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I'm 15 and anaemic can I donate blood???

i think no.
bcoz u r already weak and i dont think the body will be able to sustain blood loss.but i m really impressed with u.being 15 n thinking so selflessly.
bye n take care.

i dont think so u have u r full like to danate blood..........and it iz not right time because right now there r many dieses r going up because of using same niddle to take bllod..........so better u dont

www mittalji.com

Syed Zohaib A
absolutely no. u r weak and they won't allow u to donate blood

Lolo G

too young + you have a condition. Not good.


no.obviously you need to be well. in england you have to be over 16 and weigh a minimum of 8 stones.

well u can't
as the haemoglobin level declines and if they checked it they won't take ur blood


Dr.Parveen Chopra, MDS Dentist
नहीं, जिस व्यक्ति में पहले ही से रक्त की कमी है, अर्थात् अनीमिया है, उन से रक्त-दान नही लिया जाता। उन्हें तो पहले स्वयं अपने रक्त की सही जांच करवा के अपने अनीमिया का कारण ढूंढ कर उस का इलाज करवाना चाहिये। और साथ ही साथ अपने खाने-पीने का उचित ध्यान रखना चाहिये। यह बहुत ज़रूरी है।

No. You're underage and anemic.

Probably not. They do a basic iron test as part of the physical. If you don't pass it they ask you to leave.

It's not a good idea anyway, if you are anemic you need all of the iron you have, plus you wouldn't want to give blood to someone that wasn't of the highest quality.

If you feel the desire to do something good for the red cross, ask to volunteer at the canteen or as a runner between stations.

no 1 you have to be 18. 2 some one with a blood disorder cant donate blood its too risky you can die donating blood


No you wont be allowed. Your haemoglobin has to be above a certain level (i think above 12) before you will be allowed to donate blood.

People who are not anaemic can safely donate blood and feel none the worse for it as their haemoglobin will only drop very slightly and will most likely remain within the normal range or drop to only very slightly anaemic.

If you are already anaemic and you donate blood. You will become even more so. You will be more prone to fainting, feeling sick, dizzy, have racing heart, feel pale, cold and sweaty etc. Which isnt good!

If you want to donate blood you should correct your anaemia. Most girls are anaemic because of their periods. You can counteract this by eating iron rich foods such as red meat and green vegetables or by taking iron supplements for a few weeks before going to donate blood. It's also best to donate before your period bleed as this is when your iron will be lowest.

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