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I'm convinced I have a thyroid problem?
I had a negative blood test but I have heard that it doesn't always show up. Anyone had a similar experience? What should I do next?

[email protected]
You don't say why you think it's a thyroid problem. Are you overweight or underweght, do you have a swelling on you neck, why exactly do you think it's thyroid? The test is pretty conclusive but if you still think there is a problem go back to your doctor and talk it through. Sometimes people say they have a thyroid problem because they are overweight, my grandmother for one, but there can be other reasons the most obvious being over eating but there are others. Talk to your doctor.

T Time
take in less calories than you burn

bee j
what makes you so sure that you have a thryoid condition?

khorat k
You should go to a doctor and convince him that you know more about medicine than he/she does.

lil laurie michael and tony 4
Are you gaining weight rapidly thirsty all the time? If so I would tell your physician whats happening and maybe there can be some other tests run. I thought that my thyroid was slowing down or becoming underactive because my weight is slowly increasing and I am tired and thirsty all the time but mine came back negative too turns out its my metabolism slowing down because I am 34 about to turn 35! Go Figure!!

Dr Frank
The blood tests are pretty definitive. My only suggestion is you ask for full thyroid bloods for reassurance. The screen test is now just for TSH.

If you have T3, T4, TSH and thyroid antibody checked, if these are normal so is your thyroid!

Asked the doctor for your test results. The normal TSH range is 0.3 to 3.0, but some doctor use a larger range.

Not sure what symptoms you have, I assume you think your thyroid is underactive. A high TSH indicates an underactive thyroid.

Hmm, I wonder you have hyper or hypo thyroid problem. My brother is a sufferer. When his thyroid swell up he will lose alot of weight. I know one simple assessment of whether a person have thyroid. You stretch out both arms and look at your hands, if it trembles and shake uncontrollably, there's a high likely hood that u have thyroid.

Thyroid causes high blood pressure. You have to avoid alcohol, seafood, esp. seaweed (sushi). Anyway, if u have thyroid, u should be changing your lifestyle and be more relax. I really hope u don't have it. Perhaps you should cut down on drinking session too :p. Have a wonderful weekend.

I'd go back and ask for another blood test. I have a underactive thyroid and have to take thyroxine tablets.

I'm not sure if you are talking about an underactive or overactive, but I'll assume its an underactive because the TSH test always doesn't diagnose it. Yes, I have had this experience. I was having symptoms which I believed were that of hypothyroidism and I asked for a test. I didn't know TSH was only to be done in the morning and had an afternoon test. It came out at 2.6 and I was told I did not have a thyroid problem. 10 months go by and symptoms got worse. Another TSH was done. This time it was 6.8 and I got diagnosed.

If you test, always test in the morning as most doctors only do a TSH test and its a test that time of day effects the results. If you can also get a free t4, free t3, and an antibody test. Find out your test result numbers, as most labs have normal TSH as high as 5.5, where it should be only 3.0. With this condition, you've got to do some research, as the lab standards are outdated.

mary s
If I did not have any symptoms I would not push the issue. If you want to do something "thyroid" you can go have my fine needle aspiration for me.

simplistic idealist
Yep you're right, it doesn't always come up in blood tests. Often it can take 3 or more tests before they show a problem.

I have an enlarged thyroid, but my tests also come back normal. My doctor has me on yearly tests now, so that if there is a change, we'll hopefully find it. Basically the possibility is on the list, and is being watched. In the meantime we're looking at other options for the symptoms - depression, stress, diabetes and so on.

The best thing I can suggest is to get a blood test repeated - even regularly every few months, and try to get to the doctor and have a test done when you're feeling at your worst - perhaps it'll show up then. Otherwise, do keep in mind there are a few things that can mimic symptoms of thyroid problems, so have those checked out too - ask your doctor to go through all options and test for these.

Have you had an ultrasound? This was the first thing I had done - before the blood test, so if not, then getting one might be helpful - if there are any irregularities in size, shape etc then those can be picked up too.

Good luck. It can be a rollercoaster trying to get thyroid probs diagnosed - my mum took some 15 years (some time ago though).

go see your therapist because it's not normal to almost want to have a disease

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