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 Do I have OCD??????????????????
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 What worst..... please help me?
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I'm constipated, what home remedy can i take? i have no money for store bought drugs?
not to mention i'm not going to have noting up my ***.

Dr. Arun Kumar Suri
Cut down on refined foods and consume more of vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of water.

Drink some strong black coffee,eat almonds,eat prunes.
The caffiene in coffee can actually stimulate your bowels and make you go but try drinking a cup of coffee and then a glass of water and keep repeating till it works.

Two table spoons of olive oil will do the trick.. and if you're not very good with dairy products, then even milk might do it.

chelsea B
umm. drink lots of liquid and maybe some anti-oxidants. perhaps some cafeine to stimulate your metabolism.

mz red
lol id try apple juice, prune juice and mineral oil if you have any of those they will all make you go or any kind of cereal or oatmeal high in fiber

Yoga and sit ups. First the sit ups, they always make you fart, it's not a bowel movement, but it's some relief. Yoga, put yourself in doggie position, then without arching your back, with your head on the pillow and a straight line leading UPWARD from the back of your neck to your tail bone, and relax and breath. You'll kind of feel your gut fall, jiggle it. Things should just come out fine!

Baking soda

B-Movie ScreamQueen
Eat cucumbers. Enzymes in cucumbers cleanse and detoxify the intestines and the high amount of water in them will counteract constipation.

®☺ß☻╪ ≈≈Kε∩≈≈
lots of fiber (flax seed, oats,grains) and potassium (bananas). Drink Coffee as soon as you wake up. Wait- how do I know all this you ask?! Why, I'm not constipated at all.....at all..

Jasmin N
water will always help flush you out, but if you've got any All Bran cereals that will help too...pack yourself with high fibre foods...but do not forget the water or you may become dehydrated...if you have any dried fruits around they are also good...try prunes or apricots...you should see movement in less than 24 hours!

Eat a couple of really ripe bananas or prunes. Both are pretty cheap.

Miss Crohnie
Get out there and exercise! That'll help stimulate your bowels.

Are you regularly constipated? If you are, it's important to see a doctor about it.

Some home remedies include:
1. Drink coffee the moment you wake up. Coffee is a natural laxative and warm water helps you go to the bathroom as well.
2. Drink enough water: 8 glasses a day, and more if you exercise.
3. Increase fibre in your diet. Grainy cereals and breads are full of fibre, as are fruit and vegetables.
4. Eat apples. They're full of fibre and vitamins.
5. Eat prunes. Again, they're full of fibre, as well as a certain chemical that's a laxative.
6. Magnesium Salts. I wouldn't recommend using these unless you're severely constipated but a teaspoon in water should help.
7. Do some light exercise to get everything moving.
8. If all else fails, go to the store. Senna-based laxatives are usually available in the shampoo/medicine isle in the supermarket. These can be habit forming, so don't take too many. They can also hurt. More gentle laxatives like lactulose are available at chemists.

Eat lots of prunes, they are cheap.

~ Dancin' in the Moonlight ~
Raisins, whole grain cereals, prunes, orange juice, lots of water.
*Don't eat bananas, baked potatoes, rice or cheese, they could get you more constipated

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