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 I have a fever of 101.7, what should I do?

 My daughter is getting really bad stomach aches?
shes 12 and gets these stomach aches. when she gets them she has to use the bathroom. she gets them almost every day! do you know whats wrong?...

 I can't keep my eyes open!?
I have anaemia and feel sleepy all the time (24/7) i feel like i'm half asleep all the time which is hard! I take strong iron tablets yet still really sleepy any other medication i could take ...

 Does anybody know what could be wrong with my boyfriend?
Over the past year or so, my boyfriend has never been happy. He gets down easily and often snaps at me over petty things (e.g. i asked him to test me on some psychology work for my exam and he began ...

 Is there bad breath cure?
Is there a cure for bad breathe?...

 my lips are frozen! HELP?
i cant move my lips that well sometimes which causes you to slur your speech. then i cant talk normally. they feel really stiff andhard to move....wat is this? im worried cause people notice this and ...

 what causes a black swollen leg?
someone hurt their leg and now its swollen and it turns blue/ black. The person is in hospital for treatment and their whole body began to swell. What's happening?...

 I get dizzy/ lightheaded, to the point of near fainting. I haven't fainted, but what could it be?
I have gone to the urgent care by where I live and they have said it is do to emotional stress anxiety which causes palpitations.

I get a racing pounding heart and I get dizzy and ...

 I'm an alcoholic?
On New Years eve I humiliated myself and my boyfriend at a bar by flirting with some dude I didn't even know. I have been a heavy drinker for 5 years and have decided that enough is enough. I ...

 do you think its personal to tell someone you do cocaine?

 What is the lump on my neck?
Right below my chin, on my neck is a hard lump. The area surrounding it is swollen. It is sore and when I lift my head to look up, it hurts even more. My throat is not sore and I have no idea what ...

 Drinking to much water cause diarreah?
ew! i know but does it?...

 Is there a disease for being too skinny and whats it called?
My friend had a normal body of 96 lbs and 5'4.She is 14 years old.She is on a diet for 3 months and she eats bery little now she is 63 lbs and 5'4.shes too skinny....

 Can someone figure out what's wrong with me?
I have muscle pain in all of my front torso, chest and abs, similar to the feeling of workign out too hard in the weight room, as if all your muscles are torn/overworked.

i also feel ...

 What should you eat to get a stomach ache?????????
I'm just wondering is it a lot of milk or a lot of salt or stuff like that!...

 i eat (clean) toilet paper...?
i was dared to try a piece of toilet paper and then i found i liked the taste. so i kept eating it. ive been eating it for a while now, my poos have gone wierd (mostly water) and im worried that its ...

 I am mot an alcoholic, but was told I need to go to AA for pill addiction, why?
It felt really weird to say, "hi, I'm ---, I'm an alcoholic, when I really wasn't. I mean, once or twice yes, I've had a hangover, but that was called college!...

 Help! I am constantly having to urinate ?
every half hour or so i need to urinate and its only little bits at a time. when im almost finished its starts burning and it last about 1 minute afterwards. I have pains on the lower right side of ...

 what would you rather have cancer or hiv?

 Am I Ill??? please help?
i feel tired alot. and sleep alot.

i can be not hungry and then suddenly go to hungary with hurting tummy (because of no food) then if i dont get anthing to eat i feel really weak.

Jordan W
I'm lookin for an anti-tobacco slogan, any1 got any?

Michelleyyy!! <3
sure take a smoke, i hope its worth all your hopes.
answer mine if ya get a chance??

well you won't need one. The government is screwing us smokers. We're paying for that stupid health insurance program for kids. Little do they know that I'd say 95% of smokers I talked to said well then they won't get their money we'll all just quit. Then what. They'll just figured out another way to tax us when there are no more smokers, and the tobacco companies are all broke, and then unemployment will rise even higher. I'll guarantee if cigarettes go up as high as they're supposed to, the government will lose funding for their stupid program. YOu don't need a slogan. Just say the government is already forcing us smokers to quit whether we want to or not (No one right now can afford $6.00 a pack $40 a bag of roll your own). So I say just post what the government is doing, and make that your anti smoking slogan. Us smokers are human too! We have people complaining about us littering. Well they took ashtrays out of cars. We're currently always the ones stimulating the economy. I buy tobacco once a week, filters/tubes too. So why punish us smokers. I'm done. I'm not paying into a tax that supports healthcare for the kids on welfare. At that point I'll just go hop on the band wagon and sign myself up for assistance.

Lol... uhm, how about this?

" . . . "

(Lol, because the slogan-makers were smokers and DIED before they could come up with one. )

Eh?? lol.

drives a lot
Smokers Stink
Wanna die a slow painful death??? Then smoking is for you
Who needs white teeth when you can have cigarettes
Fresh air is over rated
Don't just kill yourself... kill everyone around you. Start smokin
Hope this is helpful... Good luck

Its not Rocket Science
SMOKE AND CHOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your welcome..

hell yea
don't smoke, or you'll croak. lol i like that one

trying to impress a crush?
don't be stupid,
love from cupid!

i got this one from a class of mine. well you need a pic to go with this. "if you looked like what you looked like in the inside....would you still smoke?" and then you could put like a scary looking picture of somebody. :) and here is a website i found idk if it will help but here it is anyway.

You wouldn't inhale the smoke from a refinery, so why would you smoke tobacco? They contain the same deadly chemicals!

Take a deep breath and enjoy, because if you smoke, this may be the last time you can enjoy a breath of fresh air!

The best way to enjoy tobacco is in its natural habitat.

Let nature take its course...don't smoke!

Melissa M
"smoke tobacco if you wanna die"

♥ lainey ♥
well there is
1)beyond the influence (but it was already used)
2)Why waste your life?
3)Whats the point?
idk but i hope it gives you some ideas

With great smoking..... comes great cancer.....
hehehe, spider man.

hehehe incredible hulk.

hehehe Jack Nicholson.

hehehe scarface

I see dead smokers....
heheheh The 6th sense

I DID NOT MUDER HIM, smoking did.....
hehehe iRobot

i like to use great movie quotes and sayings to make it friendly or more noticeable.

Confucius say:
If smoking bad, who good?
hehehe Confucius.

dont smoke! try drinking coke! a cola! lol

Barking Bear
"Put the Republican owned tobacco companies out of business and legalize democrat backed marijuana".That is what it is all about after all isn't it?Thank you,I'll be here all week.

tomek w
Users a losers
crack is wack
tabbaco is wacko

smokers are people too.

Matt S
if you smoke cigarettes, Fu** You!

smoke n choke u damn bloke....snort coke

this is just a joke

James E Lewis AKA choteau
You won't need it, the federal tax on cigarettes just went up 168%. At least in the US thanks to the "SCHIPS" law. That is how they are paying for children's insurance.

Next year they are planning on raising it 200% because of fewer smokers.

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