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How to raise an exceedingly low white blood cell count..?
I have a problem with the number of white blood cells in my blood stream. The count is, as I've said, exceedingly low, leaving my immune system screwed and me open to any illness going around. I'm currently rather ill apparently due to this...
Anyway.. Anybody have an idea of how to raise the number of white blood cells in my blood stream? I desparately need to raise the count and rebuild my immune system. I am having more blood taken for testing a week Monday.
And if it makes any difference, I am borderline anemic and currently taking tablets to boost my iron levels.
Please help?
Additional Details
I had the tests done the other day, hence I know this much.
I eat a lot of veg and pasta and rice. That makes up the majority of my diet. I have a fair amount of spuds in there too. I don't eat a lot of meat, but always have my helping on a Sunday. I don't eat cold or reconstituted meats at all, and generally avoid red meats unless it is steak, soley because I don't like the taste.
All I have been told by my doctor is described above. I haven'y been told what to do or how to do it and really need some help on this one :S

Thanks =]

Sounds similar ITP to me. I've had it twice once treated by a blood transfusion once treated by steroids and I'm fine now

WAs allowed to drink Guinness during treatment (full of Iron)

Speak to your doctor and look up ITP on the net, stands for Immuno Thrombo Purpurae I think

Have you ever had blood tests done? If yes, what kind of? It is really difficult to help you with your situation because I do not know any 'history' of yours..Like previous illness or the like. You know already that a low count in wbc means that you are prone to infections. The fact that you are anemic doesn't make your situation better. The problem is that when you say "WBC" it means a lot, because it can be your 1.Neutrophils/Monocytes, 2. Eosinophils, 3. Basophils and last but not least the 4. Lymphocytes. Each one of them indicates a different kind of problem in your immunity..so the best thing I can advise you to do is to see your doctor, have tests run on your blood, or if you already had find out what's going on, what's the main cause and then your physician would prescribe the right meds for you to increase your wbc count. Don't self medicate!

There's no reason why a person's white blood cell count should be low. And without being an expert, with access to specialist information and tests, we can't tell what's causing your low count. Without knowing what's wrong, no-one can tell you how you should be treated. Only a doctor can help you.

It's worth noting that a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables is recommended for everyone; if I were you, I'd be careful to eat my five a day. But you'll need to see a doctor to get good advice, and find out what illness might be causing your low white cell count.

Good luck!

bum nully
yh i wud say go for the Iron, but your green leafy veg has iron anyway, too much iron is bad for you, keep it in check with your R.D.A (Recomended Daily Allowance) Guiness has a lot of iron in it if you drink lol. Take vitamin C to help boost your imune system, i dont think you can over do it on Vitamin C as its something your body doesnt make anyway.

Instinct: seems your problem with the white cells is secondary to the one with your red cells. Not enough oxygen = not enough sugar. Sugar, in the right quantity, is the fuel the body needs to work right. If the process of sugar production is hindered, every system in the body will suffer. That's basic.
Your skin, is it very pale? I'm guessing activity is difficult for you. You do a lot of things but you often feel a sickening toll, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats, etc.
OK, tablets (and Guinness) are good, but if you like steak, learn to love it. Don't be afraid to put on some weight. With emergency fat reserves, you'll be able to exercise without much worry. And it will make a great difference.
A good health club can be more valuable than you might think. Don't rely solely on long term solutions. You can get healthy faster if you keep simple sugars on your person at all times. Gatorade is a good choice, but even a candy bar could provide the immediate relief you probably sometimes need.
I hope I helped.

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