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Oh, i don't know.
How can i make myself throw up?....?
I've already tried the finger and toothbrush method and it doesn't seem to make me throw up. My stomach flexes and i'm almost there but not all the way. How long do i have to stay trying? Usually, on my 6th or 8th try i stop and give up. I like the finger method, so can you give me some pointers on that?

If you're going to tell me, 'Ruin your life' or some other crap, please don't.
I know what i'm doing, and i'm not doing this for my whole life. Just for like a week or two, or until i loose the right amount of weight. I know how to stop, trust me. I'm not going to end up looking like those bony girls. My mind works on it's own, i know when i hurt my point to the extent of the hospital, and that's not going to happen. Okay?! Haha.

Additional Details
Oh and by the way, i'm 128 and i'm 5-6 to 5-7ish.

and i'm 14 almost 15.

touch the thing at the bottom of your mouth!

it works.

Cough a lot.

I've heard that making yourself throw up doesn't make you lose that much weight. So...find another method, like starving yourself.

I don't want to tell people stuff like this but it's your choice.

Hmm, just stick your finger as far back as you can and move it. I don't know?

As much as I hate the thought of throwing up, drink some warm to room temperature water, its nasty, make sure you chug it too, and it has to be a lot of it. It works.

Just get a paris hilton tape, that should do it.

eat your own poop.

Bryce C
Try listening to Nickelback, their music always makes me want to throw up.

Amandalynn M
eat all day

Free Me
This may actually lead you to have a lot of problems, which in turn will cause you to feel miserable long after the week is through.
You could get extremely painful acid reflux, which will keep you up nights and cause you to be on long-term medication.
You could ruin the enamel on your teeth, leaving you with teeth that are dull-looking.
You could end up heavier than you were before, because your body will become used to the vomiting and not know how to process the excess food.
I could give you advice on how to make yourself puke, but it looks like there are already several ways that other people have listed. Good luck!

"oh i don't know."
maybe you're not meant to throw up? if you're smart about the ways your trying to lose weight, maybe you'd do some research and realize that throwing up is harmful to your body, as WELL as does not help you lose weight. "a week or two" of throwing up won't do anything.

just start running, or working out. you can lose five to ten pounds in a few weeks if you really are set to it. don't throw up, it's soo bad for your body, and stupid, and you won't lose weight. besides, if your body gets used to that, by the time you try to "stop," every time you eat, your body will become used to throwing everything up, and you'll end up sick.

1 table spoon mustard 3/4 glass of milk. Fever, soap under armpits

You could try the finger method again or you could get a life and go on a healthy diet instead.

the finger method works i guess. This is going to sound gross, but smell some spoiled milk. It may make you gag or even throw up.

Watch Oprah

Jessica (vball rox!)
stick your finger in the back of your throat and touch the hanging ball, it actually works but need to eat a lot before that. Why do u wanna throw up anyway?

Throwing up doesn't work at all. The calories are already in your body after you swallow them, so it doesn't get rid of anything except food. If you want to lose weight, don't be lazy. Go on a run or something. That way you get muscle instead of just body fat from throwing up. Yes, body fat. A lot of it.

Hope you make the right choice.

Scarlet Begonias
You aren't going to lose weight barfing for a week. It takes a long time. Lose weight the healthy way. I can't believe that you are asking this question.

Try laxatives and let it come out another way.

Please do not make yourself throw up on purpose just to lose weight thats really unhealthy. It is not good for your body even if you say that you know how to stop.

What you should do is eat healthy with the right proportions and exercise everyday for at least 30 mins or an hour.

Find an exercise that could be fun for you.

Once you do that, you'll feel great about yourself and gain confidence.

PS: Being beautiful means is how you carry yourself whether your skinny or fat.

Try to be healthy! Do not ruin your body.

take care

6 pints of stella and a trampoline. done.

i would just not eat as much, throwing up is very bad for your body and the acid in the vomit eats the enamel off of your teeth. I'm not trying to tell you what to do. there are just easier ways to lose weight and keep it off. drink a lot of water and exercise. you will be much healthier. if you really want to do this, just keep trying, I'm sure you'll get it but don't complain when your stomach is killing you and your teeth look yellow and rotten. good luck and happy holidays!!!

Don't thats so disgusting and bad


erm... why don't you exercise? get off your lazy @ss and work out. Anyway if you're bulimic you'll just gain twice the weight you lost back anyway

Cee Cee
ok, i'm ignoring your request in the "ps" don't do it, yeah i decided one day to do that, hm...i ended up being bulimic for 1 1/2 years...YOU DON'T WANT THAT! not fun!

BTW bulimia doesnt make you lose weight! it makes you maintain the weight you have. think about it....when you puke up what you ate, you dont get it all!

Landon S
haha ur trying to make ur self throw up bc ur fat!! haha u dont see guys doing that, go to the gym fatty!!

i am not going to hate on you, but it is not good what your doing, i really think that you should loose weight a more natural way, but if you must then
The best way is to drink lots of fluids before, during and after your meal. Wait about 5 minutes then go to the bathroom. Don't kneel by the toilet. The puke will come up faster if you stand up and lean over the toilet, then put your fingers down as far as it can go and wiggle it around and you'll start puking...do it repeatedly to get up all the food.
oh, i almost forgot, drinking diet coke with your meal, really helps the food come up when your puking.
but please just don't cause it will make you sick and you will get addictied to it very easily!!!!! =P

Im a recovering bulimic and you should not do this this is exactly what i said in the beginning and it got out of hand. if you want to loose weight than you should do the natural thing EXERCISE

Don't do it. I know you said not to say it, but it sounds like you need to hear it because you're being awfully short-sighted and pig-headed. You won't loose fat this way and you will be robbing your body of nutrients that it needs. Exercise and stay fit. It may take longer, but at least you'll have teeth.

nico rose
you could try drinking sea salt water. mix a lot of salt into WARM water, and drink it. don't drink loads, just a little mouthful at a time.

Please be really careful. Bulimia fxcked me up, now when I eat, even though I stopped inducing vomiting almost a year ago, my body tries to throw up.
You don't lose all that much weight, you can never get EVERY calorie. You'd be so much better off with excercise. Even if it's compulsive, you're not directly damaging your organs.

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