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 numbness in the legs?
I am23 years old, 5.4, weigh 109. eat pretty well. no fast food, no sodas no serious medical conditions that I am aware of. however my legs get numb rather quickly. If I'm sitting ...

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does it kill the grass?
is it worse than peeing in a toiltet which city governments circulate all the toxins that urin has in it, but which the city cannot/ or does not filter out of our ...

 What is the cure for ocd?
i have it for sure. i have to touch my right side when i touch my left and everything has to be an odd number.

please help!...

 I'm thirsty and I can't drink anything! What should I do?
I threw up three times night! I drank water after the second time, and threw up the water the third time. I feel dizzy right now and my stomach is empty, what should I drink?
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 Is it harmful to take medicines empty stomach?

 Can an alcoholic ever do controlled drinking?
At AA they say its impossible but at this certain rehab centre they say it is possible to learn to control drinking. Is this true?...

 how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?

Additional Details
I have a saliva drug test tomorrow an I used last sunday three days ...

 Whats wrong with me?
i woke up with a normal cold and as the day has gone on, i have swollen glands, pain in my spine and neck and my stomach has swollen up, just now i have vomited and i feel ok at the minute. i have ...

 Can Cocaine cause mental alertness?
I have a report on cocaine and for one of the things that need to be included in it is mental effects that cocaine cause. These effects have to be negative in some way. Can cocaine cause mental ...

 I have a monkey, he smokes joints with me what are the health risks ?
He doesnt puff alot just a bit :D he just likes to relax who can blame him, one morning though I woke up and the little maniac had cleaned us out. I was wondering if there were any significant health ...

 how do i unclog my ears?

 I have trouble sleeping. I dont take pills and i dont want to start.?
i hate milk.i tried counting sheep.i dont like soothing music.i like to listen to rock like motley crue,slipknot etc....

 i think my tongue piercing is infected please help!!?
well u got my tongue pierced 4 days ago and the past 2 days there has been yellow greenish puss coming from the bottom and getting around the bottom of the barbell...now today my tongue looks really ...

 what causes dehydration?
I was at the dr on monday for a physical, they did a urine sample, and called me about an hour later saying to drink now, i was severely dehydrated. I drank more, but i never felt bad, so i dont know ...

 Is anyone scared of the swine flu?
I have a four year old son that will start pre school this fall 2009. im really scared about the swine and if it mutates,what kind of sickness will come. this will be the first fall/flue season for ...

 Why am I nauseous nearly every morning?
and before you say it, I'm not pregnant.

I wake up around six in the morning and feel sick to my stomach, I have a dizzy headache for a while but that soon goes away. The ...

 I feel like taking a bowel movement but it wont come out and it hurts?

Additional Details
if I get up from the toilet, it hurts but then it goes away and I try to come back to the toilet but it hurts too much
should I take something???...

 I have this small white things in my stool that sort of look like worms......?
But they are not moving whatsoever. My bowels have been acting very peculiarly for the last week or so and I know there is a stomach flu going around right now, but I'm wondering if that's ...

 What would you call this?
-Runny nose.
-Joints hurt.
-Hurts to swallow.
-Inside of ear hurts.
-Muscles in pain.
-Last night had a fever in my forehead and hands.
-But my feet were as cold as ice.<...

How can I get rid of hiccups?
Any advice? I haven't stopped for about half an hour.
Additional Details
Wow. I tried pinching my earlobes and it Freaky! Thanks to everyone. I love Y.A!

hold a cup of water and drink from the opposite side.

drink lot of water
my mom always say that

drink water upside down.......

i hold my breath for about 10 seconds or maybe a little longer

Try holding your breath for about 30 seconds, then breath normally for about a minute. Do this about 3 or 4 times. It always helps for me.

hold your nose and do breath for a few minutes

Bleep Bloop
try going to the bottom of you pool and smell the air vent.

gangadharan nair
You may be able to decrease your frequency of transient or acute hiccups by avoiding common hiccup triggers, such as eating quickly, eating large meals or spicy foods, drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol, sudden changes in temperature, and using tobacco.

THE best cure for hiccoughs is without doubt the following:

1. Fill a glass of water.
2. Put a knife it - pointed side down.
3. Hold the knife against your forehead and drink the entire glass of water looking at the top of the knife. Believe me it works EVERY time. Your hiccoughs will vanish immediately! Why? Because you are taking your mind off the hiccoughs and focusing on the knife!

Close ur ears and nose (get someone to cover ur ears while u pinch ur nose) and then drink a large glass of water without stopping.

Gina langford
This may be hard to understand, if you put pressure on your wrist right under your hand in between your two bones on the inside ( your pressure point) for about 6 seconds it will go away automatically. At least it did for me. I found it on Chinese remedies. If you can't understand what I'm talking about, you can look it up. It will show you the right place to apply pressure. I was very surprised that it worked.

talk nerdy to me
I swear this worked for me the other day. Someone walked up and asked me my middle name and after I told her it stopped. I couldnt believe it. She said someone did it to her and it worked.
It was wierd!

i drink water up-side-down
or put water in your mouth and tilt your head up. dont swallow the water. wait like 30 secs and then swallow. repeat if needed.

hope that helped =]]

drink a glass of water really fast or as soon as you hiccup, start holding your breathe for as long as you can (keep repeating)

just hold your breath and drink something (water for example)

it works every time for me =)

i always drink some soda and burp it out

It's complicated how you do this.Get a glass of water and drink it upside own, Put your head down and pour the water in your mouth.

press behind your earlobes for 30 seconds, do it 4 times with 10 seconds in between.

Spoonful of Peanut Butter I swear it works!!!

my Co-worker had hiccups the other night and asked how to get rid of them he tried it and it worked instantly...

or you can take a glass of water, and put a spoon in it handle in the water and put the other part to the corner of your eye by ur temple and drink all the water, and they will be gone!!


Hiccups are from when your diaphragm is out of synch with your breathing. What I find works for me is to lay down on the floor (no pillow), close my eyes and take deep breathes through the mouth. This pulls air into the stomach. I hold my breath for a few seconds and try to re-regulate my breathing.

It doesn't always work right away, sometimes I have to do it 2-3 times.

Take 9 swallows of water without breathing...they can be tiny swallows, just count them. It always works!

Kayla G
Get somebody to scare you. It will direct your attention from the hiccups onto the scary person. Happy Halloween!!

Brian C
pinch your earlobes for awhile

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