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 best way to get rid of sore throat?
i've had this annoying sore throat for a few days now, i cant get to sleep because of it. whats the best way to cure it? without using them cold and flu drinks, i hate them! ...

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 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
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 How do I get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
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Xavier J R
How do i get rid of a cold sore quickly?
and how do i tell the difference between a cold sore,pimples, and acne, what is a cold sore and what does it come from

A cold sore is a form of the STD herpes and it sticks with you for your entire life. Pimples are a result of acne which is due to unbalanced hormones and generally appear during puberty.

Cold sores are very hard to get rid off. One thing you can do is a take antibiotic. Another is go to the pharmacy and see what they got. the differnce you can find out is that cold sore is more flat and looks like a rash. pimple will have something white in it and it is more ciruclar a cold sore also spreads and contagious. acne is like black dots.

Taste of Sin‚ô•
Carmex baby.

Urban Cowboy
cold sores are cold... put a bag of ice on it

L - Lawliet
drink something hot wait no just hot water and do this 5x a day. and dont go outside

well rounded hazel
This always works. Put ice on the cold sore. This numbs the pain out of it. Let it go away by itself or use an ointment.

how u get rid of it quickly... u dont pick @ it, use carmex or neosperon,
look up online wut the diferences r,

i had a cold the day before my b-day and i wanted it to be gone so i took an injection the next day it was gone. no im not a druggie it was prescribed

Drink lots of orange juice for vitamin C to boost your immune system. cold sores are around your lips and acne normally is only on ur face, back, or arms. acne can tend to be white at the tip if its there for a while n pimples u can pop n cold sores u cant

Cold sore viruses hide in u and then they come out they on the corner of the lip

Evey S
well idk how to tell the difference but all i know...to get rid of a cold sore use lip balm or those like things u rub on yourself when you have a cut

Megan K
use cold sore relief

a cold sore is usually on the base of a lip
acne and pimples are the same and they will bring puss from the center

Puss is the white liquid that your body produces during puberty

Brent C
You can get rid of a cold sore quickly with the rx Valtrex.

cold sores are in your mouth

Hi Xavier J R,

Cold sores don't usually hurt and they mostly occur around the mouth. Pimples and acne usually have some type of pus and are usually sore. Those are the main differences.

As to how to get rid of them quickly, see the links below for treatments that will cure both in 3 days.

Good luck

Kayla M
Cold sores are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters or sores that appear on the lips, mouth, or nose that are caused by a virus. The sores can be painful and usually last a few days. Unlike most viral infections, the cold sore virus is not completely eliminated by the body defenses. For this reason, cold sores often recur.

Acne is a red, irritating skin rash primarily affecting teenagers and young adults. It can, however, occur at all ages. Typical acne appears in the oil-producing areas of the body-namely, the face, chest, and back. They can also occur on the neck and upper arms. That happened to me a couple of times already.

Pimples are only small papules or pustules.

Cold sores or fever blisters are usually around your lips, and are bigger than acne. You can use Abreva or other cold sore treatments from any pharmacy, and it should go away fairly soon.

You can get it from the changes in the weather or if you get a fever.

Cold sores are on your mouth, tongue and lips. They can come from citrus, a virus many things even allergies. OJ will cause them, as well as pineapples, tomatoes, and strong citrus foods.

Lysine, if you take the vitamins you wont get cold sores, if you use the ointment it will get rid of a cold sore. Get it at maybe Walgreen's or a pharmaceutical drug store. (rite aid, longs, walgreens).

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