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How bad is it to not eat and not sleep for 72 hours strait?
I know this is going to be pretty bad for the body.
I just want to know "how" bad it would be. What is the worst that could happen?
and lets say you can still drink water?
Additional Details
I have an e.d. OK
i don't usually stay up its just i know i burn calories if i stay awake and at 5 pm today i will be awake for 42 hours and my medicine makes me stay awake too. I feel exhausted but I'm not really tired

Why would you do that to yourself?

In theory you could do it but you're depriving your body of nutrients and energy by not eating. You're also lacking in energy from not sleeping. I'd say its a very dangerous combination.

Trevor C
it depends how FAT you are or what your going to be doing during this 72 hour fasting if your sleeping the whole time it wouldnt do much harm unless your reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy rrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy SKINNY

Robert Turffs
It is actually quite safe not to sleep for 72 hours, and on the subject of eating, depending on a persons volume, can live for quite a while. It is when one tries to push the limits of a week or more. When one starts to see things, it is better that one does sleep at this point, because, when you see things, it is a good indication that, they are on the verge of an actuall psychological, and/or physical break down. Which can and sometimes, results in death, insanity or a multitude of other nervous disorders.

i don't think it would be really bad, but you'll probably have a signifigant drop in metabolism and you could possibly see some hallucinations, depending on how much sleep you got before this.

you wud pass out

I've talked with interns who have been awake, and working, for over 48 hours. One of them fell asleep, standing up, while talking to me. After 72 hours, you'll probably be hallucinating. Keeping someone awake for long periods of time is a type of torture. So, does that tell you anything?

melyssa :]

After 48 hours u start seeing hallucations and after 72 hours ur blood Sugar level would be really low, so u'd hav to go to the hospital, its not a good idea..

assuming you kept awake for that long and didnt eat for that long (which is unlikely) then you would be totally messed up.
sickness, extreme fatigue, hallucinations, weakness everything you'd expect really.
i hope your not planning on doing this btw ..........

Well you die faster from lack of sleep than not eating so either your going to mentally exhaust your mind until you start puking or you will pass out. But not eating iwll also cause you to puke and if you pass out bad things could happen. Your starving your body nutrients it needs so it will start taking from other parts of you leaving you feeling weak

I suggest to see this pdf-

That's really bad. You need sleep so your body can be re energized. And not eating can make you really weak and sick.

you can get some medical problems.
and its very bad for your body..

that's horrible....
it's spelled "straight"

Exhaustion is the biggest issue. If you stay hydrated and then are able to rest a long time when the 72 hours is over you should be fine.

Don't forget that your judgment and motor skills would be compromised with that much time without nourishment and sleep.

Don't do it if you can prevent it, that simple.

Kerry T
your body will become weak and will not function properly. your brain will suffer the most, you may suffer halucinations amongst other things, your judgement will be impaired and failing to sleep can induce fainting, a coma or even death (in extreme cases). And yes, definitely drink water - your body can survive without food for a few weeks, but only a few days without water. (People talk about not drinking water for days or weeks and being perfectly well, but if they are eating they will get fluids from their food, so it is not the same thing as going without food or water)

You wouldn't die but i wouldn't try it.

thats not good

Who, me?
if you could pull it off, i'd say you'd be a mess and probably get sick.

Laaddy :)

it's impossible to stay up that long without food
ur body would shut down and sleep long before that

Hallucinations. Poor judgement.
Blood sugar levels too low.

I was awake for 3 days once on a trip in europe. I was trying to cram everything in my last couple of days.

After the first 48 hours, I started to hallucinate and feel as though I were on drugs. Whether standing up or sitting down, I risked falling asleep but for some reason, my body would automatically jolt itself and tell me "wake up!" I wanted to stay awake and my mind pretty much helped me. As long as I kept busy I was ok but as soon as I slowed down, I was risking falling asleep.

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