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 I have to pee really bad. My toilet is clogged. WHAT SHOULD I DO????? HELP!!!!
the **** clogged the toilet. stinks really bad here. i need to go buy some lyson here.
Additional Details
my bathtub is clogged because i was cutting meat in it n some of the guts got ...

 Would not a Stroke affect someone even when they are sitting down?
I've had trouble walking recently, get all wobbly and my left side feels funny.

When I phoned NHS direct the questioning was pointing towards me having a stroke but wouldn't I ...

 How do you wake a person?
I want to know bcoz th person i am tryin to wake is a heavy sleeper nd i've try'd th water thng. doesnt ...

 My stool has a lot of blood on it? (Preferably educated ppl, not ignorant ppl, please answer)?
I have always had blood when i got to the bathroom. But lately, I have been having A LOT of blood on my stool. Usually there would only be a drop or 2 of blood, but now its a lot more than i have ...

 Tips so I wont get any sicker?!?!?
I woke up yesterday with a head cold but not alot of congestion, The past two days Ive felt like im going to get a horrible cold, but I dont,

I really dont want to get sick, I cant afford ...

 Are these symptoms of ADD?
I often find myself loosing focus regularly. In school I completely phase out, and when I am not paying attention I loose track of everything that is going on. When my parents talk to me I find ...

 Symptoms...doc cant find anything...?
Feel shaky and off balance all the time, almost 24/7
feel like im on a boat most of the time, swaying/rocking
dizzy spells that feel like blackouts but only last split seconds, and come ...

 Relive Constipation ?
I do have plenty of fibre in my diet I down't know why but I haven't had any movement now for 4 days. Anyone help like a remedy I can make anything I can buy ?...

 Urinary Tract Infection?
What can I do to feel better until my doctors appt on Monday...?? These symptoms are soo annoying!!...

 What does it mean, when you taste blood in your tears?
I went to moisten my glasses this morning, to clean them.
I had just been crying, so they were smudged.
When I went to moisten them for cleaning, I tasted blood.
Is this normal? If ...

 what do u do if u die?

 Does anyone know how to live forever without dying?
Does anyone know how to live forever without dying i.e. from illnesses or old age.

Many thanks in ...

 Gastric reflux & Swallowing problem?
I regularly suffer from the inability to get food into my stomach. It seems to stick for a long time in my gullet. Occasionally this triggers a cough reflex and I spray whatever I swallowed last ...

 I have piles, how can I get rid of them?
I've had a mild form of it for a while but now its gone sore now. I heard surgery but I haven't got time to have it done plus I'd be to embarrased to have a surgery. Please help. This ...

 can a 2 yo have two doctors?
My ex takes my daughter to her doctor but I want to take her to our doctor. Is this ...

 Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
I am soo scared. I am 16. I just threw up like 5 times...but this isnt the question. This is actually the first time I have thrown up in years.

Anyways please help...I feel dizzy when I ...

 someone help me. my boyfriend's suffering.?
My bf seems to have this weird and scary problem. he once called me and said that he cant breathe and his mouth and lungs feels very hot and spicy. his chest feels very tight too when this happens.he ...

 Does orange juice really help your immune system?

 Quick cure for constipation please!?
My girlfriends had it for 4 days and wont stop moaning and im going insane. I bought her grapes and prunes but she wont touch them yet she eats bread which i can only guess clogs you up more. Please ...

 sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
so i get anxiety attacks from time to time. my mom says i may be short-winded but im convinced that i hold my breath without trying to. is this a condition or am i just wierd? lol i dont have ...

Hash S
I'm no longer afraid of dying....at all. Should I be?
Since I have been diagnosed with 1 of only 2 known conditions which can mean, I can die at anytime, with no warning or health issue. Simply here one moment, and gone the next.

Should I be afraid of death?

Chris S
I don't think you should be afraid of dying at all, I would just be curious as to what happens when we do die. It's kind of always popped into my mind at random times. You should try to get the most out of the time that you have left, and don't worry about what you cannot control

Once you have been close to death you do not fear it. It is important for you to "get your affairs in order" as they say. This means getting a will done & talking to your family to let them know what your wishes are. You don't mention what your diagnosis is, but with some diseases like aortic aneurysm or heart diseases, there is no time that you can be given. Everyone dies for it is part of living. Love your people well and don't be afraid to let them be there for you. I hope you have support now & someone you can really be frank with. Dying is a sleep with no waking and you will feel the presence of your past love ones when it is time.I know it is hard to not be afraid. Sometimes you can get comfort in religion for there is a saying to "fear not, for I am with you".Try not to be alone.Peace be with you, child.

cristelle R

Why fear something that comes to us all and that we can do nothing about?
No, you shouldn't be afraid of death! People who spend their lives with this fear, die a hundred times before they go, and don't give themselves a chance to live!

Pretty Much Confused
no you shouldnt be it ruins your life being all nervous forever and not doing anything except worrying.

nope.i'm not.its a part of the life cycle.

Alice H.
No you shouldnt, UNLESS you've done things in ur life that you regret.
And if you r afraid of death, fix those regrets. Even if the person doesnt remember, just tell them to forigve you. and one relief goes away.

Me, I am not afraid of death though I have ALOT OF regrets to fix.
as long as i am dying in the person that i love, im good

LucyLove. xo
just don't be afraid. when it's your time it's your time.
don't live a chunk of your life in fear for no reason.

No, you shouldn't be afraid. You're just transitioning!!! You can still see us, hear us, feel the love and walk with us. You're just moving from this 3-D world to a much higher vibrational state. Love and enjoy the ride.

No point really, any of us could die at any time, you dont need a disease to do it, its gonna come to everybody anyway so worrying about it is pointless.

I think the real fear is not of death, but the cause, painful illness, horrible accident, or at the hands of a madman is all a lot scarier then the actual death itself, survival means trying not to die, which most of us do, but I think if we could all be guaranteed a quick painless death when our time comes, no-one would be afraid.

Only someone who has been in this position can really advise you. I hope you are well and live a very long life to the full.

♫♥ ๔єคtђภ๏tє Ŧคภ ♥♫
Well, I used to be like you. Not caring or afraid of dying at all. It was like, "Hey, so what? When I'm dead, I'm dead." But then, I started to think about it more, and I was really afraid of dying then. It was like a phobia. I couldn't get my mind off of it, and it scared me to death (pun). Anyways, after a while, I was no longer afraid of dying. I'm not sure if you should be afraid of dying. I'm not. : So I'm not so sure.

I don't think there's really an answer to that. I guess everyone has different opinions. You can't prove that someone should be afraid of death! We all have different out-looks on it.

I hope you live long. I suggest you should maybe talk to someone diagnosed like you. That way, you can have someone that's alike like you, so you can talk it over. So you both relate to something and can all, you know, know what it feels like.

Hope this helps. :)

no you shouldn't. if you feel fine with death then that's awesome.

no u just shud forget about everything and live life

Ask Jesus to take you into His arms.

No. Often people who are faced with death quickly lose their fear of it, it's simply because it can't be changed. We are all going to die at some point, it's pointless fearing something we can't change.

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