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I'm always sick. I either always feel tired or lightheaded or achy all over. Does anyone know why?
I'm being treated for acid reflux, depression and anxiety. So, I've figured all that out so far, but everyday I do not feel well. And I am at the point of losing my job because I cannot get up some days.
I take medication for the above conditions, so I know it's not that - but why is it 8 out of 10 days, somethings wrong with me. Either my stomach is hurting so much that I can't get out of bed. Or my body gets achy all over and it's hard for me to walk a lot. Now for the past few days - I've been having dizzy spells. I guess it's just hard to deal with being sick and worrying about my job.

Sounds a bit like fibromyalgia. Not sure if I spelled it right. I suffer from panic attacks, but they do not make me dizzy. Depression wouldn't do it either but it does make you want to sleep. Dizzy spells could be anything. You best talk with your doctor to see what you can do about that. I get dizzy sometimes but it is from from ears.

Do you have normal periods? If not you could have PCOS. I have the same syptoms and was just told that I have that. Or if you are over weight then your only option is to lose it.

T Time
Check into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Could be possible side effects of your meds. Go visit your doctor.

Don't feel like the only one out there, cause I'm the same as you. But, I've had 3 strokes, so I don't know what to tell you.I wish I could feel better too.

Visit a doctor and make the needed examinations..

Maybe mono.
Or just all the crap going on in your life is just wearing you down.
Check with your doctor.

You are sick because you have a problem with your body!!! You feel tired because you lack of sleep, lightheaded because you need a rest!!! And achy all over because you did not do exercise these days!!!

Research the SCD - specific carbohydrate diet. I believe our diets cause many problems - complex carbohydrates and sugars are poisons causing obesity or other problems. Reduce your intake of complex carbohydrates and sugars, and other grains. Seek alternative natural remedies - medications themselves also cause damaging side effects. Look up the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want you to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau, it can help provide alot of information I do not have time to list here. In a nutshell, our society creates illness for the sake of profit. While people are getting sicker each and every year, the medical industry is getting richer - therefore succesful in the eyes of the medical industry professionals.

That could be a number of things, from your medications reacting badly to eachother to chronic fatigue syndrome to diabetes. Have you been eating right lately? If not, that can cause a lot of what you have.

Talk with a doctor who will help you find out what's going on.

Good luck!

Shot At Sight
Get the book "The Art of Chi Kung" by Wong Kiew Kit (available through Amazon.com) & perform the simple exercises daily to improve your health.

go to the doctor.

Raylene G.
Believe it or not acid reflux and depression are common together.

My quick guess is that you have sleep apnea. If you snore or are fat, there is a good chance of that.

I will tell you that depression can do a lot of things to you. Throwing a pill at it helps but you really, really, need to do this no matter how hard it is for you... this works. After work, go to the mall and walk. Walk a lot. Do a lot of looking. Don't every plan on buying anything at the mall. Make that a rule... if you want it, buy it somewhere else. Talk to people in the stores. Force yourself to do this.

Bernadette Avcı
try the vitamin co-enzyme Q10

I started it 3 months ago, and believe me it helps!

gives energy to all your cells....will take a few weeks to work, but please give it a try.

I take 60 mg. a day


It sounds like your depression meds aren't working, or else you aren't taking them regularly. Ask your doctor if they can try you on a different medication, and remember that it can take up to a month for the meds to really start working. Also, I know it will be hard to find the energy to do, but try to get some exercise everyday it will actually help stop the body aching. Definitely make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin too, this does help!! I have felt like you have and the worst feeling is not wanting or being able to get out of bed. Good luck and remember that most of this is a mental challenge, (been there, and it almost feels like you just cannot do anything you know that you should to help yourself), as hard as it is, you have to force yourself to do things!! You will get through this!!

I also think you're probably still dealing with depression / anxiety.. if that's the case, then since you seem to be worrying about losing your job right now (understandably) -- here's some advice for dealing with that part.

Just do as much as you can do. Leave your desk when you need a break- take a walk to the park at lunch, listen to some music, write in a notebook or call a friend (if you're feeling up to it). Take a long lunch if you need to, and don't stay too late -- what's not done today can most likely be done tomorrow when you're feeling more energetic.

If you're at the point of losing your job and you haven't spoken to your manager about your health issues, maybe it's worth considering. Often if you actually ask your boss for a few minutes of their time, prepare a few points regarding what you're dealing with and how you are doing so, what they should expect for the next month or 2 -- they'll be understanding. It'll help explain your recent absences and they'll appreciate the honesty. Ask them to keep it private if you'd prefer that, or even better- confide in a trusted teammate or 2 so it helps them to understand and even help you out on some days.

Remember though to also prepare some points regarding what you bring to the job, what your strengths are & what you like about it etc... How you'd like to contribute to your role moving forward, what plans you have during and after you get through this difficult period -- or whatever you think is important to express. Kind of a roadbump, really. Not a big deal - just basically a heads up, fyi type thing.

If you show enthusiasm while explaining your situation clearly, they'll most likely be understanding. And by telling them ahead of time that you may need to step away from your desk for a bit at certain times, but that it shouldn't be an issue since you're just taking a break -- stuff like that might help ease the burden a bit. Might even make it easier for you to make it to work on some days, since you no longer have to fake feeling 100% when you're not.

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