heard there are many risk involving ritalin because it is just like cocaine and very addictive.
There are other ways of coping with ADD other than drugs. So think more before taking ritalin. Don't fully believe on your the psychologist.

In my opinion, if ADD is a mental disorder then shyness should also be a mental disorder and there should be some drugs for curing shyness.
It would be wrong to prescribe ritalin for curing ADHD

On something like this, follow the advice of your Doctor. They really are the best one to help you make this decision. Call them up to discuss your concerns. Even though you're only 16, they should talk to you and answer all of your questions.

I just want to add something. Yes, Pediatricians can diagnose and treat ADD or ADHD. I worked in Peds for years, and it is something that is commonly treated in my office. If it is an extreme case, the patient is referred to a psychiatrist. A primary care physician or a pediatrician is fully qualified to treat this. Remember, peds doctors also studied adolescent medicine, which this is part of.

Try it for a few weeks if your psychologist suggests it, but take it exactly as prescribed.

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