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Drew G
I'm a drug addict. How can I stop?
I feel like I can't beat my addiction. Even though I've been to rehab, NA and my friends and family have had an intervention with me, I still feel as if I need to make myself feel good through drugs or alcohol all the time. How can I stop? I don't feel that NA will stop my addiction and I feel like all I can do is try to go to school and use. All I want to do is use. How can I fix my problem?

Maybe thinking of this as a problem and not a disease is holding you back from getting help. If a doctor told you that you had cancer and they could try and help with series of radiation treatments but that you must stop taking illicit drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages would you? The Doctor further tells you that you may die without treatment would you deny yourself? If you answered NO then that is where you are today.

You may never get to a point were a drug or a drink will not call to you but then so does disease haunt you and sit on the sidelines waiting for you to let down your guard when you don't take the treatment.

If you still think that YES, I must do that drug or drink myself into oblivion then you have a chance. Your first treatment program may have not helped enough. Ask you parents to help you fined another, and another until you find one that does work. You are fighting an illness that has no cure but is manageable. Before you take another step ask your family for help and mean it. They, more than you (right now, and that is debatable) want you to be better. You are stronger than you can image.

Try to think more positively. I know it may feel like you aren't strong enough to stop but try to keep in mind that plenty of drug addicts have kicked the habit and you can too. You just have to take things one day at a time and get in the habit of not using. Try to find other activities you enjoy. Also, try to figure out what compels you to use drugs. Often people have depression or some other kind of undiagnosed mental problem which leads them to "self-medicate" with drugs.

Good luck and hang in there! You can quit! I believe in you!

hey she's a riot!
well first of all the way your gonna have to stop is if you truely kno you wanna stop
try forgeting about it...do something else in your spare time...and if your friends do the same i would recommend finding new friends who dont do that...get more help and stuff....
no drug can ever really make you so happy remember that
i tried weed and i was truely getting addicted but i had enuff will power to stop
think about the people who care about you and dont want you to do it
does this make you relize how they might cry when you do drugs like this?
turn yourself around before its too late
im sure you wouldnt wanna die at a young age
so ask this question to yourself
is this the person you truely want to be?
listen to your heart not your head
you probably think you need drugs and thats why you might go back to it
k well i hope i helped and remember think about wat you are doing you could be hurting someone emotionaly without knowing it
k bye

Alicia Rae
You really need to stop!
I know its hard but for the best for everyone , your friends,family and most importantly yourself. Obviously your family and friends care about you deeply, so you need to give back to them by making them proud of you. Do it for them. Then do it for yourself.
It just your mind telling you , you need the drugs to feel better!
Your insides are just getting worse. Quiting your body will feel like crap, but after the horror is over you will feel 10 times better, emotional and physically!
Join group activities. Pick up something to keep your mind of it. When ever you do play a game, or go talk to a friend. Call your family and talk to them until the urge goes away. I think you should continue going to your meetings and really push yourself. In the end you will be happy you achieved it!

Hope i could help,
- Aliciaa
Need anything else msg !

Amelia ♥
Use a patch or something, and go see a doctor.

you should make it impossible to get it from people, get ur 'pplz' or connections or w/e to leave you alone. then just pick up another habit like chewing gum or something. i know i have the similar problem but my friend/fam reminders of how much my life is worth usually helped me get thru tough times =]

and yes the gum thing sounds weird but it works

you have taken the first step. congradulations...

When noone else can help, Jesus is the answer.

Let me suggest that you find a bible beleiving minister that will take you down the Roman road that can lead you to salvation. Then you can cast your burdens on the Lord and he can heal you of this addiction.

Find a King James Bible and read John the Romans....

God be with you.... May the conviction of the Holy Ghost be upon you until you accept Christ as saviour...

John 3.16
Romans 3.23
Seek and you will find..

mommy B
you really need to be stern with yourself. and tell yourself that you need the quality of life that you are entitled too. you need to go to rehab~whatever your addiction is~and stay until you feel confident that you can live your life without a crutch. go to meetings or online support groups. there are millions of people just like you and if you know that it helps! and just remember that God did not put you here on earth to live a life of selfishness. He also most certainly did not intend for you to see things so beautiful and things so spectacular through a skewed and jaded view!! Dont take your life for granted and make it what its worth, do evetything in your power to be all that you can possibly push yourself to be!

If you haven't already, try going to a great rehab for a longer period of time. Also, get something else in you life that makes you feel better than drugs will. Also, think about the affects of you doing drugs. How is it affecting your family and friends? And most importantly you? If you do that, you will probably realize that not doing drugs has a lot more positive things than doing drugs. If you feel anxiety just write down your feelings or think about them. You can beat this. Good luck!

Momma J
You have to "want to" quit. Just as with any addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Second, "get it the sh*t, walk straight to the toilet, drop it, flush it, f**k it, fight it." That is from a song by Haystack call My First Day. Excellent tune.
You will need to drop all of the "friends" you hang out with. They will drop you when you quit anyway. Get involved in something, anything that will keep you busy.
Ask God to help! He promised us that we will never be alone.
You can do this! For the sake of those who truly care for you, QUIT NOW!

agreed with jennie, another thing that might work is just get some girls and do ya thing...it will take ur mind off it

CEO JasonP
You say you don't think NA will work for you but that's a cop out. You haven't tried yet. If you really want to then what do you have to lose?Give it a try.

try to get another addiction i think like a sport something that involve you. not many people realize that by doing or expending all your time in something else your mine start to develop a new activity. get involve in after school activities i know is sound boring but sports are the best way to get a focus on something else.

good luck go to a doctor.

