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Addie A
How to save my dying marijuana plant ?
My poor plant is dying. Someone help me please. Its about 2 and half feet tall, and the leaves are curling under. My stupid brother is putting it under harsh black and fluorescent light. What do i do ??

Hello Addie,

Here are directions for how to save your dying weed plant: 1)pick up the phone 2)call 911 3)tell them you have a marijuana plant that is dying. 4)ask them to send the police to your house 5)quit asking stupid questions.

Ashlee H
dont do drugs.

just keep watering it every few days and give it goat ****

Jack of All, Master of some.
smoke it, its done. the stress will turn it into a male... and thats not good at all


Send me your address. I will come over and take care of this plant.

P.S Do you have any rolling papers?

steven m
thanks for Posting Here
Expect the police shortly
Think about it

Seriously, I am no expert on this plant

Try some plant food from the local garden centre,
make sure the soil Ph is where it is supposed to be

Well, remove the fluorescent light, and try and (secretly) give it about 4-5 hours of natural sunlight, and give a small amount of water. if that doesn't work, chop it up and except what you got out of it.

RAISE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! And make sure you give it water too! The poor baby is just dehydrated. And be sure the light isnt too close to the plant.

Buddy Holly
Smoke it man, it's the only way...

Alex H
Go to forum.grasscity.com and post the same question (with more details on your set up) in the "grow section" best fit to your skill level.


Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell
Black lights may not be the correct type of lamps. Sodium or halide are the correct lights for it. Stop the black and flouro lights, use natural light if you cant get halide or sodium, go for 12hours light, 12 hours total dark if you can control the light. Allegedly.

water it and put it in sunlight?

ask the police

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