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 if i urinate on my lawn does it cause an environmental hazzard?
does it kill the grass?
is it worse than peeing in a toiltet which city governments circulate all the toxins that urin has in it, but which the city cannot/ or does not filter out of our ...

 What is the cure for ocd?
i have it for sure. i have to touch my right side when i touch my left and everything has to be an odd number.

please help!...

 I'm thirsty and I can't drink anything! What should I do?
I threw up three times night! I drank water after the second time, and threw up the water the third time. I feel dizzy right now and my stomach is empty, what should I drink?
Additional Details<...

 Is it harmful to take medicines empty stomach?

 Can an alcoholic ever do controlled drinking?
At AA they say its impossible but at this certain rehab centre they say it is possible to learn to control drinking. Is this true?...

 how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?

Additional Details
I have a saliva drug test tomorrow an I used last sunday three days ...

 Whats wrong with me?
i woke up with a normal cold and as the day has gone on, i have swollen glands, pain in my spine and neck and my stomach has swollen up, just now i have vomited and i feel ok at the minute. i have ...

 Can Cocaine cause mental alertness?
I have a report on cocaine and for one of the things that need to be included in it is mental effects that cocaine cause. These effects have to be negative in some way. Can cocaine cause mental ...

 I have a monkey, he smokes joints with me what are the health risks ?
He doesnt puff alot just a bit :D he just likes to relax who can blame him, one morning though I woke up and the little maniac had cleaned us out. I was wondering if there were any significant health ...

 how do i unclog my ears?

 I have trouble sleeping. I dont take pills and i dont want to start.?
i hate milk.i tried counting sheep.i dont like soothing music.i like to listen to rock like motley crue,slipknot etc....

 i think my tongue piercing is infected please help!!?
well u got my tongue pierced 4 days ago and the past 2 days there has been yellow greenish puss coming from the bottom and getting around the bottom of the barbell...now today my tongue looks really ...

 what causes dehydration?
I was at the dr on monday for a physical, they did a urine sample, and called me about an hour later saying to drink now, i was severely dehydrated. I drank more, but i never felt bad, so i dont know ...

 Is anyone scared of the swine flu?
I have a four year old son that will start pre school this fall 2009. im really scared about the swine and if it mutates,what kind of sickness will come. this will be the first fall/flue season for ...

 Why am I nauseous nearly every morning?
and before you say it, I'm not pregnant.

I wake up around six in the morning and feel sick to my stomach, I have a dizzy headache for a while but that soon goes away. The ...

 I feel like taking a bowel movement but it wont come out and it hurts?

Additional Details
if I get up from the toilet, it hurts but then it goes away and I try to come back to the toilet but it hurts too much
should I take something???...

 I have this small white things in my stool that sort of look like worms......?
But they are not moving whatsoever. My bowels have been acting very peculiarly for the last week or so and I know there is a stomach flu going around right now, but I'm wondering if that's ...

 What would you call this?
-Runny nose.
-Joints hurt.
-Hurts to swallow.
-Inside of ear hurts.
-Muscles in pain.
-Last night had a fever in my forehead and hands.
-But my feet were as cold as ice.<...

 How do you get rid of urine on your hands?
I heared it on a tv show and they didn't have the answer to the question i think it is was Brain e ack?...

 Im 16 and I think I am anorexic.?
ok so im 16 and I think im anorexic. I haven't been eating and when I do I have to throw up. The littlest things make me feel full. Honestly I probably eat once or twice a day then I have to ...

★Hotmum ♥'s BB★
How do you stop a 2 yr old from talking???
My daughter has laryngitis and the Dr told me to make her stop talking!

how do I do that? lol

If she dosn't, will she get better? She on antibiotics......

Thnaks xxx

Duct tape her mouth.

Jeremy R
Duct tape! LOL!!!!

Gag her. =P

drug her up

Sa I
say "hey stop talking or i'll sell you to the black market" (as a joke not for real)

Love always, Kortnei
Play the quiet game with her

Excessive amounts of food-preferably peanut butter.

tell her she will get a gift if she does not talk for bit. tell her the longer she is silent the more money you will spend on the gift. worked with my son. an i use it when i need to sleep i tell my kids if they are quiet i will give them a extra allowence.

Katy C
turn on the cartoons

tell her if she dosent she is going to make it worst and say please

I suppose you could make a game out of it.

Other than that, short of taping/stapling/sewing her mouth shut, I really don't know what to tell you.

ஐButterfly Effectஐ
Buy a 30 pack of lollypops..oh wait..cavities...umm..make a competition to see how long she can go without talking and give her a prize afterwards. :)
Hope she gets better soon.

watch movies and tell her not to wake her favorite stuffed animal maybe... IDK, but either way, she'll be ok.

Kit kat
aw poor thing how aweful
well try putting a very interesting nonstop movie in that tends to do the trick because they get very distracted and involved

lollis or ice cream/Popsicles

Cindy J
Wow! Almost impossible! Popsicles or lolli pops might help OR maybe read a book to her that she might really be interested in and listen to. I love Dr. Suess - The Sleep Book.....kept my kids quiet and it made them sleepy! I hope she gets better...Good luck! :)

Bold Man
u need a mission impossible team

It can be kind of harsh on the throat, but just make sure to keep her occupied. Candy that's not too sweet, popsicles or things like that. Soothers if she's still using them. Gentle rocking, comfort and keeping her close so she doesn't feel the need to scream.

Margarita needs a margarita
put a cartoon for her to watch.... or give her a lollipop

She will get better eventually, however if she does talk it might prolong it more. I don't know much about it, but you could try giving her something put in her mouth, like a lolly or ice cream :P

Good luck

give her lollipops

I looked all over for the mute button on both of my kids. Children are just not equipped with those things.
Has the doctor been on Earth long?

The Mouse II
Interesting all the answers that tell you to ask her to keep quiet for a prize...
She is 2 YEARS OLD....!!!! Do you think REASONING with a reward that will come after more than 2 minutes have passed will ever work?



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