You have taken the first step. You must now address the "Higher Power", issue. It takes God to deliver you from the power of a terminal illness. You cannot do it without God/Truth in your life. If you ask God believing, you will receive what you are praying for. If you just start to thank Him for delivering you out of the addictive state of mind, He will. You cannot fix a broken mind, you must replace it. Only God can do that and He will and does every moment if you simply ask. You must believe that there is such a thing as pure truth. If you can get into the moment with God, deliverance is automatic. Once you do God's own Spirit will teach you how to maintain your sobriety. God bless you I am praying..

Before you can stop, you need to find the answer to this very important question...

"Why do you need the medication?" Notice I said "medication, because that is what you are doing. You are self medicating. There is a pain somewhere inside of you, and all of this abuse is just a way to numb the pain.

Once you find what that pain is, you can start addressing the pain, and fighting it, as opposed to numbing it. You fight the pain, you rid yourself of the pain, and your need for the drug is gone. There is no reason to self medicate anymore. After that, your addiction becomes just physical, chemical, and social. Your motivation to cure yourself will be strong enough to complete the task.

Drugs and alcohol are depressants. And if you want to be happy and live life, you're better off without them. They are terrible things. Talk to your family and friends and have them help you or talk to a counselor or do an outpatient thing. You can do this!! It will be hard but its an everyday struggle.

Jay H
You already know what you need to do, or maybe you haven't listened in NA! First you have to admit you can't do it by yourself, find a higher power, get a sponsor, get to meetings. One day at a time, one minute at a time, whatever it takes! If you don't want it, it won't happen.

Jenny C
go to rehab again, get counciling, go to AA groups, and other support groups. Try talking to others who have over comet thier addictions, see a docter... i hope all is well for you. I want you to get better and i'm happpy to see you want to help your self. My unckle is also a drug addict and he has lost his family and life... he dosen't take care of himself and our recent thanksgiving was horrible becasue he was moaning and groning and acting out at the table.. it was horrible. But, there is nothing i can do for him because he dosen't want help. He wants to stay how he is. So, i have faith in you.

It is hard to help when we dont know what the drug is, but generally speaking you need to let everyone in your life know that you want to quit, and that you need their help, and that it will take a long time for you to stop. Dont sugar coat anything, so there will be not be any surprises later on. Tell them that you will most likely relapse, and that you will need continued support, probably for years.
Some of the things that you can do to help yourself include: a time consuming hobby, working with other addicts, getting on a health regiment so that your body will be stronger, and seeking help from a mental health professional who may be able to prescribe some meds to help with the inevitable anxiety of dealing with your addiction.
Good Luck !!

Ive gone through a simular problem i.e got in2 the rave scence a few years ago and started taking drugs every weekend but then coz i didnt sleep i ended up having to take more to stay awake at work and i was just a real mess.
What i did was cut myself off from all my friends that used drugs and started to focus on other things that can be good influences in your life.. wether its spending time with your family, walking the dog, playing sport, reading books etc...
i also got some diasapan to help me with dealing with the head ***'s from not taking stuff....
i know its really really hard to do but not being on drugs ne more is so much better than getting fukd up every weekend doing stupid stuff and spending way 2 much money!

Wylie Coyote
I suppose you tried for a whole 5 minutes? Some people struggle with this for their whole lives. Some people die. Weigh your options, Fight for it or Die? You really need a support group, and a motivator. Maybe it is too easy to get the drugs. Make a list of everyone that has ever supplied you, and don't go near them ever again. Make a resolution if anyone tries to sell or get you to use drugs that you will punch them in the face. They do a lot worse by you. Or maybe you are just a coward, or a pushover, and anytime someone wants you to use drugs you should have them take all your money and punch you three times and give you nothing. It would be a benefit to you.

Angelo M
Get a hobby, do something that can keep your mind off everything exept the activity.

This is the #1 way to keep your mind off drugs and hopefully it will be an athletic activity that can make you feel good just by being healthy

Dana W
Been there and dont that, if you really want to stop, you will walk away from it and not look back. Find you new friends because if you run with wolves you will howl with wolves. Good Luck to you and I believe you can do it.

You must must must find something else to take the place of the drug. Even if its food, or something like that. Drugs are killing off some off the greatest people to ever live, and you are probably no exception! One day at a time my friend. Please try your best. Every moment, every step, every day. You have many who care about you and love you. Remember that always!

Christine M
i beat my addiction with rehab family support and strong will
just remember you are not alone and stay strong you will get through this good luck and god bless

I personally am a recovering addict. I regulary attend NA meeting, i know it may seem like they dont help, but they really do. the thing is that if you go there and talk to no one they wont work. Go to a meeting talk to some members and see how it works. Also seperate yourself fom the people that use do what you ahev to do to find new freinds and get away from the old ones, do not go around laces where there will be drugs or alchohol, this will tempt you and most likley make you use. Just fnd more positive things to do. Make small goals and work towrds them. Form a relationship with soemone that will look out for you and keep you away from things. I am here to help email me if you need anything- [email protected]

purplewoman 86
pray and ask god to help you stop i guarantee you you will stop good luck

go by my method "the only way to overcome a addiction is to find a new one" a healthier one....

You need to check into rehab again, it might have not been enough therapy......

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