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How does one cure a terrible cold?and really quickly?
and it is not good..very stuffed up and cogested,running itchy ,watery eyes,sore throat, can barely talk,and my throat seems really swollen. should i be too concerned..i never had to have those tonsils out as a child?And how can i cure it rather quickly..help.

Aleve or Advil for the pain and Mucinex for the congestion. There is NO cure for a cold. Just medicine to help relieve the symptoms.

sorry to burst your bubble, but i work with a pharmacist and he told me there isnt anithing around that'll quickly cure a cold. i wish i had asked him what would help, but i think you have more than a cold..an allergy may be in the mix.IFF its an allergy( try going to a local pharmacy and ask), he'd reccomend zyrtec. but make sure youre not taking any other meds with it.

my pharmacist is my best consultant,so do that before you take anything

Rest, relax, sleep and stay warm.

Drink warm fluids – water & lemon juice, herbal teas.

Eat warming healthy foods – vegetable broth.

Avoid mucous forming foods – red meat, cheese, milk, grains.

If you have a chesty cough - rub Vicks Vapour Rub on your chest

Eat garlic – raw if you can stand it, if not put plenty in your soup Add grated ginger to your water & lemon or soup, as it is exceptionally good for healing colds and flu.

I would avoid taking medication - its like putting a band-aid on cancer.

A healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants / super-foods - ginger, garlic, lemon, etc... is the only way to heal, and more importantly, strengthen your immune system.

During my last cold I did all of the above and was sick for less than 48 hours.


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