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yes he smokes.
what do you mean drugs?
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Crystal F
I'am a female I'am also 33 years old I found a lump on my lympth node 8 months ago?
It has grown alittle bit in size and is starting to really bother me I can tell it is thereand is tender to the touch and iam also having really bad night sweats and tired all the time is this normal?I am seduled for a mamagram tommorrow and then friday i see a surgen.iam really worried.And the lump is under my armpit

Kalyn J
OMG! we learned about this in scince today.
my teach said that if it's swollen that means your REALLY sick.
get to a doc, QUICK!

Jason L
stop drinking

Bill A
well maybe you should find a cure for this


I'm pretty certain it's not the black plague.

I am sorry but night sweats are common among cancer patients.. lucky for you if its a well defined lymph node bump, its easy to remove..

At this point all you can do is wait for the mammogram results. Hopefully everything will be okay, but if not, know that doctors are doing all they can. Let's also hope that others who read this won't wait 8 months if they find a lump. Early detection is the key.

Chris B
This is a bit confusing. It sounds as though you haven't been to a doctor to see about the lump and yet you're scheduled to see a surgeon on Friday. Why are you seeing a surgeon and how do you know the lump is on a lymph node? The mammogram may turn up something as well so be certain to tell them about the lump beforehand. Night sweats and being tired all the time is not normal and it may be hormonal...so might the lump, so don't panic.

Definitely go to the surgeon and don't miss the appointment! Hopefully it's nothing, but stay strong!!

country girl
go to ur doc he will do evry thing

it could be a cyst which can be anything from a clogged pore to a life threatening thing under your arm pit. but i usually get them from applying too much deodorant and i am usually okay in the end.

If its tender it probably an infected node.. get that mammogram done and the check up too.. relax until then.. am sure its something treatable.

Try not to worry till you know the results. You sound like a stronge girl, hang in there. Let us know that you are alright.

stop playing with your health and go to the doctor

It isn't normal. Usually lymph nodes swell up as a sign of infection -- but, they usually go away after that infection disappears.

If a lymph node is tender to the touch, it's because it's inflamed, and is still working on the infection (although a lymph node CAN be swollen and not tender -- as is the case on the entire left side of my neck).

Eight months isn't normal for an infection... it's a good thing you're having a mammogram, and it's a good thing you're seeing the doctor... if only to be safe.

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