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How do you get rid of hiccups. Had them for about 5 mins now and it's driving me mad?

[email protected]
Take a shot of Worcestershire. It works instantly

eat a piece of sugar with vinegar on it, it works well with me!

Anna Joy C. F
just hold your breathe as long as you can ...it will eventually be gone...or drink water as you hold your nose tightly with your two fingers....try it!

harry r
hiccups usually happens when the rhythm of breathing is blocked by epiglottis ...so to cure it in 1 sec try recovering your rhythm back......lets say hiccup happen like this:
<<<<1....2.....3....hhic ....1.....2.....3....hhic>>>>>
so try to break it like this:
<<<<1....2....3.....hhic .....1....2....3..."hold your breath at this point"..... 1 (then breath again normally).....2....3......."hiccups gone">>>>
I know it is a bit confusing so in simple words try to stop or hold hiccups from happening... but may be u can understand what im trying to say.......it really works logically and has really really worked on many people i've told.

Drink a full glass of water non stop and that should do the trick.

It's a diaphragm problem, usually, a pinch in is.

Lay on the floor and deep breathe, or hold your arms over your head and deep breathe...or go for a swift walk-arching your back and breathing deeply. Or jumping jacks, and quick breathing exertion.

kelly f
how is your rabbit?

free kicks.. enjoy ..

Exhale and hold your breath for as long as you can. Your diaphram is in spasm. By exhaling you can relax it completely.

try to hold your breath for a few seconds.... hiccups are due to an irregular heart beat pattern

you need sumone to make u um!! that always does it for me

or if i trip p lol

or u cud try the usual like drinjmkin water upside dwn n holdin ya breath good luck sweet xxx

Wendy W
take a deep breath through your mouth and hold it for as long as you can without passing out. let me know if this helps at all

i have the hiccups too. the holding breathe and 3 gulps of water def didnt work

Peter R
drink water, hold your breath, get a friend or colleague to slap u on the back....let's know which one works, if any!

Take a glass of water, bend at the waist and drink from the oposite side of the glass. Works every time.

13th Floor
Either hold your breath for as long as you can before exhaling
or take a full spoon of sugar --- both are known to work.

There are a couple of ways that work for me, this one works best:

Take a slow deep breath, hold it for 15-20 seconds, let it out very very slowly, take in another one very very slowly and repeat. When I do this they usually go very quickly.

Alternatively, stand up with your arms straight up pointing at the ceiling, get someone to hold a cup of water for you and take a few sips. Sounds silly I know but it works.

Eat a tea spoon of sugar. Works every time.

daniel doll face
water, or sugar or holding breath

Personally I just make myself start breathing very regullarly and stare at something that isn't moving. Works for me.

hold your breath as long as you can

4 me:
(this might sound crazy)
but hold your breath and swallow 3 gulps of water.
that cures me ALL THE TIME


Did that work?? lol

have someone scare you lol. or drink water upside down

Angela M
Squash yer nostrils together and slowly drink a glass of water. It means that ye will be busy drinkin' and yer hiccups willnae huv a chance tae get oot!! Works fur me everytime. Guid luck!!!!!!

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