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I'm scared I have cancer.....?
My breasts have stretch marks on them and my right breast is significantly larger then the left. They are also very lumpy. I'm only 14 and I'm a virgin so I have no idea what's going on. Please dont tell me I have to go see a doctor because my mom will not pay for it thats completely not an option.


Sassy A
Okay where do I start with this answer for you.
Well, it is not totally impossible for you to have cancer, however at your age the possibilities are lower than most.
The stretch marks are not usually, you have just developled faster than your skin could stretch. To help eliminate or lessen the appearance of those stretch marks is good old cocoa butter cream, very cheap and is actually very good for you at your age to apply to your hips and thighs, cause if you are getting stretch marks on your breast it won't be long before they will start to show up there also. As for the lumpy breast, that could and more than likely be a condition common to young woman and older alike, any female who have breast, and that is fibro cyst, cause is from alot o caffine, like eating chocolate, tea, coffee, colas,( dark colas) ie coke, pepsi, root beer. If you lessen your intake of any of those things, the lumps may start to disappear. As far as your breast being of different size, that is normal due to the developmental stages of the breast, and the lumps that are present. Before you go rushing off to a doctor, I would try eliminating the caffine in your diet. Now, if that doesn't help, and it should take about a month before you start to see significate change, you would need to go see a doctor. I understand about not being able to afford a doctor, however it is a federal law that all hospitals must see everyone regardless of ability to pay. I believe at the age of 14 you are still in school and you have a school nurse, if after school starts and you don't see improvement, go to the nurse they are there to help you young adults. They also know of programs that can help financially. Good luck and good health

I doubt very much its cancer at 14 you are still developing. if you are that worried go see a doctor. i cannot believe your mother wont pay for you to see a doctor.

Are you sure? I'm not trying to scare you but try matching your symptoms to this list ::


But don't TRY to match it up. Like if it says brouses don't say to your self OMG I HAVE A BROUSE it might just be from falling.

Hope you are okay.

Elizabeth S
Honey, the chances of you having breast cancer at 14 are very, very small.

The changes you are experiencing are common during puberty. Almost everyone gets some stretch marks on their breasts and hips as they grow, especially if they don't eat enough protein and essential fatty acids.

Having one breast larger than the other is normal. Our bodies are not symmetrical. Most people have one foot slightly longer than the other, one ear slightly longer than the other -- if your examine any body part of which you have two, you'll find that none of them are matching pairs. During puberty your body will often grow asymmetrically and the differences between two breasts, or two feet, might temporarily be significant enough for you to notice.

Real breasts do not have the smooth consistency of silicone. Milk glands feel like little lumps. Breast texture changes over the course of your menstrual cycle, with swelling and tenderness before your period being very common. Basically, breasts are naturally lumpy! Hormonal surges during puberty can cause cysts or nodules which will feel like hard lumps. 99% of the time they go away by themselves as your hormone levels even out (and of the 1% that don't go away, 99% are harmless). During puberty the texture and size of your breasts change dramatically. As time goes on you will learn how your breasts feel at different times of the month and your body will most likely fall into a fairly consistent pattern. It's a very good idea to get into the habit of a monthly breast self-examination. You'll find all kind of normal lumps and bumps in your breast tissue, but what you are meant to look out for are new lumps which persist over time.
If you start doing monthly self-exams now, then by the time you are 45 (when the risk of breast cancer goes up) you'll know the normal variations of your breasts and you'll be able to identify anything unusual.

Of course, if you are really worried, you should consult a doctor. If asking your mom to take you to the doctor is a problem, there are other options to investigate. Your school nurse might be able to tell you about free women's clinics, or you could call Planned Parenthood.

http://www.coolnurse.com/ is a great resource for teens. It has lots of information about every health issue you could think of.

ok hun first calm down...nothing you've said really sounds like cancer and at your age the chances are very slim. if you have large breasts it is not uncommon for them to have stretch marks. breast tissue is fatty and naturally can feel lumpy. there is a difference between them feeling "lumpy" and feeling an actual lump or mass within the breast. breasts can also be lumpy if you have fibrocystic disease, which is just a bunch of cysts in the breast tissue. this can be aggravated by caffeine. the best advice i could give you is to do a self-breast exam. the best time to do this is every month right after your period ends. this website describes the steps of how to examine them.


if you do find a specific mass, then you need to go to your doctor to have her examine them.

Many girls' breasts get stretch marks on them when they grow because the breast grows faster than the skin over top of it. Also, it is very common for breasts to be different sizes. Most women's breasts are. The lumps you feel are probably just the glands in your breasts which may be sore and swollen more than usual due to puberty or PMS. If you're still concerned, you can ask your mother or another woman you trust about it. You also can look for a planned parenthood or other type of public clinic in your area which are very flexable as far as payments and also do a lot of free work. You also may not even have to go see a doctor, it may be something your doctor can answer over the phone.

You sound fairly normal to me , could be you have fibrous breast tissue, or your referring to the milk glands . Are you left handed? If you work hard or do a lot of physical things you are apt to have one breast larger then the other and if you measured the calves of your legs , I wouldn't be surprised if you found that right one is bigger around then the left.

Many women have had what you are going through. Breasts are rarely the same size. Stretch marks can appear as you mature. They are from the stretching of the skin as your breasts grow, especially if you have very rapid growth at one time or another. They fade with age, I promise you.

It would be a good idea for you to see a doctor at this age. If your mother refuses to pay (are you sure of that???) perhaps there is a free or low cost clinic.

I doubt very much that you have cancer. That would be the farthest diagnosis from my mind.

You're just normal, kiddo! And you will be in my thoughts...

You have stretch marks because you grew, and trust me that every female on the panet has or will have them. No woman's breasts are both the same size, either. Even though you say you can't, going to a doctor is really the best option for you, to detect what the lumps are. More than likely they're not tumors, but cysts. You really do need to see a doctor, and voice your concerns to you mother.

Jenny RS
You sound like a very normal, healthy 14 year old to me. I very seriously doubt that you have cancer. Most women have one breast that is larger than the other. The stretch marks are due to the fact that your breasts are still developing; when they grow rapidly they stretch the skin. Lumpy breasts are also very normal. Please don't worry so much about this. Maybe you could talk to your mom about these things that scare you without asking her to take you to the doctor. She will probably be alot more understanding than you think, and she may help to calm your fears.

breast cancer @ 14???? i dont think so, it must something else, i hope.....

its ok for you to have breast stretch marks (maybe you're just plump) and its normal if its unequal in size (i suppose for some).........but if your nipple has discharge, then you should start to worry!

You HAVE to go to the doctor. At the hospital they have social workers and human resources workers who can help you find a way to pay for any costs. Why wont your mom pay????

i think you're probably just growing

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